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Ed Roman Custom Made Basses

We Will Build You Virtually Any Bass You Can Find on the Internet

We will build it with any body shape, any headstock, any scale,
any wood, any electronics, any construction, bolt-on or neck-through-body,
AND in most cases our prices will be better.


I Started Out Building Custom Basses Back in The 80's, Back When Bass Players Were Very Adventurous & Progressive, It seemed like a good business to get into because most of the boutique basses of the day were overpriced.

Sadly these days we build fifty guitars to every one bass,  Many people are not aware of our basses and this page addresses some of the different ones we have created over the years.  We will still build one of a kind basses, so give me a call if you would like something special.
Ed Roman 2010




Back of Bass

Body Close-Up

Headstock Close-Up

Pearlcaster Performer Bass, Ed Roman Guitars


"Thinnest Fastest Neck In The Industry"
Pearlcaster Performer Bass

Walnut Body Maple Neck
Super Light
"Thinnest Fastest Neck In The Industry"


The Caesar Bass Is The Finest Bass We Currently Build 

Ed Roman 33 Fret, Bubinga Korina Caesar Bass  2010

  Electronics By Bartolini, Removable Magnetic Cavity Cover.
Switch Batteries Fast, No Screwdrivers required!

Revolutionary Construction 33 Frets, Macassar Ebony Neck

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Ed Roman Stretch Bass 1997
  Call The Custom Shop,   Ask for Ed !!!    702.875.4552


Ed Roman Brutus Bass 2008
Walnut & Maple With Ebony Fret Board
Very Petite & Ultra Light

Ed Roman Lowrider Bass Fretless 2001

Natural Hawaiian Koa, Rosewood Fingerboard


Ed Roman Scroll Basses Totally Hand Carved No 2 Alike

Ed Roman Scroll Basses Totally Hand Carved No 2 Alike

Ed Roman Scroll Basses Totally Hand Carved No 2 Alike
We Do Not Charge Any Extra For Lefthanded
We Don't Have To,  All Of Our Neck Through Guitars Are Custom

Custom Style Bass Guitar


Ed Roman Abstract Interceptor Bass
Tribute To The Impact Bass




Clone Of A Vox Teardrop
All Of Our Guitars Are Available As Basses & Vice Versa

Neck Through Body,  Ebony Fretboard, Ultra High Quality
Available in Original English Or Later Italian Scales

Lowrider Bass 2001
Custom design your own headstock,
We can provide you with exactly what you want !!!

Phantazm Bass Available In Any Scale
This One Built For James Kasper 32" Scale
Atomic Inlays, Neck Through Construction,  Ebony Fingerboard
Quilted Top & Back !!!

LSR Bolero Bass By Ed Roman
Click link above to see more than 35 body shapes available

Intruder Bass Built In The 80's



Custom Made Neck Through Jack Daniels Bass


LSR PB-1 Older Model

Ed Roman Early Model Abstract Stretch Bass from the 90's

Ed Roman Does Not Charge Extra For Lefthanded Neck Thru Gold Series Basses or Guitars. After All We Build Them All From Scratch Anyway.

Ed Roman is committed to using the finest sounding & most beautiful looking tonewoods available in the world today.

Full On Neck Through Body Construction, Hand Carved One At A Time By Musicians Who are players themselves.

Individual Bridge Saddles Are Available For The Utmost In Separation.  

Customer Picks Exact Knob Placement No Extra Charge.

Customer May Supply His Own Wood Or Pickups or Hardware On Any Of The 500 Or So Models Offered By Ed Roman Guitars.

Ed Roman Basses Are All Designed To Balance Perfectly While Hanging On Your Shoulder.

Strings installed from base of the guitar

There are many innovations on an Ed Roman bass you won't find from most other builders

Magnetic easy on/easy off cavity cover plates.
Unlimited choices of body shapes
over 350 body shapes to choose from
Over 40 different tonewoods in stock at all times
You can order a guitar from Ed Roman with a weight restriction guideline pre-specified
Choice of Bartolini, EMG, Seymour Duncan or any pickups you want
Available with light up knobs & Inlays

Abstract Stretch Bass 2001


Ed Roman Abstract Claw Bass  1999



Dave Overthrow Playing an Abstract Claw Bass Guitar



Original Roman & Blake Claw Bass Prototype
Built For Dave Overthrow 1993

Abstract Devastator Bass Ed Built For Himself Back In 2004
This Was A One Of A Kind Bass That Is Licensed And We Don't Offer Them In Our Line
However we felt it should be on this page to demonstrate our capabilities
We could build a guitar that closely resembles it.

Wanderer Bass

Gospel Bass


Our Answer To Ned Steinbergers Small Paddle Shaped Bass
This Is Hand Made From One Solid Piece Of Walnut
No Seams Anywhere

Custom One Of A Kind Short Scale Bass 


Abstract One Of A Kind For Dave Meros (Eric Burdon & The  Animals, Spock's Beard)

Neck Thru Body, Custom Scale, Custom Neck Style, 4 Duncan Pickups

For Every 1 Bass We Build We Probably Build 50 Guitars
All 500 Models Of Guitars We Make Are Available As Bass Guitars Also

Some History On Ed Roman's Lowrider Bass Guitars

Ed Roman Invader Bass 1980's

Ed Roman first started building bass guitars back in the early 80's with his partner & first luthiery teacher, Barry Lipman back in Connecticut at East Coast Music Mall. The original Basses were named R&L Basses.  They were nationally advertised and met with a fair measure of success. The local musicians adopted the name "Rolip" which was short for Roman & Lipman.
Ed designed all the basses and decided on what woods, pickups & components to use.  Barry executed the building & painting.
After several years it became apparent that Barry could no longer meet the manufacturing demand for the basses. Ed sold his controlling interest in the companies East Coast Music Mall & Roman & Lipman and set out to build guitars with a new partner. Ed's new partner was a guitar bass building guru named Ron Blake. 

