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  This Page Is Dedicated to Headless Guitars in General, 
Everyone Thinks Ned Steinberger Came Up With The Idea. 
<<<<<<<<<  Newsflash   >>>>>>>>>
 Actually It Was Lester Polfuss 
Also Known As  Les Paul...

Another Newsflash, Les Paul did NOT design the Les Paul Guitars.  (lots more coming  stay tuned)

 Over the years lots of big & small  companies have built Headless Guitars,  LSR, Guild, Status, Tueffel, Beck,  Steinberger, Klein, Washburn, Hohner, Cort, Ibanez, & many others.

 Please send pictures and information on any headless guitars that you might know about.
  We would like to include everyone.

 All Steinberger's, Klein's & LSR Guitars Are Now Available With Hardtail Bridges !!!!

Contact Ed Roman Directly If You Want A Custom One Of A Kind Shape
Usual Cost about $200.00 Extra
You Give Us Your Design, We Will Refine It & Build It.
We Will Also Pay You A Royalty For Your Design Based On Sales Made

NEW!! Headless Guitar Wall Hangers

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Tele Shape  Now Available
Any Pickup Configuration,  Any Kind of Exotic Wood

Yet  Another Klein Imitation


Unknown Builder


French Made V Line Vincent Berton' Guitar


Original Graphite Steinberger With Custom Made LSR Faceplate
Faceplate Available From Ed Roman Custom Shop

LSR Bolero 
Very Popular Model The Only Headless Archtop We Know About

Thr Birdfish Guitar


Ed Roman carries most of the guitars on this page

LSR Hand Made Sold To Luc Henzig

Retopped Steinberger Done at Ed Roman's Custom Shop
Notice Slight Route Behind Tremolo To Allow For Trans Trem Installation.

Custom Designed White Korina  LSR Guitar For Idan Shefi
Ed Roman's Custom Shop

Stock Late Model Steinberger Body With Ed Roman Wood Treatment

Economy Custom Bass w Korina Body Red Stain
Built for "Killian's Angels" Bassist Ginger Bruner


LSR's Most Popular Guitar Body Shape
50 shapes available

LSR Bolero Bass
Dolphin Inlays, Korina Body, Quilted Archtop

LSR Rebel Model
LSR Guitars are available in over 50 body shapes

LSR XB 1 Model

This is the new Hardtail Model
Stage Played & Autographed by Buck Dharma, Alan Lanier & Eric Bloom

Ergo-1 Available Again The Ergo II is the new model for 2005
This guitar available in 4 ergonomic body shapes

LSR Bolero Designer's Model

Built for Rick Derringer 2002
Ed Roman's Custom Shop

 You can get almost any body shape you can imagine
The woodworking wizards at Ed Roman's will fabricate your dream into reality !!!!

Original Ed Roman "LSR" Leslie West Model
There have been 2 Upgrades since this was released in 1994

Made By V Line  Vincent Berton'  R.I.P. in France 

Vincent Berton'  V Line Guitars,  Died in 2006

LSR EB-1  Our Original and most popular model
  All made to accept any stock Steinberger Bridge.



Example Of Neck Thru Abstract & Bolt On LSR  Headless Guitars

LSR Bolero
Brazilian Rosewood Neck, Black Korina Body

Built By Rick Canton For Allan Hodsworth

Rail Bass,  Pretty Cool

Ed Roman Custom Shop Bolero Bass

We can build you anything you like !!!!

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