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Pride is a Sin Unless You Are a Craftsman

At Last A Quality Affordable 24 Fret Travel Guitar That You Can Play A Major Gig With !!!


Duncan Or EMG Pickups, Graphite Neck or Wood Neck, Steinberger or Floyd Rose Bridge. Direct Coupling, Ebony, Rosewood & Maple fret-boards.

Choice Of 35 Different Tonewood Bodies.

NEW!! Headless Guitar Wall Hangers

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The PB-1 Guitar in One Solid Piece Of Korina Except For The Fretboard

New LSR Bass Model From the Ed Roman Custom Shop
Neck Thru Body Construction

LSR Mini Ergo Video



New Model For 2010

Get This Guitar in Bolt On or Neck Thru Design

LSR PB2 Video

Today's Answer For Quality USA Made Headless Guitars.
If You Are A Steinberger Fan ?
 Ed Roman the Worlds Largest Headless Guitar Dealer

Notice the Hippie Sandwich Construction
Bubinga Back, Wenge Center, Quilted Maple Top. 
This guitar sounds & plays better than an original
 It costs less !!!

Badda Bling  !!!!!

Marie Osmond Actually Designed This Guitar.
She Is Incredibly Artistic, She Involved Herself Fully In The Project From Beginning To End !!!
I Met With Marie Myself  7 or 8 Times During The Design & Prototype Phases.
This Guitar Holds The Record For Design Changes !!!! 
Under The 3000 Swarovski Crystals The Body Has Sawblade Battlescars & Many Spliced On Pieces
The Signature Marie "M Logo" Is Raised 1/4" And Is Covered With Hematite Crystals
We Drove The Guys In The Shop Crazy But We Had A Lot Of Fun !!!

 The Travel Guitar That You Could Use At Madison Square Garden
Built For Professional Usage, This Guitar Will Stand Up To Anything You Could Throw At It
It plays like a dream and sounds as good as anything you can buy commercially.

Blue Quilt Ergo
Built For John Morvay

At Last A Quality Affordable 24 Fret Travel Guitar That You Could Play A Major Gig With !!
Duncan Blackback Pickups, Graphite Neck, Steinberger or Floyd Rose Bridge.
Choice of 35 Different Tonewoods

A Giant Leap Forward... "The Ergo"

LSR Guitars was started in 1995 by Ed Roman, The original design concept of these guitars was to offer a beautiful alternative to the Steinberger line of instruments.

At that time Steinberger had shut down all production & closed their doors.

The Ergo model was introduced in June 2008 and it has been extremely successful as a Guitar and an electric Bass.  Small enough to qualify as a travel guitar but good enough to play Madison Square Garden or any other major venue.

The first actual model The EB-1 was introduced in 1997. The EB-1 was originally known as the Edberger, It was specifically designed and built for an  extremely famous guitarist who shall remain nameless because of his contractual liabilities to a much larger guitar company.

LSR Guitars, was a guaranteed sure hit because of the association with this particular Rockstar. He played it openly at several large venue's & concerts. 

Sales were quite brisk because of it. Eventually, he must have been forced to play the endorsee guitars, he ceased using it publicly.  But these guitars have been a steady seller for 10 years.

Bolero Bass

There have been over 50 Body Styles  & shapes introduced on various LSR guitars & basses.

Ed Roman endeavored to show a number of them on this website.

Because the guitar design lends itself to almost any shape Ed has been asked to create these guitars in the likeness & signature colors of many well known companies.

For example Ed created a guitar that went to Rick Derringer that had a strong resemblance to a Rickenbacker 360V64. The fact that the guitar was built using the well known Fire-Glo color really made it appear very much like a headless Rickenbacker.

Rickenbacker is a company that vigorously protects all of it's patents and trademarks. They asked us to cease and desist from manufacturing any more of these guitars. The only other one was painted black and Rickenbacker never said anything about that one. The black one went to Leslie West who uses it quite a bit.


Rick Derringer Rockin' American Album Cover
Rick with his LSR Rick n' Berger

The reason for this short article is to explain to our potential customers that Ed Roman Guitars has the capability to make almost anything you want.


It is in our better interest to simply not post any of these offending shapes on our website.  As soon as we receive a cease & desist letter from any company we generally will stop production.

But if we simply don't post it, Then we never get any. cease and desist notices. 
Most companies really don't care what anyone copies or reproduces as long as it's a custom one of a kind. But they must respond legally to protect themselves from companies who would mass produce their intellectual property.

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roman lsr cheeseburger usa made custom shop headless guitar

Custom Buck Dharma Cheeseburger Guitar

Buck Dharma with LSR Guitar,  Richie Scarlet with a Quicksilver

LSR Bolero In Black Korina & Macassar Ebony Neck,
Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard

LSR Matrix Made Using An Original Steinberger Body Retopped & Refinished

LSR Leslie West Rock-it  AKA WB-3

This Body Shape is Now Available
It's Sleeker & Thinner Than A Stock Steinberger
It will be available by June of 2008 as a standard model.

Leslie West & Eddie Van Halen

Leslie With Ed Roman LSR  EB-1 Model

 Leslie Using 2 Different LSR Body Shapes.
He may advertise for Dean Guitars
Go see him and see what he actually plays !!!!

Leslie West Model

Close up of one of a kind economical LSR Model built for Leslie West in 2001
100% hand made in USA. Graphite Neck, Duncan Pickups Top Quality.

Leslie With Ed Roman LSR  EB-1 Model & Several WB-1's
Leslie favors The EB-1 Model over all the rest of them.

The WB-3 Model

The Original Leslie West WB1
This One Has A Floyd Speedloader


 LSR Headless Guitars Using Steinberger Bridge
The fabulous Buck Dharma playing an old P series model
We built the blue one above for him in 1998

Buck in 2001 with the first XB 1
Hardtail Bridge
Now Available

Early Steinberger Klein Model
Available in 3 Sizes

We have original Steinberger Gig Bags to fit these
plus We have Original Klein Bodies

Steinberger Bridge System

Steinberger Double Ball/Tuning System
A. Bridge locks to fixed position.
B. Individual fine tuning adjustment.
C. Tremolo spring tension adjustment.
D. Tremolo arm tension adjustment screw.
E. String height adjustment.
F. Bridge saddle lock adjustment.

These Bridges Are Available On All LSR Guitars.
We Also Offer The Floyd Rose Speedloader
We Also Offer Steinberger Trans Trems, Jam Trems.

No dealer on this planet has more parts for headless guitars
Including   LSRKleinAbstract,  Status,  Steinberger, Hohner Guitars & Basses
 "Ed Roman"

LSR went on to build and design a number of original designs and a number of one of a kind familiar shapes. Some of these familiar shapes happened simply because a customer might request a "Custom guitar with a body loosely resembling a Rickenbacker or a "Custom headless guitar shaped like a Kramer.  LSR not being much more than a fairly large custom shop was able to get away with doing things that a larger company would have been sued for. 

After about 600 guitars were built several competing companies had their attorneys send cease & desist letters requesting that LSR no longer offer these certain offending models.  Leslie West, & Buck Dharma are two of the original LSR artists. Leslie even wanted to produce the guitars under his own name which only lasted a short time due to LSR's limitations to be able to mass produce. To this day all LSR Guitars are hand made and there are almost 70 different designs available as of 2010.
It is relatively common for a player of Leslie's status to use a small company to build their guitars and then go to a company with mass production capabilities to manufacture the corporate signature models.



This Guitar Currently Available
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LSR Mockingberger Originally Built For Rick Derringer In 1999
Today Owned By Mark Slaughter


NEW!! Headless Guitar Wall Hangers


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