Whiskey Pete Guitars

Abstract Whiskey Pete Guitars

Roman Abstract Whiskey Pete Bass Guitars with your favorite whiskey bottle logo on it!

 Jack Daniels Company Made Us Remove The Photos
You can still see it if you look at any old footage of Van Halen
I guess they didn't like our free advertising for their product

Due to our friends at Jack Daniels being so adversarial towards us
I personally am no longer going to drink their product !!!
   I am now drinking Makers Mark which is smoother anyway
I'm sure they could care if I stop drinking their product
But I Always Do My Bit To Fight Corporate Oppression From "The Man"

Guitar Features:
    Alder or Mahogany Body,   Maple Neck Thru,  Ebony Fingerboard, Sculpted Body,  Hip Shot Tuners
These are available, In any brand you like !!!