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Centurion With Quicksilver Shaped Body

A Word from Ed...

The Centurion is designed for the player who wants the absolute best and doesn't want to cut any corners. It is completely hand built. This is Ed Roman's Creme de la Creme guitar -- The ultimate low production collectable guitar -- there will be less than 12 built in 2010. Call Ed Roman personally for a quote. (702) 597-0147

Letter From a Centurion Guitar Owner to Ed Roman...

I have not had time to call or write since receiving my Centurion. It is in fact a miracle that my patients even get to see me anymore. I have separation angst when I am unable to be playing the Firefly piece. The JET & the Quicksilver, although fine instruments, do not hold a candle to this guitar. I don't know if it is the ebony neck in the deep set neck tenon conformation but THE TONE AND SUSTAIN ARE AWE INSPIRING. I actually need to turn the volume down on this thing compared to my other guitars!!!!! It may take a few years to learn all the tonality options and midi systems but this is going to be a true pleasure and we know I am a patient man. I cannot thank you  enough for your efforts in helping me with this dream piece. I promise I will keep the next one simpler!

Sincerely, Trip Goolsby


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Fireflies Light Up & Flicker Green!!!



Centurion Guitar With Quicksilver Body Shape
Built For Erich Caparas

Built For Manuel Mendiola In Brazil

Mixture Of Red, Brown, Yellow & Black