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No Pickguard Models Are Called Scepters

What To Watch Out For When Buying A New Guitar

New Lotus Model First Prototype




Tony Montana Of "Great White" Demo's A Pearlcaster



Custom Pearlcaster In Double Sienna Burst
New Color For 2010


Gabriella Versace Vegas Showgirl & Star Of Erocktica
Posing with A Few Pearlcaster's.
These are the finest most up to date traditional style guitars in the world !!!!!


Pearlcaster Versus The Competition

The competition doesn't even come close. This Guitar is a no holds barred top quality guitar designed for the retro market. Instead of using cheap low quality wood and swimming pool routed pickup cavities this guitar is built to an exacting standard. This guitar is made with top quality parts and woods. If Ed Roman couldn't have made it better than the original, He wouldn't have bothered to make it at all. The Pearlcaster guitar is fully made in the USA. The Pearlcaster will easily stand up to any custom shop guitar that costs three times as much.

            Pearlcaster Comparison    Read It !!!!!


Meatloaf in 2003 With Quilted Sunburst Pearlcaster

 Pearlcaster Ball Bearing Tremolo, Duncan Pickups,  Maple Neck
Pearloid Pickguard, Alder Body, Sperzel Tuners, Push Pull Pots, All Access Neck Joint.

 Since 1983
The Ed Roman
All Access Neck Joint

Several companies have copied this great innovation. We have been offering this for more than 25 years. However no one is offering it on a traditional styled guitar like the Pearlcaster.
This makes it much easier to reach the high frets and it eliminates a lot of flat heel space on the back of the neck.  We have done this modification on over 600 Stratocasters. Everyone agrees it makes the guitar a lot more playable.                Pearlcaster Comparison

Lefthanded Eric Clapton  Crashocaster Paintjob


Tony Montana demo's Yet Another Pearlcaster


Scepter Model (No Pickguard)

Why is the "Pearlcaster" Better?
All Access Neck Joint, Totally Hand Made, Available with LSR Tuners.
MIDI available, Piezo System Available, 1500G Neck Mod Standard.
Titanium Saddles Available, Gold Frets Available, Stainless Steel Frets Available

Over 30 different Pickguard Materials available.

Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue, Lemon Yellow, Snakeskin, Flame Maple, Spalted Maple, Figured Bubinga, Koa,
Quilted Maple, Sterling Silver, Pewter, Leather, Custom Graphics, etc etc.

Beautiful Quilted Maple Top Scepter Body

This Is Why We Are Better !!!

Reach The Top Frets On A Pearlcaster

The Competition
Solid Tonewood Bodies Korina, Mahogany, Alder, Swamp Ash, Koa. Poplar, ash, alder sometimes veneered with Maple  but never solid.
All access neck joint TM   (Pictured Above) Large bulky original neck heel  (50 year old design)
200 colors available, Metalflake, Pearls, Flip Flop Available on any Model Approximately 20 colors available limited to certain models.  (Usually only 4 or 5 colors in any shop)
Choice of hardware  gold, chrome or black 99% chrome occasionally gold on designated few models 
Titanium Bridge Saddles Available Not Available
Fingerboard Choices,  Ebony, Rosewood, Maple, Pau Ferro, Morado, Brazilian RW, Macassar Ebony Maple & Rosewood, occasionally Ebony on very few models.
Multiple Neck Woods available, Maple, Koa, Mahogany, Korina, Macassar Ebony, Solid Rosewood. Maple only
Quilted Maple Drop Tops Available. Not available just veneers.
100 Different pickguard materials available on any model. Small selection and no interchangeability.
Solid Mount Pickups Available Pickups Hung In Chambers
Choice Of Fret Size. No.
Choice of bridge, Original Pearlcaster, Tune o matic,  Mann Made, PRS, Floyd, Vintage, Hardtail Very small selection.
One Piece Tungsten Alloy Tremolos Available Not Available
Multiple Pickup Choices, EMG, Duncan, Fralin, Fender, Lace Sensors, PRS, Dimarzio, Rio Grande. Very small selection.
1500 G neck mod standard on all models (no charge) Not available.
Hand Made & Hand Signed. Machine Made on CNC Machines.
Assembly, wiring, set up and initial fret job done by one man. Done by a number of different people in a number of different buildings.
Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, Gold  Titanium Frets Available Nickel & Nickel Silver Only
Graphtech Polytrinite Bridge Saddles Available. Not Available.
Piezo System Available On Any Model Not Available
Planet Waves Auto Trim Tuners Available Not Available
LSR Tuners Available. Not Available.
Available With Or Without Pickguards Pickguards Only
All main parts made in USA by US Citizens (several bridges and tuners made in Germany by Schaller) ???????
All small components made in USA except some pots & switches  made in Mexico & Asia. ??????????

Hughie Thomasson of the Outlaws & Lynyrd Skynyrd
 with one of his Pearlcaster's
"Rest In Peace"

The Finest Master Grade Tone Wood Available

Greetings Ed,

First off I would like to say that I have purchased two Pearlcaster's from you in the past months....  One from John and the other from Scott.  Both had Buzz Feiten setups and Duncan Vintage Rails, both sound and play just absolutely amazing!  The second purchase I made was for a good friend of mine, Jerry Jennings, who has been playing for 35 years. He is extremely picky and often disappointed with the guitars he checks out.  Recently he was giving serious consideration to an Anderson guitar he checked out.  However, when he played my Pearlcaster he fell in love with it, much more so than the Anderson. Subsequently, I purchased one for him and he is loving it!  Thank you for your tenaciousness and your drive to make a great guitar.  The industry giants may not like you, but there are plenty of us out here in the real world who are playing and loving your guitars.  Thanks again.

