Pearlcaster Tremolo

Pearlcaster Tremolo

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 The New Pearlcaster Tremolo Bridge!

1. Press fit no threads to strip

2. Cast solid brass construction

3. Separate saddles for dead on intonation

4. Ball bearing pivots on hardened steel pins

5. Delrin polytrinite saddles available (Optional)

6. Standard with billet machined saddles

7. Heavy duty chrome, gold or black plating

8. Double height adjustors on each saddle

9. Unbreakable stainless steel tremolo arm

10. Easy installation, Retrofits on Fenders and other guitars with stamped steel saddles.

Abstract Medusa With Pearlcaster Tremolo


The new full floating Guitar Tremolo Bridge unites state of the art computer design and the highest quality materials with the new patent pending super hard steel alloy bearing system to insure excellent return to pitch accuracy, maximum tone, sustain, and durability. The stainless steel "no wobble" vibrato arm gives you a superb "feel" and years of reliable, trouble free service. Made entirely in USA


Ed Roman Pearlcaster Guitar,

This is not a knife edge tremolo, It works much more smoothly than a knife edge !
It does not wear down and lose tuning precision like a knife edge !
There is a patented ball bearing pivoting system !
The system is precision ground & hardened to .065 Rockwell !
 It rolls against two completely precision ground pivot posts !
It does not wear out like competitors models !!!

 Convert your guitar to a Buzz Feiten Tuning System

Scepter With Pearlcaster Tremolo

Ed Roman Pearlcaster


Ed Roman Quicksilver with Pearlcaster ball bearing tremolo

Pearlcaster Tremolos Fit Other Guitars



Custom Quicksilver With Pearlcaster Tremolo