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Custom Handmade Neck Thru Guitars Made Entirely In The USA

These Guitars are for Your Viewing Pleasure

If you like the body shape of one and the headstock of another, no problem, no extra charge!

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Quicksilver with Floyd Rose

Neck-Through Avanti Guitar with Floyd Rose Tremolo
Built for Erich Caparas

The Painkiller
A Tribute To The Custom Made Guitar That Glen Tipton Played

But then again all the guitars on this page are available only at Ed Roman's Guitars

 Ed Roman Abstract Venom Model
This Guitar Available From Our Custom Shop In Stock At This Time
Eye of Horus inlays

Abstract  Ed Roman Neck Thru Jupiter Thunderbird
Custom Built For Shon Hodgkinson

Abstract Pharaoh
Scarab Inlays

All Ed Roman Abstract Neck Thru Guitars Are Made In The USA

  Eagle Brutus Model
Custom Built for Richard Kelley, Mystic Ct.

Phantazm Model
 We Have Built these in Basses & Seven String Versions

Abstract Thunderduck USA Hand Made Custom Shop Electric Guitar

Standard Thunderduck Model


Finally A Baker Made to Full Ed Roman Specs
Even though this guitar looks like it has a set neck it is actually 100% Neck Thru Body

Details on the 2008 Handmade Roman Baker Guitar

Regular Production Made Baker Guitar

2 Flatbats & 1 Rockingbat

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3 Wanderers All Slightly Different Body-shapes
After All They Are All Handbuilt No Cookie Cutters at Ed Roman's Shop
All With Different Headstocks
You Can Design Your Own !!!!!


New For 2009  "The Vulgarian"
Headless Neck Thru Guitar
Designed & Custom Built For Shon Hodgkinson Who Owns Over 100 Ed Roman Guitars.

Ed Roman Abstract Cadillac Model

Custom Designed & Built For Mark Slaughter
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Ace In The Hole

Rick Derringer Stealth Model 

Caligula Model
In Stock Now, Kits Also Available.
Economically Priced Lower End Models Available

Wanderer Deluxe, Built for Richard Olivier 2002
Note volume knob on top of guitar


24 Frets, Diamond Inlays, Chrome Hardware, Ebony Fingerboard,
Marbleized Paint with Silver Trim, Seymour Duncan Black Back Pickups,
Pterodactyl Headstock, Tone Pros Bridge
Read More About The Gladiator

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Abstract / Floyd Rose Enterprize

Sustain bar design, neck thru body, unlike the original set neck model.
Also this one comes with nicer inlays & Ebony fretboard with deluxe binding.
In Stock Now different Color

Scroll Bass Model
We have several of these available
 in stock.
Read More About The Scroll Bass

Old Style Juvenile Delinquent
We are reshaping this body,   Check 'Em Out

Bad Boy Guitar
Read More On The Hellion

Pagan Blue Quilt
See Details on Pagan Models

 To quote Paul Crook  "NONE MORE METAL"
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Rockingbird   Neck Thru Body With Floyd
This one has stripped down electronics
Some Of the sophisticated electronics we offer are
Parametric EQ, Many Different Preamp Systems, Hand Wound Pickups
Seymour Duncan Eclipse System 9 or 18 volt preamp systems

Abstract Hand Carved Rockingbat,
Carved Front & Matching Back
Neck Through Body

A Rude Guitar For Really Rude Music


Caligula Model  

Kits Also Available

Thunderduck Custom Built

  Pou Piam

Pagan Natural Quilt

24 Frets, Pentagon Inlays, Archtop, Gold Hardware, Full Neck & Body Binding, Ebony Fingerboard,
Korina Back, Quilted Maple Top, Hand Wound Custom Pickups
See More Pagans

This one is sold can we build one for you ?

Kill Joy (AKA Killer)

Blue Marble, Ebony Fret Board. Made in USA, Duncan Black back Pickups
Reverse Headstock, Real Floyd.
This is a copy of Akira Takasaki's Guitar except it's made in the USA

Pagan Flatliner in Batman Black

24 Frets, Pentagon Inlays, Flatliner,  Ebony Fingerboard
Mahogany Body, White Seymour Duncan Black Back Pickups


Symbol Guitar                             Kingpin Guitar

2 of our wilder creations, Nothing is too wild for us
Send us a picture of what you want and we will quote it out for you !!!
These Guitars Are Generally In Stock

Pagan Gothic Blood Red

24 Frets, Pentagon Inlays, Archtop, Gold Hardware, Full Neck & Body Binding, Ebony Fingerboard
Korina Back, Quilted Maple Top, Hand Wound Custom Pickups.

This one is sold can we build one for you?

Abstract Brutus Bass
Beautiful Contours, Neck Thru Body, Very Light Walnut Body
Ebony Fretboard, Real Abalone Inlay.

This Guitar In Stock

Abstract V Twin
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Abstract Voyeur 2008

Custom One OF A Kind 1999


Abstract Wanderer 1996
Restored To New In 2010

Roman Abstract Guitar 2002

Old Style Juvenile Delinquent
Named In Honor Of Jay Dee Guitars

As Played by Buck Dharma "Blue Oyster Cult"
As Played By Tony Iommi  "Black Sabbath"
24 Frets, Diamond Inlays, Gold Hardware, Full Neck & Body Binding, Ebony Fingerboard
 Mahogany Back, Quilted Maple Top, Duncan Custom Wound Pickups, Neck Thru Construction.

 We Are Coming Out With A New Improved Reshaped Version
Exactly Like the One John Birch Built for Tony Iommi

Buck Dharma, Blue Oyster Cult
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All Abstract guitars are available with almost any custom modification you could think of. You can choose the wood you want, We carry 44 different types of wood on the premises. You can choose whatever pickups you like, We carry all the major brand names and many boutique brands like Tom Holmes. You can order most models with any headstock on our list or design something yourself. You can choose the hardware and you can design the electronics.  Most models are available in Basses, Doublenecks, Neck Through Body, Bolt On, Headless like a Steinberger, Baritones, Left Handed or whatever your heart desires.

Abstract Guitars are only slightly more money than production made guitars from other companies, Abstract Guitars are thousands of dollars less than what other companies choose to call custom shop guitars. We offer the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, Direct Coupling

All Abstract guitars are built in the USA and carefully & lovingly set up just before we sell them. All Abstract guitars come with a super stable very fast neck & neck heel. 

Ed Roman