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Seymour Duncan Pickups

Note From Ed Roman

I have been selling aftermarket pickups for 28 years as of this writing, I have used almost every kind of pickup and I have listened to countless pickups at NAMM show demos, Store Demos etc etc.


 Black Back Pickups

Seymour Duncan Black/Back Black   $131.00
Seymour Duncan Black/Back White   $131.00
Seymour Duncan Black/Back Zebra   $131.00
Seymour Duncan Black/Back Gold Poles   $212.00
Seymour Duncan Black/Back Chrome Cover   $146.00
Seymour Duncan Black/Back Gold Cover   $149.00
Seymour Duncan Black/Back Nickel Cover   $146.00
Seymour Duncan Black/Back  Colored Bobbins   $188.00
Seymour Duncan Black/Outs   $100.00


Pickups is BIG Business

Where else can a manufacturer build something out of a few magnets and a little wire and sell it for so much money. In the case of most pickup companies the cost of the raw materials can be less than two dollars per pickup. This is a fact of life, Nothing you or I can do can change this fact.

This is why I stress the sound qualities of a pickup, In the 70's I was selling 100 DiMarzio pickups a month.  I was buying them at about $12.00 each and they were selling for approximately $79.00 a pair installed in a customers guitar.  In my shop we must have installed 5000 DiMarzio pickups.  Where are those pickups today?  Most people took them out in the mid 80's in favor of the Seymour Duncans and I personally agree with them. Seymour was not only using better quality wire, magnets and bobbins but he also had an incredible ear.

I am recommending Seymour Duncan Pickups for most passive guitar applications. His pickups sound better and are easier to install because they fit better.

These pickups are also recommended by Gene Baker,  Hamer, ESP, JET, Melancon, J Frog, Dean, John Suhr, , Grover Jackson, George Lynch,  Ned Steinberger & many other high end guitar companies.
Dimarzio is still available on BC Rich but you can order a Seymour Duncan Upgrade. I think Terry McInturff is still using DiMarzios but supposedly it is a proprietary model, Ibanez always uses Dimarzios but that's a sweetheart deal they have had for years.
The only real viable company that I know of still using Dimarzios as Original Equipment is Parker. We all know the Parkers are lacking in bottom end big time. Parkers seem to sound good at first but after a while they start to get very rizzy or tinny sounding.  The reason for the thin rizzy sound is that Parker does not use a nickel silver fret.  Parker employs a stainless steel fret which will never pull off a blues tone. Coupled with the Dimarzio pickups I would call it almost unusable.  The Parker Mojo uses the Seymour Duncan Pickup and they sound far better than Dimarzio loaded ones.

Ed Roman



Seymour Duncan Pickups

59  Model
The most important thing about the vintage Patent Applied For pickup was its warm, smooth tone and sustain that was unlike anything heard before. The '59  is built with the same kind of enameled wire, nickel plated studs, and balanced coil windings that humbucker inventor Seth Lover used in his first pickups. It looks and sounds just like a '59. Single conductor cable is standard  Four conductor cable available. Available with a nickel- or gold plated nickel silver cover.


Get your E strings back with Trem-bucker pickups! Seymour Duncan was the first to introduce humbuckers that feature wider spacing for Fender or Floyd Rose spaced vibrato systems. No more drop outs or wimpy response from your high and low E strings. Available in several models. For bridge position

Alnico II Pro  Humbucker
After players heard the Alnico II Pro  single coil models, many asked for that same sweetness in a humbucker version. The only way to get that sound is to use the Alnico II musical magnets with a new coil winding. The result is a warm, sweet tone with more natural string vibration for great sustain. Four conductor cableSeymour Duncan Pickups Available In Las Vegas Ed Roman Guitars

JB Model
A completely balanced coil configuration produces great harmonics and a high output with just the right blend of sustain and distortion. You get the best of both worlds: from sweet warm tones to raw rock 'n' roll. Combine this with the (SH-2) Jazz Neck and you've got Seymour's personal favorite combination. Recommended for Bridge position Four conductor cable, Available in Trembucker spacing, Available with a nickel- or gold plated nickel silver cover


Distortion Trembucker
A powerful ceramic magnet and extra coil windings give this pickup a punchy singing tone with a clear, articulate high-end and plenty of grind on the bottom. It's a definite crankin' pickup. Four conductor cable

Pearly Gates
The original custom Pearly Gates pickups were wound for the famous '59 Les Paul Standard that defined the raw, rebellious sound of Texas blues rock. Essentially a variation on the Patent Applied For sound, the Pearly Gates sound is sweet, but slightly rude, with great sustain and a bright top that makes harmonics jump out of the guitar. Four conductor cable, Available in Trembucker  spacing. This is the choice of ZZ Top Guitarist Billy Gibbons.

