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The Roman Veillette Mondo' Lin

Custom Guitars By Ed Roman & Joe Veillette

These guitars are the result of a 35 year association between Ed Roman & Joe Veillette

12 String Mondo' Lin

Seldom has such a new & revolutionary extremely useful instrument been developed.

This wonderful mandolin guitar has been designed so that anyone who plays guitar can now play a mandolin on steroids..

Standard mandolins only have 8 strings and they are hard to learn to play. This instrument will sound like 2 mandolins at once and play exactly like a guitar.


Currently There is a problem making these fast enough so get in line with people like Eddie Van Halen, Neil Schon & Keith Urban.

These come with a Seymour Duncan Pickup and the proprietary black saddle piezo system.

You can order neck thru body or bolt on versions. We no longer offer this in set neck because some of the high end goes away. It gets stopped from reaching the electronics by the glue in the neck joint.



Now also available in an acoustic version.

 The Mondo' Lin is tuned to D above standard E. Fitted with all unison strings (as opposed to the mixed unisons and octaves of regular 12-strings), this guitar overlaps with a standard mandolin's range, adding an extra fourth below the mando's low-G string. It's important to note, however, that any guitarist can play this instrument without having to learn a new tuning.
This instrument is extremely useful on rhythm tracks !!!
This also makes a great instrument to do solo's on !!!!

Custom Hand-Carved Wooden Bridge Earlier model