Floyd Rose Tremolos

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Floyd Rose Titanium Tremolos

Titanium Floyd Rose Tremolo

NEW   Floyd Rose Titanium Saddles   NEW

( Titanium Sustain Blocks )



Say whatever you will about the Floyd Rose Tremolo:

The fact is; it is still the best straight ahead Rock n' Roll tremolo on the market. It's the only one that really stays in tune. It's Bulletproof and a real workhorse.


Just because it say's Floyd Rose on it doesn't mean it's the real McCoy.

There are probably 50 companies manufacturing Floyd Rose Style Tremolos, Most of them will obtain a license from Floyd.

The fact that they have purchased a license and are paying Floyd a royalty does not mean that they have to build it as well as Floyd.  

In fact I have never seen another one that I like as well as the Original Floyd except the one that Hamer used in the mid 80's.  The ones that Jackson, Charvel, BC Rich, Peavey & Ernie Ball use are usually Korean or Japanese impostors.

Floyd Rose Tremolo's have gotten some bad press over the past 10 years because of cheap Asian impostors. Like I said above, there are many companies who have legally licensed the name but haven't built the unit up to the standard of the original German manufactured unit. The original units are case hardened. They don't wear on the pivot points like the cheaper ones do. This means that they really do stay in tune. The Floyd Rose Tremolo utilizes over 15 patents and it is my understanding that Floyd doesn't necessarily license out all of the patents.

When the main patent ran out finally after a 17 year stint. Floyd decided to lower the price to make it impossible for the competition to eat his lunch.

Never let it be said that Floyd Rose is short on intelligence. Floyd is probably one of the smartest people in the industry today.

My prices are definitely the lowest you will find anywhere. If you find a lower price, I will beat it. Just like any other standard product I carry. If you find a better price on a Fender Gibson, PRS, Gretsch or any other standard issue item I will always beat it. (See My Price Guarantee)

Ed Roman

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Floyd Rose Tremolo's

The Floyd Rose Solid Titanium Tremolo Is Made Totally From Titanium.

These Tremolos are in short supply


Very Few Dealers Will Even Carry The Speedloader,  Ed Roman usually has all models in stock

The Floyd Rose Speedloader is a floating, double-locking, guitar bridge based on the Floyd Rose Original. It was in development since 1991 and was introduced to the public in 2003. It inherited the locking floating bridge principle from the original version,


The Floyd Rose Speedloader is available in both Tremolo & Fixed Bridge.


Abstract Star Built for Paul Crook of Meatloaf
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Buyer Beware

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Many of our esteemed competitors do not give you a choice of which nut on their shopping cart.
For example Carvin's shopping cart only offered 1"11/16th's nut size
 they didn't even bother to mention whether it was narrow or wide string spacing. 
So if you had bought it from them your troubles would be starting upon receiving your order
Look at the nut size table below and make sure you measure your guitar to get the correct one.

Nut Size Table

This table is designed to help you select the correct nut size.
 For Left Handed - substitute "L" in the part number for "R."

Part #
Size at Nut
FRTR1C  Chrome 1" 9/16ths
FRTR1B Black 1" 9/16ths
FRTR1G Gold 1" 9/16ths  
FRTR2C Chrome 1" 5/8ths Most Common
FRTR2B Black 1" 5/8ths Most Common
FRTR2G Gold 1" 5/8ths Most Common
FRTR3C Chrome 1" 11/16ths Van Halen neck size
FRTR3B Black 1" 11/16ths Van Halen neck size
FRTR3G Gold 1" 11/16ths Van Halen neck size
FRTR4C Chrome 1" 11/16ths  Narrow String Spacing
FRTR4B Black 1" 11/16ths Narrow String Spacing
FRTR4G Gold 1" 11/16ths Narrow String Spacing
FRTR5C Chrome 1" 3/4ths
FRTR5B Black 1" 3/4ths
FRTR5G Gold 1" 3/4ths

Also For Your Tremolo

Eddie Van Halen d-tuna


Eddie Van Halen d-tuna

For Locking Tremolo Systems: The d-tuna is an easy to install, terrific tool for playing in Drop D. Designed for double-locking tremolo's such as the Floyd Rose, the d-tuna enables players to drop from E to D and back in an instant.

Each d-tuna Kit Contains:

  • (1) d-tuna
  • (1) Allen Wrench
  • (1) Spring
  • (2) Long Replacement String Locking Screws

Available in multiple finishes.

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R1 1.5625" 10" .235" 1.309" .2398" NO
R1 39.70 mm 254 mm 6.00 mm 33.25 mm 6.10 mm NO
R2 1.625" 10" .230" 1.371" .2502" NO
R2 41.30 mm 254 mm 5.85 mm 34.80 mm 6.35 mm NO
R3 1.6875" 12" .278" 1.4155" .2591" NO
R3 42.85 mm 304.8 mm 7.10 mm 35.95 mm 6.60 mm NO
R4 1.6875" 10" .278" 1.4355" .2631" NO
R4 42.85 mm 254 mm 7.10mm 36.45 mm 6.70 mm NO
R5 1.750" 10" .280" 1.491" .2736" NO
R5 44.45 mm 254 mm 7.10 mm 37.90 mm 6.95 mm NO
R6 1.5625" 10" .235" 1.309" .2398" YES
R6 39.70 mm 254 mm 6.00 mm 33.25 mm 6.10 mm YES
R7 1.625" 10" .230" 1.371" .2502" YES
R7 41.30 mm 254 mm 5.85 mm 34.80 mm 6.35 mm YES
R8 1.6875" 10" .225" 1.4355" .2631" NO
R8 42.85 mm 254 mm 5.70 mm 36.45 mm 6.70 mm NO
R9 1.6875" 10" .225" 1.4355" .2631" YES
R9 42.85 mm 254 mm 5.70 mm 36.45 mm 6.70 mm YES
R10 1.6875" 15" .240" 1.4355" .2631" NO
R10 42.85 mm 381 mm 6.10 mm 36.45 mm 6.70 mm NO
7STRING 1.875" 15" 0.248 B-E 1.633 0.2436 NO
7STRING 47.60 mm 381 mm 6.30 mm B-E 41.50 mm 6.20mm NO


We only Carry Speedloader Nuts In 3 Sizes and 12" Radius

Ed Roman Angel Of Death Model

100% USA Made

Information on the Stabilizer

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