Tom Holmes Pickups

Tom Holmes Pickups

Tom Holmes H453 Pickup
Exposed Coils

Tom Holmes Pickup

Tom Holmes H450 Pickup
Patent Applied For (PAF)

Tom Holmes With A Single Cut Model Guitar He Made

Personally I like His Billy Gibbons Model Better (Pictured Below)

Tom hand winds every single pickup himself, Each pickup is a work of art.  These pickups are extremely hard to get. & they are not always available.

Tom Holmes has made guitars & pickups his entire life, He makes pickups & Guitars  for Billy Gibbons & Bo Diddley & many more celebrities & aficionados alike.

Tom has perfected the PAF sound, everyone agrees that Tom's TH450 PAF repro's are the most authentic anywhere. The appearance & sound of these pickups is absolutely the closest thing available to those old 59 Les Paul pickups that some people will pay $3,000.00 each for. Usually they are magnetically degraded and are not worth the money that people pay for them.