Jupiter Thunderbird Guitar

Jupiter Thunderbird Guitar


Reverse Model Less than 15 ever made by all manufacturers!!!
Billy probably has 10 of them !!!

Reversed Jupiter Thunderbird from the Ed Roman Custom shop

Reversed Jupiter Thunderbird
From Ed Roman's Custom Shop




Coming Soon The New Quicksilver Excelero
Especially Designed For Billy Gibbons



The Story of the Bo Diddley "Jupiter Thunderbird, Cadillac & Cigar Box Guitars."

If someone or somebody knows something I don't
please contact me ASAP so that I might make any corrections.

Sometime back in the 60's or early 70's,  I don't have an exact date or even a point of reference.  Elias McDaniel  AKA Bo Diddley who was a real innovator, decided to design himself some cool, distinctive looking, futuristic guitars. He felt that playing the same guitar that everyone else played was counterproductive to his career.  As a former band manager & concert promoter I concur whole heartedly with what Bo was thinking.

Bo approached a guitar builder in White Plains, New York, known only as Giulliano  (Pronounced Juliano) . Bo knew him from when he was the production manager of Gretsch Guitars 60 Broadway NYC   NY.

Giulliano constructed the three now famous guitars & Bo named them after automobiles that he liked. These were never Gretsch guitars, These were custom made creations that employed the use of Gretsch necks.  Bo was seen using the Jupiter Thunderbird, quite a bit however the Cadillac he used more in the studio

Bo's Girlfriend "The Duchess" used the Cadillac quite often and it became synonymous with her.    

Bo Diddley in his Heyday
No Wonder My Parents Wouldn't let Me Listen To That
Evil Jungle Music

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Billy Gibbons, Ed Roman, Eric Clapton Guitar
Billy & Ed Roman in 2005


Billy Gibbons & Criss Angel Pop Into My Store Unexpectedly
This aired on some reality show
Other parts of it aired on Criss Angel Mind-Freak 1st Show

Custom Reverse Jupiter Thunderbird

These 2  pics illustrate the difference between the reverse & regular model
Billy has at least 20 of them in varying colors & styles.
Gretsch only offers one model.

The ones we manufacture come with neck thru bodies and they are made in the USA
We built these 6 years before Gretsch !!!

ZZ Top Guitars Available From Ed Roman  (702) 597-0147

White Reverse Model With The Billy Caricature Graphic
Painted Fingerboard, Gold Filtertrons $7,500.00


The Big Muddy Model !!!!

Big Muddy

Cadillac Model

Reversed Jupiter Thunderbird from the Ed Roman Custom shop

Reverse Jupiter Thunderbird

Almost 6 Inches Thick Weighs less than 5 lbs
Billy Designed This Guitar For Bill Rich The Inventor Of The Air Guitar


This One Will Be Getting It's Neck Painted
We have to use maple for the fingerboard so the paint will stick
We Have To Install The Frets After It's Painted


Jupiter Thunderbird  Neck Thru Body Core

This Guitar Is Now Available For Sale
Call Ed Roman

Billy playing an Ed Roman RVC Mojoman & Bruce Conte From "Tower Of Power"
RVC is "Roman Vintage Custom" Guitars
Built for Brian May, Elliot Easton & Other Rockstars

 Bruce is playing an Ed Roman Baker Bushwacker B1

Billy Gibbons Distressed Super Model
From the "House Of JB"
Call Ed Roman for guaranteed best price !!!




Custom Tailpiece By Ed Roman

The Super 34" Eliminator


This is a photo of one of those cheap Guitar Hero controllers.
Perhaps you might like a real guitar like this...

Give us the word and we will build it for you, utilizing the finest quality components there are.

The guitar will retain this concept but become a real hand built one of a kind instrument.

There would be some additional perks to the ZZ Top fan that wants to commission the first one.

It will his job to visit with Billy & see if possibly Billy might want one built.  We will arrange the entire meeting at the customers & Billy's convenience.

Please Contact Ed Roman personally if you are the guy with balls enough to commission the first one.   Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed !!!!!

Ed Roman



Billy Clowning Around With A Jarrod & Brent In Our Shop

2007 In The Shop