Ron had been chief luthier for Carl Thompson and had been responsible for prototyping & making the very first Ken Smith Bass. Ron also collaborated with Les Claypool on the original Scroll Bass and built about 6 of them for Les. He also built several hundred others for Carl Thompson who was selling them quite successfully. Ron was also involved in Ghost Building guitars & basses for many famous people including Stanley Clarke's famous Piccolo Bass. Ron never got the credit he deserved but that's what Ghost Building is all about!!!.

Stanley Clarke has been credited with creating the piccolo bass (essentially a bass tuned one octave higher), and although he mainly plays Alembics, the first piccolo was a Carl Thompson. Stanley owns two Carl Thompsons, both piccolos. One is a 34" scale (the first piccolo ever), and the second is a 32" scale. When the first bass was being made, Stanley was so excited, he told Carl to bring it over the minute it was completed. Carl Thompson ended up hand delivering to Stanley at 3:00 in the morning! The second bass has a more interesting story. Stanley had just accidentally broken the headstock on his CT, and it could not be fixed before his next recording session. Carl was working on a 32" scale short bass at the time, and offered to lend it to Stanley. He modified the nut, finished it up quickly and gave it to Stanley. The Funk god liked it so much, he decided to buy it and use it as his backup bass. To this day, Stanley Clarke still uses that bass for dubbing and recording.

"Luthier Carl Thompson built the first piccolo bass to Stanley´s specifications. It basically has the same intervals (E, A, D, G), scale and spacing of the regular bass, but it is tuned one octave higher. Other players have followed suit including Ron Carter who had an acoustic version built for him. But Stanley maintains: " It was my idea." 

Today Ed Roman Not Only Makes Piccolo Basses But Piccolo 12 String Mini Guitars As Well. The Piccolo Bass is an awesome instrument but the guitar is beyond incredible   Click here To See Them


Roman Lowrider With Graphite Neck

In 1993 Ed started acquiring the inventory, fixtures & tooling for several more defunct companies.  BC Rich, Kramer & Steinberger. Ed decided to concentrate on building instruments.  It wasn't as easy or profitable as retailing them. The cost of setting up was astronomical, He didn't have the funding, and being old fashioned about money, he refused to borrow money to pay for the brand names. After acquiring all the Steinberger inventory & tooling,  Ed successfully released the LSR line of Headless  Guitars & Basses in 1995. LSR flourished for many years. When Gibson the people who owned the rights to the name "Steinberger" decided to release a low cost imported lookalike using the Steinberger brand name the LSR line took a back seat. Even though the quality was measurably better and there were 35 different body shapes compared to Steinberger's 2 body shapes.  Today LSR is a small boutique company building over 50 models of headless guitars & basses. A new model is released about every 4 months and you can still buy a completely customized instrument. Ed says there isn't enough business to sustain a company full time so he has since come out with 13 other guitar brands. Between all these brands and different models Ed is extremely busy.

The Lowrider traditional bolt on basses were released in 1999, due to the fact that Pearlcaster Guitar line had been so successful Ed thought it would make sense to build a line of bass guitars based on Leo Fender's original designs. He made several improvements to the neck joints, electronics, woods, frets, fingerboards and numerous other smaller improvements.
The Lowrider line was less than successful, The instrument was great but Ed never spent the money to advertise and he priced it way too low. When a consumer sees something priced too low they surmise that the instrument is probably imported or of lower quality. 

Ed decided he wanted no part of building this style of guitar in his already too busy woodshop..  So he had the bodies & necks made by the same firm that built, Sadowsky's, Lakland, Tobias, Mike Lull Modulus & many corporate brands such as Yamaha, All parts and Stewart MacDonald.
Ed maintains the mistake was we put these up for too low a price.  People assumed incorrectly,  that because they were priced so low, they simply couldn't be any good.


Ed experimented with various shapes & modernized double octave necks like above.

We Do Not Charge Any Extra For Lefthanded On Any Neck Thru Body Guitar
We Don't Have To,  All Of Our Neck Through Guitars Are Custom


 Call Me Lightning                        Jack Daniels Bass

 Lightning Bolt Bass             Whiskey Pete Model Any Brand

Both Of These Basses Are Neck Thru Abstracts


 Beautiful Macassar Ebony 5 String Claw Bass

Roman Abstract Claw Bass Special Order Only


Ed Roman Basses Part 1 1995
Dave Anderson Unrehearsed Unscripted Video
These Videos were originally intended to be rough tests !
 Dave Anderson came off so honestly & smoothly that we decided not to mess with them.
We left them alone, mistakes & all !!!!

Part 2 is below near the bottom of this page


Ed Roman Abstract Ninja Bass


Abstract Pagan Basses

Ed Roman's First Instrument Manufacturing Company  Circa 80's
These were the beginning of the Abstract Legend  25 years ago.

These were the first run of 6 made back in Connecticut
sometime between 1983 & 1990
We still have one of these bodyblanks Ed has stashed for himself
He never got around to finishing it
Call if you want to buy a piece of history for a reasonable price !!!

Roman Abstract Invader Bass
Special Order Only

For Every 1 Bass We Build We Probably Build 50 Guitars
All 500 Models Of Guitars We Make Are Available As Bass Guitars Also

Ed Roman Basses Part 2
Dave Anderson Unrehearsed Unscripted Video
These Videos were originally intended to be rough tests
 Dave Anderson came off so honestly & smoothly that we decided not to mess with them.
We left them alone, mistakes & all !!!!
Done entirely in one take !!!!!


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