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The Scepter Offers More Customization for Less Money

Scepter Guitars Are Not For Your Typical Consumer.

These are made 100% in the USA with premium woods & parts.
The ones pictured here are available. Most of the ones we sell are custom ordered.
We sell 20 Fender guitars to every one of these but the Fender is so much less money!
These guitars are for the player who wants a custom instrument that feels and looks like a Fender.

The Scepter is basically a Pearlcaster Without a Pickguard


The Scepter is basically a  Pearlcaster with a rear cavity and no pickguard
It also employs the "All Access Neck Joint"
TM pictured above, Like a Pearlcaster

These guitars are definitely great guitars!!!

Ed Roman's Brass Insert System For Better Stability
We use them on all of our Bolt In or Bolt On guitars

It actually costs less to glue in a neck than to bolt one in correctly. Gluing up a neck is pretty basic. You apply glue inside the neck joint, slide the neck in and clamp it down. A bolt in neck requires a lot more work, there is no room for a sloppy fit like on a glue in neck. (There is no room for error if the job is done right)

The cost of stainless bolts, grommets & brass press fittings are far higher than the cost of a little glue. The labor factor requires 4 holes drilled and countersunk. The tolerances are extremely tight on a good bolt on neck where the tolerances are far less important with the application of glue.

If you make a mistake and drill incorrectly itís time to throw away the body. On a glued up neck there are no holes to drill and less chances of a mistake.

Used on All LSR Guitars, Scorpion, Pearlcaster, Quicksilver, Scepter, & Magic Twanger Guitars!!!!

Advantages Over The Competition

All Access Neck Joint TM. Ed Roman trademarked this feature back in Sept. of 1983.  Some people have copied it but Ed did it first.
Pearlcaster ball bearing case hardened tremolo (If you must have a tremolo, It might as well work)

Also available with direct contact tremolo bridge,  Floyd Rose, etc etc

Seymour Duncan pickups are standard but you can specify any other pickup you like !  usually for free
Bound necks & custom Inlays available.
Maple, Ebony, Brazilian Rosewood,  Bocote, Cocobolo, Macassar Ebony fingerboard woods.
Korina, Ash, Alder, Maple, Lacewood, Buckeye, Cherry, Schedua,  & many other body woods.
LSR Tuners, Planet Waves Tuners, Steinberger Tuners Available !!!
Direct Coupling Available  No Extra Charge  3 Point direct coupling included !!
Machine bolt brass neck screw inserts.  (We don't bolt them on like everyone else does.)
Zero tolerance on neck side to side play. 100% super/stable neck joint !!!
Buzz Feiten Systems
Unlimited choices of colors, neck finishes & hardware colors! (1500 G Neck Finish Std)
LED Light up necks
Stainless Steel Frets (Not Recommended)
Gold Adamantium Frets  Available
Midi Systems 
Black Saddle Piezo systems with blend
USA made Bourns oil filled pots available
Titanium Saddles Available
Tension Free "Titan" necks available