All Access Neck Joint

Reaching The Upper Frets

It's simple physics, A good sounding guitar has a super tight super stable neck joint, When the neck joint is even slightly loose the tone of the guitar will suffer, the tuning will suffer and the general feel of the guitar will not be solid so even the playability will suffer.  I know I have repeated this theme throughout my whole website! I know I must sound like a broken record to many of my faithful readers who have read everything on the site.
It is my opinion that the two million people a week who read something on this site don't read the whole thing. These are the people I am trying to get through to. I apologize for my redundancy. See links below for some interesting articles on guitar necks.
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Ed Roman Pearlcaster Guitar

Exclusive Neck Joint
Since 1983
The Ed Roman
All Access Neck Joint TM

 This is the Original One !!!!


Direct Coupling means full contact with the wood,
No glues, No dampeners, No springs or other fillers  !!
they will serve to cause you to lose resonance, sustain & tonality.

Most guitar companies don't even address this !!!!
There are 3 major things to do to achieve direct coupling

Super-tight Neck Fit with no glue or paint in the cavity.
Pickups bolted either to the body or to the neck, No Springs
Bridge Directly Bolted to the Studs, No movement possible

You Really Can Hear The Difference !!!
If You Care About Tone Read This Page !!!!
See how we do it better than the rest !!!!
 Soon everyone will copy us,   remember you saw it here first !!!


Standard on Ed Roman LSR, Quicksilver or Pearlcaster

If you want to install it on your existing guitar.
Send Your Guitar to us and we will install it for you !!!
Order "Ultratone DCK-1"  Direct Couple Kit  $25.00
Specify 1"    1"1/4   or  1" 1/2
These kits come complete with hardened steel bolts & brass inserts.
Works incredibly well on Fenders, PRS, Ernie Ball, G&L, Washburn, Charvel, Hamer's etc etc

Direct Coupling will add tremendous sustain to your guitar, It will also give you up to 25% more audible overtones.  You can really hear the difference!   See Neck Mounting Myths. The pictures above show a small part of the process. Ed Roman is always trying to come up with new & better ideas to stay several steps ahead of the corporate cookie cutter guitar companies. 

I have done at least 20 Blindfold tests and even non guitarists can hear the difference.

Direct Coupling defined would be the process by which direct contact is made between all the parts on a guitar that could either add or subtract from the tonality and/or sustain.

It has been said, that if a guitar is directly coupled, it will most likely be neck through body construction, a solid mounted Tone/Pros Bridge & solid mounted pickups.

I will state for the record. You can also achieve direct coupling with a bolt in style neck like a PRS or Quicksilver. To do so you must adhere to several strict rules.

1. No paint, finish lacquer or glue can be present anywhere in the neck-pocket.

2. The neck pocket has to be extremely tight and 100% stable.  (Not an easy thing to do)

Another way to achieve Direct Coupling would be to use a deep set mortise & tenon like a Centurion

 The rules to apply here are as follows;

1. The pickups need to be hard mounted to the actual neck wood.Quicksilver Guitar, Quilted Maple Top,

2. There must be no glue on the top of the deep set neck, and it must be a tight fit, there has to be a way for the bottom of the top plate to come into direct contact with the deep set neck.

3. The tenon must extend at least to where the bridge is located. There must be direct contact with the studs in the bridge through the top and into the deep set neck itself.


"Ultratone DCK-1"  Direct Couple Kit  $25.00
Specify 1"    1"1/4   or  1" 1/2  For LSR Guitars they are 5 Bolt add $5.00
These kits come complete with hardened steel bolts and brass inserts.  Once installed correctly the tone & sustain of your guitar should increase noticeably.

Works really well on Fender Guitars, PRS Guitars or Tom Anderson, John Suhr, Original Charvel's, Wolfgang's, Ernie's Balls  etc etc.





Roman Vintage Custom Guitars
We don't normally use this joint on an RVC
Most customers opt for the traditional style neck joint on this body shape.
This one was custom built for a customer who insisted on a deep cutaway.

All Access Acoustic Neckjoint
Exclusively From Ed Roman 2008
This will probably be copied by other manufacturers

Some Examples Below

Quilted Pearlcaster Droptop
All Access Neck Joint


 Walnut Pearlcaster With All Access Neckjoint


Maple Scepter With All Access Neckjoint


5 String Scepter for Alex Gregory

Peachfuzz Pearlcaster