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Ed Roman and Hamer Guitars - 35 Plus Years

Ed Roman is probably been carrying Hamer Guitars longer than any other dealer in the world. Ed started with Hamer in 1977 approximately 35 years ago.

Hamer has always been a high quality well made guitar but they do not offer any neck through body guitars & never have. They were extremely innovative during the 80's and early 90's but when Kaman bought them they started doing more importing than innovating.

Ed Roman specializes in 80's Hamer collectables. Hamer was famous for making one of a kind really cool guitars during the 80's.

Ed Roman also has those hard to find, excellent sounding, original Hamer sustainer bridges in stock. Always looking To Buy 80's Hamer Guitars.

Slash's Personal Hamer Sold To Luc Henzig 2007


Keith Richard's Hamer Explorer

Left To Right 
Chapparal  I  Standard  I  Duo Tone 12  I  Standard  I   2 Scarabs  I  Prototype  I   Californian
Standard  I   Special  I   Standard

Hamer Standard Custom

Hamer Artists


Awesomely Cool "Bolt On" Custom Guitar Built By Ben Chafin

(The Guitar Is Owned By Gene Kelly)

We especially like the maple fingerboard & a DiMarzio bridge

We originally thought this guitar was a Hamer because of the logo.

Ben used a Hamer neck from a 1993 Hamer guitar. The body is a 1979 Warmouth

Mighty Mite with Super Distortion clone pickups. Ed Roman has the last available

original Hamer sustainer adjustable bridges. If you want one of these

Ed Roman will build you one as a neck through or bolt on.

We can use any headstock style you like!!!

KK Downing Studley Vee

This was KK's favorite guitar,
He is known mainly for this guitar which was a one of a kind made for him by the original Pre Kaman, Pre Fender, Hamer Company.
Hamer never released this guitar to the general public, They tried to be a vintage company instead and concentrated on their original double cutaway models.
A huge marketing mistake which I believe to have been their downfall.  The Hamer guitars were built extremely well, Easily better than Gibson and they stood toe to toe with any Jackson or PRS quality wise.  Their mistake was not to offer enough 24 fret models. They never ever offered a neck thru body guitar either. They failed to continue to innovate. They went backwards instead of forward which is why you don't see their new guitars in any stores these days.  The signature model KK plays today by some unknown builder looks ok but it doesn't have the feel & quality of that Hamer he used when he was at the top of his game.  Kaman eventually ruined Hamer by putting out cheap Indonesian made copies of the real guitars and putting the Hamer name on them. They made the classic mistake and today the Hamer guitars aren't holding their real value because of it.

We Are Now Offering A Very High Quality Neck Thru Body Replica Of This Famous Guitar with the exact correct beveling. It took us 5 years to get close up photos so we could replicate the bevels and the studs.




If You Are In The Market For A Particular Old Hamer
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