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Early Vox Guitars

The first Vox guitars were produced in 1961 and it did not take long for Vox to make its mark in guitar history. In late 1962, Vox introduced what seemed at the time to be a totally unconventional instrument, the Vox Phantom Guitar. With its unusual offset trapezoid body, the Phantom soon became the chosen instrument of many groups of the era, including the Hollies and the Dave Clark Five.

Soon after, a guitar that was originally called the Phantom MK III was introduced, but because of its rounder “lute” like shape, it and later variants were often referred to as the Teardrop.

The most famous user of this guitar was Rolling Stones founder, Brian Jones who made use of it on many recordings sessions and shows in the mid 1960’s. Never afraid of innovation, Vox then went on to produce the Mando guitar, a short scale 12 string model used by George Harrison.