George Lynch Screamin' Demon
This pickup was designed in the Custom Shop for George Lynch. It has the big open sound of the '59 Model with a little less bite and a little more growl. The tone is big, percussive and still bites without being harsh. It uses alnico magnets and yields medium output. Four conductor cable, Available in Trembucker  spacing

Original Parallel Axis Trembucker
This humbucker is specially calibrated for the neck position. Its spacing is also adjusted to allow for precise string  alignment. Its tone is sweet and bluesy. The more gain you add, the more it sings. Four conductor cable.

Seth Lover Model
The SH-55 was designed jointly by Seymour and Seth Lover. Just like the original 1955 P.A.F.s, it utilizes a nickel silver bottom plate, butyrate plastic bobbins; plain enamel wire, an Alnico bar magnet,
a wooden spacer, and black paper tape. The SH-55 uses a nickel silver cover instead of brass, which magnetically eliminates too much of the pickup's natural high-end tone. To be completely true to the original design and tone, the pickup is not wax potted. The tone is vintage P.A.F. The Neck pickup will warm up even the coldest guitar. And the unpotted covers give the bridge pickup just enough boldness to break up early and really cut. Single conductor cable Available in nickel- or gold plated finishes.

Duncan Distortion
The Duncan Distortion  gives you high output while retaining clarity. A massive ceramic magnet and hot symmetrical coils deliver tremendous power and raw distorted rock sounds. Four conductor cable, Available in Trembucker spacing.

LiveWire Classic Humbucker
 Classic LiveWire  Humbuckers are full-bodied with a wide frequency response and rich sustain. They have a potent sound that lets you hear every note in the chord. Like all the LiveWire active pickups, they are wax potted and sealed in epoxy to eliminate feedback.

Duncan Custom
Beef up the sound of the Patent Applied For pickup and you get a hard driving, kicking sound with just the right balance of power, sustain, and distortion. This pickup cuts through with a distinctive high end and midrange attack. Recommended for bridge position, Four conductor cable Available in Trembucker spacing.

Live Wire Metal Humbucker
After introducing the Classic Live Wire active humbuckers, players requested the power and crunch of the Duncan Distortion in an active pickup design. So Seymour went to work and came up with the Metal Live Wire Humbucker. It has a thick screaming tone with mid-range punch that blows your hair back. Not a subtle pickup, but one that gets your point across loud and proud. You can get the single bridge model or go for the whole calibrated humbucker set. Duncan even make a set with one bridge model and two Hot Live Wire pickups for Strat guitars for an aggressive, versatile combination.

Full Shred
This pickup was built for some of rock 'n' roll's hottest guitarists who wanted a pickup with a blazing expressive sound. Double rows of Allen head screw pole pieces help fine tune the high end. The tone is fat and chunky, yet perfectly defined for speed riffs. Four conductor cable,

The Invader  sounds as powerful as it looks. The combination of three large ceramic magnets, hot coils and twelve black oxide cap screws give this awesome pickup bolts of volts for an electrifying force of energy. The wide magnetic field pumps power into your amp with unique brightness and a totally new sound. Four conductor cable.

Allan Holdsworth Model
Since Allan has a very fluid style, Duncan had to develop a humbucker that would produce the subtleties of this playing. Built with mirror image coils and adjustable screws for extra midrange strength and excellent sustain. Four conductor cable
Recommended for the bridge position.

Stag Mag
A versatile humbucker with the edgy brightness of a single coil pickup and the option of the humbucker's full toned warmth. Staggered rod magnets contribute to the unique sound. When split and used in single coil mode, the sound is characteristic of a vintage Strat. Four conductor cable, Recommended for the bridge position

Vintage Staggered for Strat
An exact replica of the original Alnico V Stratocaster pickups. The same type of magnet wire is used, as well as the same number of coil windings. The staggered rod magnets are hand ground, then aged by the exclusive Dun-Aged process, lacquered bobbins and cloth braid hookup wire complete the vintage look. Every detail is included to duplicate the bell like tone and the high-end bite that made the vintage Strat  famous. Available in left handed version Available reverse wound, reverse polarity (RW/RP) Available in calibrated sets with a RW/RP middle.

Hot Rails for Strat
Hot Rails are one of the highest output pickups Duncan makes. It's a humbucker that fits into a normal single coil slot, so you get the noise canceling effect without cutting a large hole in your guitar. The two thin blades with powerful coil windings give you the incredible sustain and a fat, full sound that's needed for playing heavier rock music. This pickup responds to the subtlest finger movements. Available in black or white Four conductor cable.

Quarter-Pound  for Strat
More than double the power of a stock pickup. You get a fat, punchy sound, clean at lower volumes and high output when cranked. Lead playing with this pickup easily cuts above a humbucker. The hand polished, quarter inch wide magnets are matched with a powerful coil winding to deliver great sustain. Available RW/RP Available in calibrated sets with a RW/RP middle.

Cool Rails  for Strat
Created by popular demand from players, Cool Rails  use the same twin coil design as the Hot Rails, but are wound to produce a clear, bright, dynamic sound. Hotter and louder than both the Vintage Staggered (SSL-1) Hot Stack  (STK-S2) pickups, Cool Rails are for players who need a loud, punchy single coil sound for stage work. Cool Rails are great on their own and also make an excellent match on a guitar with a hot humbucker in the bridge position. Available in black or white four conductor cable.

