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A Tongue In Cheek Bedtime Story by Ed Roman

You can only tell it to your children after you buy an Ed Roman Guitar !!!
Maybe if you tell it to your wife, She will give you her permission to buy one.

Gold-Tone Adamantium frets are surely one of the breakthrough products that Ed Roman is making available to his customers.  These revolutionary frets are made from 24 Kt Gold, Titanium. Unobtainium & some other un named alloys.
Designed & developed by Rick Turner & Ed Roman; we cannot get it patented so we have opted not to divulge the formula (Secret Sauce). 
When something gets patented you actually have to share your secret with the US Patents & Trademark Bureau. Then they print it for all to see as a matter of public record. We decided not to patent it !!!!

Code Named Adamantium

These frets are harder and stronger than traditional Nickel Silver Frets. Yet they don't sound too bright like Stainless Frets. In fact they sound like Nickel Silver but they polish up smoother, brighter & glossier. These frets are a perfect alternative for stainless steel frets.

See Just How Crazy,  I Really Am !!               (Read the rest of the page.)

The story of the Code Name Adamantium frets is a closely guarded secret. Ed Roman literally had to dig a 7 mile tunnel to break into the 4th underground level of the Pentagon to acquire the chemical compound formula. He then had to construct a time machine to go back to the 40's to spy on it's inventor metallurgist Dr. Myron MacLain. Roman was obsessed to find out the secret of keeping the process of manufacturing stable enough to avoid destroying the planet into a cataclysmic vapor cloud. If he destroyed the planet, there would have been no customers left to purchase his guitars.

To gain the necessary components he had to build a starship and travel 1.400,000 light years to the distant reaches of the Pulsar Galaxy to get enough raw materiel to build frets for his guitar lines. To do this within one lifetime he was forced to design the "Abstract Equation"  which he evolved from the Dymaxion Dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Simply put the Abstract Equation creates a slight time shift in the Universe allowing a network of black holes to open and shut in varying high speed sequences. This allows the traveler to travel incredible distances and actually get there before he left. To acquire a map of these endless pathways Ed had to use the time machine one more time and go back to ancient Greece, He had to scale Mt. Olympus and gain an audience with Zeus, Using his incredible salesmanship & persuasive gift of gab.

Ed Roman eventually actually conned it out of Zeus, He actually promised to give Zeus the Golden Fleece!!!!   This was to the amazement of his wife Hera who said it was a Golden Fleecing !!!!
She was just about to put a curse on Ed, but he quickly parasailed off the top of Mount Olympus thereby avoiding her screams, vile epithets and of course the deadly curse.

The Definition of Adamantium
The McGonigle dictionary

Adamantium is a virtually indestructible man-made steel alloy which does not occur in nature and whose exact chemical composition is a United States government classified secret. Adamantium is not an element. It's properties do not qualify it for any known space on the Periodic Table of Elements. Rather, Adamantium is a series of closely related compounds of iron created through a secret process discovered by the American metallurgist Dr. Myron MacLain.

MacLain began experimenting with the process that created Adamantium as a young scientist in the employ of the United States government in the early 1940s. Assigned to create a super-metal with which to build tanks, MacLain labored for months, experimenting with various iron alloys. One of his experiments utilized the rare meteoric ore now known as Wakandan Vibranium. He tried to fuse the Vibranium to the iron alloy numerous times without success. Then one night when he dozed off, some as yet unknown factor entered the process, and permitted the fusion to occur. Upon discovering his success, MacLain poured the molten metal into a disc-shaped mold. The disc, once solidified, has proven to be the most impervious object ever created on Earth. MacLain turned the discovery over to the government and it was given to Captain America to use as his shield. Neither MacLain nor anyone else has ever been able to discover what was the x-factor that entered the process, or has been able to fuse Vibranium with another metal. (The unknown iron-Vibranium alloy of which the shield is composed resembles True Adamantium, although Adamantium itself contains no Vibranium,)

Over the following decades MacLain experimented, attempting to duplicate the process that create the shield. Finally, in recent years, he succeeded in developing the process by which the substance known as True Adamantium is created. True Adamantium is nearly as strong as Captain America's shield, and is, for all practical purpose, indestructible. The degree of impermeability varies directly with the thickness of the Adamantium. A direct blow from Thor's hammer, conveyed with the thunder god's full strength, will slightly dent a solid cylinder of True Adamantium. A sufficient mass of Adamantium could survive a direct hit from a nuclear weapon.

Adamantium is created through the mixing of certain chemical resins whose composition is a United States government secret. For eight minutes after the resins are mixed, the Adamantium can be molded into a particular shape as long as it is kept at a temperature of 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. After this brief period the process of creating Adamantium is completed. The extremely stable molecular structure of the Adamantium prevents it from being molded further, even if the temperature remains high enough to keep it in liquefied form. Only a device celled a Molecular Rearranger can alter the form of hardened Adamantium.

