Kingpin Guitar

 29 Frets, Floyd Rose Speedloader, Gold Frets,   Direct Coupling  Sustain Bow

This guitar is less expensive without the sustain bow
This guitar also comes with an upper sustain bow also

Abstract Kingpin Body Blank

Latest Model For 2012 Neck-Through Two Armed Kingpin Body Blank, Ready for Building

Ed Roman Abstract Kingpin Guitar Body Blank

Armless Kingpin Neck-Through Body Blank, Not Completely Shaped In This Photo

Great White's Tony Montana Playing an Ed Roman Kingpin


Imagine an awesome paintjob like this one
See Our Custom Graphics Page


Abstract Kingpin Guitar in a custom road case from Ed Roman Guitars

This one is in Escalade Pearl White


    All Abstract guitars are direct coupled construction.



The Abstract Kingpin

This guitar may not be for everybody, When we designed it we wanted to build a true piece of functional art.

Everybody asks "What is that extra bar for connecting the body to the headpiece"?

It serves several purposes.

1:  It's a neck stabilizer: By connecting the body to the headstock it adds rigidity to the neck and helps keep the neck from warping.

2:  It's a sustain bow: The rigidity of the neck improves the sustain and more sustain equals more tone.

3,  The neck has 29 gold adamantium frets and is longer than many other guitars. It requires added stability to eliminate dead spots on the neck.

4,  This guitar performs well as a midi guitar because the sustain bar really helps the tracking.

This guitar weighs slightly over 5 lbs. It is amazingly light and we were surprised that it sounded so good. After all the main reason people will buy these guitars is because of their Avante Garde styling!!

We are now offering this guitar in a hardtail version and with a scalloped neck.

Our new magnetic cavity covers are also available on this instrument.



Pearl White & Glitter White

Bodycore Handmade Price List for Abstract King Pin Sustain Bow Guitar.    
  Abstract  Kingpin  Body Core   $2,400.00
Abstract  Kingpin  Body Core With Sustain Bow  (pictured)   $2,900.00
Options Guitars   Discounted 
  Chrome Hardware  


Gold Hardware  


  Black Hardware  


  Ebony Fingerboard (Premium Gaboon)  


Maple Fingerboard  


Finishes Polyurethane, Polyester, Nitrocellulose, Graphics etc etc  


  Solid Color Neck Body & Headstock  


Candy Finishes 2 Part Neck Body & Headstock  ADD


  Pearl Finishes 2 Part Neck Body & Headstock  ADD


Painted Fretboards (Billy Gibbons Style)  ADD


  Marbleized Paint  ADD


Transparent Finish Clear Neck Body & Headstock  


  Painted Bevels  


Pinstriping Custom  


  Trans Finish Candy Colors Aniline Stains Neck Body & Headstock  


Enhanced Stain 5 Part Neck Body & Headstock  


  Metal-flakes & Sparkles Neck Body & Headstock  


Inlays Absolutely Any Inlay Available Click Here   Discounted 
  Slanted Isosceles Pyramid   (Caligula)   $280.00
Neck Lightning Bolts, Saber Teeth   $380.00
  Pentagons, Shark teeth, Butterflies, Bats,    $450.00
Yin Yang, Planets   $490.00
  EKG heartbeat...   $550.00
Diamonds  $300.00
Wood Choice of 28 wood combinations Click Here   Discounted Price
Exotic Wood Construction   POR
  Quilted Maple Top Bookmatched   POR
  Flame Maple Top Bookmatched   POR
  Exotic Tops, Walnut, Koa, Braz. Rosewood, Zebrano,  Cocobolo    POR
  Macassar Ebony Neck Through   $1,200.00
Korina Body  & Neck Through $1,500.00
  Koa Neck Through   $1,000.00
Flame Maple Neck Through $750.00
  Mahogany Neck Through   Free
  Solid Korina Wings or Solid Koa Wings   $700.00
Bridge     Discounted 
  Floyd Rose Speedloader Tremolo  


Pickups     Discounted 
Black/Backs  Direct Coupled  125.00
  Seymour Duncans, Most Models     88.00
EMG's Each 88.00
  Onboard Preamps    POR
Push Pull Pots   $46.00
  Concentric Pots   $50.00
Tom Holmes Fralin, Van Zant Pickups (Customer Supplied OK) POR
  Gold Adamantium Frets   $200.00
Side mount switches or controls   $200.00
Miscellaneous     Discounted
  Miscellaneous Switches, knobs, over plates truss rod covers
jacks, Strings
  Matching Pickup Covers   $200.00
  Matching Cavity Plates   $200.00
  Magnetic Cavity Plates   Flush Mount Made From Wood   $200.00
  Build, Charge, Fret Job, Neck Work Assembly & Wiring   $600.00
Straplocks   $25.00
  Double Sustain Bows     ( Upper & Lower Sustain Bows)   $1200.00
  Abalone Truss Rod Cover   $55.00



NC - No Charge     |     POR - Price on Request



Full Neck Thru Body Construction  29 Frets



Every Abstract Guitar is Completely Hand Carved
Witness the difference in the size of the headstocks

The off white one looks better in a video and the bright white one looks better on stage