Alnico II Pro, Staggered
Alnico II magnets are the musical magnets. Their softer magnetic field provides a warmer, sweeter tone and eliminates the brittle, glassy sound associated with newer instruments. The result is a freer, more natural string vibration for greater sustain. Available in a left-handed version with a reversed staggered magnet patter for lefties or for right handed players striving for that classic Hendrix sound. Available in left handed version, Available reverse wound, reverse polarity (RW/RP) Available in calibrated sets with a RW/RP middle.

JB Jr. for Strat
This twin coil design pickup gives you the character of the popular JB  model humbucker in a single coil size. Its adjustable pole pieces more closely emulate the magnetic field of a full size humbucker and allow you to fine tune the balance of your strings: a first for a humbucker this size. You can expect great harmonics and a sweet high end. Use a complete set of Juniors or pair one in the bridge with a Duckbucker  in the neck and or middle and have the quietest working man's Strat  around.  Available in black or white Four conductor cable.

Alnico II Pro, Flat
This pickup combines the same coil design as its predecessor, the APS-1, with rod magnets of equal length raised above the flat work. The flat magnet pattern provides the balanced field necessary for an even response using today's strings and flatter neck radii. The Alnico II magnets' softer magnetic field creates a warmer, smoother sound and eliminates the brittle, glassy sound associated with new instruments. Available RW/RP Available in calibrated sets with a RW/RP middle.

Custom Staggered for Strat
These are the Seymourized versions. They look like the SSL-1 and have the distinct vintage tone. However, the stronger magnetic field and custom coil give you higher output, more sustain, and great harmonics. Available in tapped and left-handed versions Cover included Available RW/RP Available in calibrated sets with a RW/RP middle.

Little '59 for Strat
This little brute was designed to impart all of the warm, smooth tone of an old 1959 Patent Applied For humbucker in a direct replacement, single coil size. It possesses an even, dynamic response, and its adjustable pole pieces allow the guitarist to fine tune the string balance and dial in just the right amount of punch. A whole set of Little '59s will deliver a rich, open sound: or a bridge Little '59 matched up with Duckbuckers in the neck and middle will provide a best of both worlds '59 Les Paul /57 Strat tone.  Available in black or white Four conductor cable

Lil Screamin' Demon for Strat
Like its big brother the Screamin' Demon humbucker, this li'l savage combines a big, open sound with just a subtle hint of glass in a direct replacement humbucker for Strat guitars. George asked for a pickup that could scream and provide rich harmonics, but would clean up when he backed it off. Using a unique slotted and Allen head screw combination that drives each coil a slightly different magnetic field, the tone is big and percussive without being too harsh.  Available in black or white Four conductor cable

Vintage Rails for Strat
Vintage Rails use a unique split rail, twin coil design and special wiring to achieve true single coil tone without any hum. The sound is clean, clear and bright, with all that quack you love in the notch positions. Use them as a complete set or with a Hot Rails  in the bridge for a truly versatile Strat.  Available in black or white

Classic Live Wire
The Classic for Strat has a traditional, bell like tone. The high end is tempered for brilliance, without being harsh. The mids have solid punch and the low end is ultra light. It's a very musical sound.

Duckbuckers for Strat
Such a silly name for such a serious pickup! Using a patented design and a voicing based on our Vintage Rails Duckbuckers offer the advantage of incorporating six fully adjustable pole pieces. And by using the true hum canceling construction together with a unique, split blade design, Duckbuckers duplicate all the warm tone, cool output, and outrageous quack of a vintage Strat pickup. All quack, no hum. Available in black or white

Hot Live Wire
The Hot model is the highest output pickup Duncan makes. Beware! You may have to turn down the volume to keep this pickup under control. These pickups have a very strong midrange with more frequency response than any high output pickup. The searing sound really cuts through when you step up to solo. It's perfect for hot and heavy, lightning leads.

Classic Stack for Strat
The complex and distinctive sound of the old Stratocaster  guitars was due to the narrow, sharply focused magnetic field of the single coil pickup. With staggered magnet heights, our Classic Stack pickup duplicates this sought after sound. By stacking two coils on top of each other, the annoying noise and hum of the single coil pickup is eliminated. White cover included Four conductor cable

The Parallel Axis Stack for Strat
Designed as a companion pickup to the Parallel Axis humbucking pickups, it features a noise canceling single coil Stack design and tremolo spacing. The sound is clear and full. Good for clean rhythm or bluesy solo tone. Due to the slightly increased size of this pickup, some guitar modification may be necessary. Four conductor cable

Hot Stack for Strat
A powerful ceramic magnet surrounded by two Stack coils sends more current into your amp. You get long sustain and super string sensitivity combined with the extra output you need for stage work. White cover included Four conductor cable