The United States government has shared the secret of Adamantium's composition with certain of its allies, and the secret has also fallen into the hands of various criminals, such as the Constrictor, who has made special weaponry from Adamantium. Wolverine possesses artificial claws made of True Adamantium and his bones have been fused with Adamantium in an unexplained manner so as to greatly increase their tensile strength. The outer portion of the robotic body of Ultron is also composed entirely of True Adamantium, although Ultron's inner mechanisms are not.

Adamantium is extraordinarily expensive to produce. Therefore, certain parties who wish to use Adamantium on a large scale have resorted to utilizing a similar but somewhat weaker compound similar to True Adamantium called Secondary Adamantium. Although Secondary Adamantium is still far stronger than even titanium steel, it can be destroyed by sufficiently great amounts of force. Blastaar's energy discharges and the vibratory force created by the Overkill Horn have both proved able to destroy Secondary Adamantium. The sentient computer known as F.A.U.S.T. had a casing made of Secondary Adamantium which Thor and Iron Man managed to destroy. The Red Skull and the original Hate-Monger had a dome of Secondary Adamantium constructed to protect their island fortress but the dome was destroyed by the vibratory force of the Overkill Horn and by powerful incendiary bombs.

Ed Roman & his small band of merry men & crazed luthiers in their insane search for the most insdestructable metal in the universe finally succeeded where all others had failed. 

And They All Lived Happily Ever After.



Gold Adamantium Frets
See The Abstract Kingpin

More Adamantium Stories For The True Geeks Like Me !!!!!!

Types of Adamantium

  • True Adamantium

This type is the mother of all Adamantium's; it is impossible to break. It could withstand a nuclear bomb, though Thor with all his strength and Mjolnir has slightly dented a small cylinder of it. Being this strong, it is very rare and expensive to create/manipulate and is top secret in the US government, though it has shared it with some of their "allies".

  • Secondary Adamantium

This type is much more easier to work with, making it much more cost effective though at the expense of its strength. Someone with super-strength (say the Hulk) can break it or warp it. Also referred to as Adamantium Steel.

  • Adamantium Beta

This was created by an experiment involving Wolverine. As a side effect of bonding true adamantium with his bones, and his rapid healing ability there was a molecular change which has adapted adamantium to the biology of normal bone. This Adamantium acts like a biological component, regenerating as his bones do.

  • Carbonadium

Russia wanted to create its own type of Adamantium, and thus Carbonadium was born. This form of Adamantium is not as durable as true Adamantium, but it is also flexible. For most purposes, however, Carbonadium is still virtually indestructable. Omega Red is probably the best known to use this metal with his tentacles, which act as a conduit for his energy draining powers. 

Breaking the Unbreakable

Though adamantium is said to be unbreakable and indestructible, there have been instances when objects made of the metal have been damaged. Images in Gallery.

Wolverine: The End

In Wolverine: The End, a tale that told about an elderly Wolverine in the future, some of Logan's claws were broken. How they got in this condition was never specified.

In the still-unfinished miniseries Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk, it appears like Hulk breaks adamantium when he rips the mutant in half. Upon closer inspection and the application of a little logic, it's becomes apparent that though Hulk did rip Wolverine apart, he didn't actually break adamantium. For the clearest explanation as to why Wolverine's spine, but not the adamantium, could be broken, read the following.

Satyrquaze says:

"As far as Hulk breaking Wolverine in half... (quick biology and metallurgy lesson here) Despite propaganda saying otherwise, Wolverine's skeleton is not completely coated with adamantium, if it were he couldn't move. Adamantium porously coats each bone individually (and it would have to be porous because blood and oxygen is required to get inside the bone to the marrow for a person to live). Also there is a malleable disc between each bone (especially in vertebrae in the spine) which allows freedom of movement along with joints and ligaments (which wouldn't be coated in adamantium if Wolverine hopes to do things like walk, stand, move in the slightest...).Now what Hulk did was indeed rip Logan apart, but it's most likely that Wolverine's spine separated at it's weakest point (the discs between each vertebra) and everything tore apart quite easily from there. So no, Hulk more than likely didn't break Adamantium at all in this instance. Not to say that he couldn't if suitably pissed."

Hulk can damage Adamantium, or at least Adamantium alloys  but he did not do so in this instance.

Captain America's Shield

Captain America's shield, which is an Adamantium-Vibranium alloy,  has been broken five times in the history of comics. The Molecule Man once destroyed the shield (along with Mjolnir, Namor's indestructible armor, and the Silver Surfer's board) by unmaking them on the molecular level. Klaw and Dr. Doom (both amped by the power of The Beyonder) damaged the shield on separate occasions. Thanos, wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, effortlessly shattered the shield with a backhand. Finally, Thor destroyed the shield with eye beams in an alternate universe. 

Old 1940' Classic Captain America Comic
Beating Hitler's Ass
In this photo His shield was not made of Adamantium
Captain America Was the First Marvel Comic Book Superhero