Custom Pickguards For Guitars

Custom One Of A Kind Stainless Steel Mutilator Pickguard, "Not For The Faint Of Heart"
This Took A Skilled Craftsman 2 Solid Days To Make

Ed Roman Can Build You A Custom Pickguard

Some Samples Many More In Stock

 Many different colors & materials in stock

We can custom make quilted maple pickguards, mirror pickguards, steel & diamond plate etc etc

I get several calls every day from musicians who want to have a custom pickguard made. In almost all cases it will be for some obscure guitar or for some special pickup configuration.  Because we are a custom shop I am obligated to have the mandatory 8 minute conversation that usually ends up with "Let me think about it" or "I'll get back to you."

My website is intended to answer all questions, especially repetitive ones that rarely turn into sales. For example, I still get at least 2 calls a day looking for directions.  

Why So Much?

Usually a custom pickguard costs approximately $125.00 to $150.00.  Everyone whines big time about the price, so instead of me trying to explain it over & over, please read below.

To make a custom pickguard by hand it requires: a $785.00 precision cut jigsaw, a $460.00 oscillating spindle sander, an electric drill with a countersink attachment, a full Dremel set and a steady hand and a whole lot of patience, and I have recently added a $1,250.00 Duplicarver for the more popular models.

Usually the material to make the pickguard is only about $25.00 but it is very common that we have to use $50.00 worth of materiel because of some slight error made in construction. Sometimes materials can hit as high as $200.00   (stainless steel for example.)

Typically a pickguard will take as much as 3 to 4  hours to make. This job is very much a pain because no one wants to do it.  My technicians regard it as punishment.

If you go to one of the corporate automated companies like Warmoth Allparts or WD they will most likely not have a Template for what you need.  They will charge you a template fee which is somewhere around $95.00 then the pickguard will be built and you will be charged accordingly.

Unless you have a Standard Guitar like a Strat, Tele or a Gibson you may find yourself waiting longer & paying more by going to one of the bigger companies.  (Gibson models can differ & Gibson parts don't fit Epiphones)
We get lots of people who have already bought a mass produced pickguard for a Gibson that call us to have a custom one made.
We have our Mosrite pickguards made for us because we use about 400 of them a year and that makes it economical to mass produce.
If you want us to custom make your pickguard, We need the old pickguard or the guitar body itself, If you want you can ship it too us assembled and we will replace the whole thing and reassemble & rewire.


Ed Roman




This pick guard may look stock but in fact there is PRS bridge instead of a stock Fender Bridge. It had to be custom made. 

Also please notice this Pearloid material is the high quality very expensive pure white variety. 

Fender and G&L sell this type of pick guard for $69.00 and they both use a lower cost yellowish looking Pearloid. 

Of course neither of theirs will work for a PRS tremolo install.

Guitar pictured here is a solid koa Roman Pearlcaster

Ed Roman is the Exclusive USA Distributor for Mosrite Guitars & Mosrite Parts
 If anyone else says they have one it has to be fake !!!!
We can supply original Mosrite pickguards.

Mosrite Pickguards

Schon Pickguards Are available in Multi Colors


To see more of these guitars, check out Pearlcaster!!

Ed Roman Also Offers Magnetic Pickguards
They Look Awesome With No Screws Plus They Remove Easily

An Example Of One Of Our Magnetic Pickguards
Because We Hard Mount Our Pickups We Have No Visible Screws Anywhere



Dress up your guitar with solid aluminum face plates.

These guitars reflect light aimed at you on stage and bring out an extreme array of holographic colors and patterns. Great for any performer who wants to stand out from the crowd. And don't worry about your sound, these amazing face plates won't affect it at all.

We did 10 of these for Toby Keith for one of his restaurant nightclubs in Las Vegas.

We are now also offering distressed rusty funky looking face plates for the person who wants the world to think the guitar is extremely old.   (Relic)

These high quality face plates are made with a light-weight aircraft grade alloy. The choice of this alloy was made easy by recognizing it's excellent noise shielding qualities, light weight, and abilities to provide holographic imaging properties.

The aluminum alloy provides a stable and constant grounding as opposed to the thin, glued-on foil backing ( which begins to peel off ) on other pick guards and our alloy minimizes speaker buzz and feedback. The resonance of this alloy is also far superior to that of plastic pick guards.

All face plates are available in any color and any design.  All are interchangeable as well.

Our custom shop can also offer this material for any guitar you may want to use it on. 


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