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Ultra High Quality USA Neck Thru Body Construction
Also Available 12 String, 7 String, Baritone, Piccolo, Doubleneck
This Guitar is the Ultimate Guitar For The Brian Jones Fan !!
Much Higher Quality than the Hutchens Brian Jones Model or the original Vox !!
Call Ed Roman to have one custom made for you !!!


Ultra High Quality USA Neck Thru Construction
Bass Version  Available 5 String, 6 String, 8 String,  Etc Etc

Ed Roman Also Carries the Original Brian Jones Limited Edition Model
Fully Sanctioned By The Brian Jones Estate & The Brian Jones Fan-club UK

(702) 597-0147

The actual guitar that Keith is playing,  We sold for $950.000.00 in 2007
Sold to a dealer in England who got 1.2 Million
The guitar Brian is holding is pictured below

 The Abstract model that Ed Roman is making is incredibly high in quality.
And it costs about what you would pay for a medium condition original model
It is neck through body & comes with multiple choices of electronics & hardware.

Tom Petty With Original 1960's VOX Teardrop

These guitars sounded great but they were made poorly
They playability, fit & finish was awful.
I have several of the originals in stock and the 1960's Italian construction is pretty embarrassing.

The Abstract model is built to a fully professional standard
It has the Cool Vibe of the early 60's Vox.

Best of all you can choose, TV Jones Pickups, Seymour Duncan, EMG, PRS, Gibson, Gretsch or even Tom Holmes pickups. We built a 12 string with Rickenbacker pickups and it sounded amazing.

Abstract also offers the Phantom guitar model also

Available in
Baritone Guitar,  Bass Guitar  Mando 12 String Guitar,
Sitar,  Doubleneck, Left Handed,  12 String

We also offer this model in the same shape or a teardrop.

All Abstract guitars are available with almost any custom modification you could think of. You can choose the wood you want, We carry 44 different types of wood on the premises. You can choose whatever pickups you like, We carry all the major brand names and many boutique brands like Tom Holmes. You can order most models with any headstock on our list or design something yourself. You can choose the hardware and you can design the electronics.  Most models are available in Basses, Doublenecks, Neck Through Body, Bolt On, Headless like a Steinberger, Baritones, Left Handed or whatever your heart desires. 

Abstract Guitars are only slightly more money than production made guitars from other companies, Abstract Guitars are thousands of dollars less than what other companies choose to call custom shop guitars. We Offer the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, Direct Coupling.

All Abstract guitars are built in the USA and carefully & lovingly set up just before we sell them. All Abstract guitars come with a super stable very fast neck & neck heel.  we don't offer limited warranties like all the big companies Abstract Guitars come with  FULL Warranty, parts & labor.

Ed Roman

Hilton Valentine, Ed Roman's First Guitar Hero.
House Of The Rising Sun, & all those old Animal tunes from 1964 65 and 66
The guitar playing was awesome for the early 60's.

Hilton Valentine
My First Guitar Hero
Hilton was responsible for naming Jimi Hendrix's Band  "The Experience"
He also wrote the chord changes and arpeggios for the original guitar anthem
You know, before there was a a "Stairway to Heaven"
There was "The House Of The Rising Sun"

Every Guitar Player Between 1964 & 1980 Learned That Riff First !!!!

Hilton Valentine with A Teardrop Guitar in 1963 or 1964