Now, onto the question of the day....

I have a PRS Custom 24 with a 5 position rotary switch that I am considering sending to your shop for some modifications. The modifications I am considering are as follows:

Buzz Feiten Set Up

Swap out for Seymour Duncan Black Backs that you are using in your Quicksilver's

Swap out for Push/Pull Pots and the 3 way toggle that you are using in your Quicksilver's

I guess I should ask this question first; Is it possible to change out the 5 way rotary for the 3 way toggle with the way the holes are drilled and the contour of the body?  Depending on the cost, maybe I should just trade it in for one of your Quicksilver's??  The PRS is basically a never played guitar, so I don't know what it would be worth to you?

Your thoughts and recommendations are sincerely appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Mark A. Koher, Controller
Midstate Specialties, Inc.


Dean Restum Guitarist With Eric Burdon & The Animals For 12 Years
With His Pearlcaster

Thank you so much for guiding me to the Pearlcaster I purchased. While I was caught up in the 50th anniversary hype of the Stratocaster, I was convinced that if I purchased one, it must be a better version. And thanks to you, I now own one. Please also pass along my thanks and appreciation to the young luthier that crafted this phenomenal instrument. He's really gifted and has truly crafted a masterpiece. I'm stilled amazed by the Titan neck and am so glad Ed Roman Guitars is promoting the value that this luthiery represents. I am also proud to say that thanks to Ed Roman Guitars, I now own several masterpieces, and that while I feel they're worth every penny, my Pearlcaster & Quicksilver are at the top of my list in the value for money category.

In closing, it's reassuring that this luthiery talent continues to develop and that Ed Roman recognizes this and helps it flourish. I can occasionally be swayed by a pretty website picture, but when I try to dig deeper and understand what makes the guitar better, I come up empty. Ed Roman makes it very tough on the competition because you've lifted the veil. I owe you a great deal of thanks and appreciate Ed Roman's commitment to offer facts and details that educates the buyer and helps us discriminate the wheat from the chaff.


Mike Meisinger

What To Watch Out For When Buying A New Guitar

Hi Ed,

I appreciate you must get a zillion emails a day so don't concern yourself to reply but I felt I must drop you a quick note about your guitars.
I became aware of your website/store a couple of years ago and found your views on guitars very interesting and entertaining (I love the rants!) and decided one day I must get one of your guitars.
However, I live in England and have had no opportunity to visit Vegas and I didn't fancy just ordering one over the phone, spending a load of money and crossing my fingers to see what the hell arrived (especially as a number of other websites are quite critical of your guitars).
Anyway... I occasionally look on evil bay on the off chance a Quicksilver or Pearlcaster might turn up at a price worth 'taking a risk' and a few weeks ago one did.
I am the proud owner of a lovely Pearlcaster (Serial # 403).
What a great piece!
It looks gorgeous, it's a pleasure to play and it sounds fantastic.
I am really blown away by how versatile it is, the different sounds you can get from this beast with the different pickup combinations are awesome.
I have a pile of 'quality' guitars but this is now my weapon of choice. In the past I'd switch between different guitars on stage to get the sounds I wanted, now I can get everything out of this one guitar.
On the strength of this, when I get some spare cash I will be seriously thinking about getting a Quicksilver to join it.
   Thanks for making a great guitar!
Stu. Davison
Solihull, England


 Peachfuzz Pearlcaster

You Sir, Are a Revolutionary

I've been to your store quite a few times, the Pearlcaster is mine once finances provide. I've just recently been reading your Rants on your website, and I can't seem to stop. I really just wanted to thank you for putting your thoughts up online. More people really need to read all of that, for the entertainment value alone, aside from all the valuable information. Thanks for providing the world with some great guitars to make Vegas stand out. Thank you again, and really I hope you read, and no need to reply.

Nicolas Schoenfeld
Las Vegas

Hendrix Graphic

Christopher Cunningham to me
show details Jul 9

It came in this morning. I know you hear this all the time so I'm sorry to be cliche but I couldn't be happier with it. It proves to me what I felt I knew by intuition after reading everything I could on your web site: you make the best guitars available today. I know I'm less than a novice compared to you in guitar knowledge but I really think these pickups in mine (Seymour Duncan SSL-1s, "California 50s" set) should be stock for people who want the classic "Strat" sound. Almost all of the negative reviews I found of the Pearlcaster came from people who just didn't know to specify them when they ordered it from you.

Most people love the Duncans that we use. We will swap out pickups with anyone who has any of our guitars and is not happy with their first choice. The negative reviews are usually put up by competitors and or people that have an axe to grind. Some of the negative reviews that I saw were for non existent guitars which of course is complete BS.   

Anyway, the perfection of this instrument just reinforces my drive to buy several more guitars from you so I have to beg you: please don't retire for at least five years!! I think the next one I'm going to have built will be a replica of a Hamer Virtuoso with some minor modifications.

Oh and thanks again for the bargain upgrade to the "average" quality quilted maple top. I think Mike may have cheated you a little on that by picking out one that's too nice. Either way he did a superb job on the finish and you should give him some paid vacation time soon. Have a good one, I'm sure I'll be back in touch sometime in a few months.






Custom guitar built 15 years ago, sent in 12/2010 for refurbishing.

All Ed Roman Pearlcaster Guitars 100% Made In The USA