Pearlcaster Comparison

EMG Pickups Sperzel Tuners
Seymour Duncan Pickups  Ash Bodies               Alder Bodies
Pearlcaster Scepter Guitars Walnut Bodies          Korina Bodies
43 Different Body Woods Adamantium Frets
Black Saddle Piezo Systems Building A Better Strat
All Access Neck Joint   (4 Bolt) Ebony Fingerboards
Floyd Rose Tremolos Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboards
PRS Original Tremolos Pickguards in over 100 Colors
Pearlcaster Ball Bearing Tremolos Incredible Quilted Maple Tops
Direct Couple Neck Inserts, Machine Screws Guitar Kits   Super deals for 2009

Huey Thommasson Of The Outlaws
With One of his Pearlcaster Guitars

Pearlcaster Comparison
The Competition
Solid Tonewood Bodies Korina , Mahogany, Alder, Swamp Ash, Koa, Walnut, Rosewood  40 Choices Poplar, Ash, Alder usually topped with Maple or Koa  but rarely solid.
All access neck joint TM   (Pictured Above) Large bulky original neck heel  (50 year old design)
90 colors available, Metalflake, Pearls, Flip Flop Available on any Model Approximately 20 colors available limited to certain models
Choice of hardware  gold, chrome or black Mostly chrome occasionally gold on designated few models 
Titanium Bridge Saddles Available Only seen on guitars over $5,000.00
Fingerboard Choices,  Ebony, Rosewood, Maple, Pau Ferro, Morado, Brazilian RW, Macassar Ebony Maple & Rosewood, occasionally Ebony on very few models.
Multiple Neck Woods available, Maple, Koa, Mahogany, Korina, Macassar Ebony, Solid Rosewood. Maple only
Quilted Maple Drop Tops Available. Not available just veneers.
100 different pickguard materials available on any model. Small selection and no interchangeability.
Choice Of Fret Size. No.
Choice of bridge, Original Pearlcaster, Tune o matic,  Mann Made, PRS, Floyd, Vintage, Hardtail Very small selection.
Multiple Pickup Choices, EMG, Duncan, Fralin, Fender, Lace Sensors, PRS, Dimarzio, Rio Grande. Very small selection.
1500 G neck mod standard on all models (no charge) Not available.
Hand Made & Hand Signed. Machine Made on CNC Machines.
Assembly, wiring, set up and initial fret job done by one man. Done by a number of different people in a number of different buildings.
Graphtech Saddles. Not Available.
LSR Tuners Available. Not Available.
All main parts made in USA by US Citizens (several bridges and tuners made in Germany by Schaller) ???????
All small components made in USA except some pots & switches  made in Mexico & Asia. ??????????


The Ed Roman
All Access Neck Joint      

Several companies have copied this great innovation. We have been offering this for more than 25 years. However no one is offering it on a traditional styled guitar like the Pearlcaster.
This makes it much easier to reach the high frets and it eliminates a lot of flat heel space on the back of the neck.  We have done this modification on over 300 Stratocasters. Everyone agrees it makes the guitar a lot more playable.                Pearlcaster Comparison


Pearlcaster Superior Components

What makes a Pearlcaster a better guitar than it's competitors?

The simple fact that the parts are all carefully selected by Ed Roman personally and no corners are ever cut.
Each Guitar is master-built entirely by one luthier, Each guitar is signed by the individual builder.

From bridges to pickups to tuners to Straplocks. Nothing but the absolute best is acceptable. many competitive companies start off using the best quality parts but soon begin to cut corners by using imported bridges and cheaper tuners and generally trying to save a couple of pennies per item.

As long as Ed Roman is the owner of The Pearlcaster / Magic Twanger / Sceptre lines of guitars there will be no cost cutting.

Pickups - Seymour Duncan or better.

Tremolo Bridges - USA Made Pearlcaster bridge has case hardened ball bearing pivots instead of standard knife edge like everyone else.

Pickguard Celluloid - Finest made brightest whites no dingy yellow shading like competitive brands.

Bodies - 100% Alder, Ash, Koa, Korina, Rosewood, Lacewood.

Necks - Finest Quartersawn USA Maple hand matched to each body.

Fingerboards Finest African Gaboon Ebony, Finest USA Flamed Maple, Brazilian Rosewood, Madagascar Rosewood.

Tuners - LSR linear String Rotation, Sperzel Schaller or Grover,  Absolutely no Kluson imports or Gotoh Asian Tuners.

Electronics - We use the best available. currently looking for any American manufacturer who can supply pots and switching devices.

Strings - Mostly Dean Markley premium strings, sometimes GHS.

Nuts & Saddles - Graphtech.

Fretwire - Dunlop & Sanko.

Screws - Machine Screws Neck Screws, high quality plating on all component parts.

currently the only imported parts on these guitars are the jack plate and the potentiometers. Ed Roman is working on changing that as soon as possible.



Optional Solid Macassar Ebony Tone wood Neck and Fingerboard.
Bright Gold Plated Schaller Locking Tuners

Exclusive All Access Neck Joint
Features Best of the Best Components

Beautiful Solid Macassar Ebony Tone wood Neck.

Exclusive All Access Neck Joint

The Absolute Finest Quilted Maple, Figured Ash & Figured Walnut is available on the Pearlcaster.
The Quality of Construction is Guaranteed to be the Absolute Finest Anywhere in the World.
All Pearlcaster bodies are made with separate pickup chambers. And they always will be.

A Word about the Pearlcaster Original Ball Bearing Tremolo
Pearlcaster tremolos are not the traditional knife edge type that most companies use!
In fact they work much more smoothly !
There is a ball bearing pivoting system built into them.
A knife edge will eventually wear down from using it
The Pearlcaster ball bearing system rides on 2 hardened bearings
These bearings are precision ground and are hardened to .060 Rockwell

Roman Pearlcaster, Solid Rosewood Body & Neck

OK, OK, so it's a glorified Strat,
But it's made with a super tight neck fit,
 Better electronics better woods & hardware.
Some of the real advantages with a Pearlcaster over the competition

All Access Neck Joint" TM. I trademarked this feature back in September of 1984.   (Super Stable Neck Fit)
Pearlcaster Ball Bearing Case Hardened Tremolo (If you must have a Tremolo, It might as well work)
Seymour Duncan Pickups are Standard but you can specify any other pickup you like !
Unlimited Choices of Neck Body & Fingerboard Woods.
Unlimited Choices of Colors, Neck Finishes & Hardware Colors! (1500 G Neck Finish Std)


 Leslie West's Pearlcaster with Original 1985 PRS Mil Com Tremolo.
The Original Mil Com" PRS Tremolo is not even available on PRS guitars anymore.