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The Vinnie Vincent Guitar

As many of my long time customers know the V Twin started it's life out originally as the "Vinnie Vincent Model,"  When our negotiations broke down with Vinnie, we were forced to scrap the VV project. We had invested considerable time & money & we had built 4 prototypes, so we changed the name to "The 3DV", which basically meant "Three Dimensional Vee". We made this guitar with the single Jackson style headstock & the new VV double three dimensional headstock around 2004 or so. The Hellion headstock caught on with our customers, most of them were sold with the Hellion Headstock. 

Be aware that we will use any headstock design that you want. See some examples on our Headstock's page.

Because there were no trademarks on the body designs, or double headstock, we were able to legally make these guitars and we still are. Most of our customers still seem to prefer the Hellion, I am at a loss on that one.

New News

At the 2011 NAMM show in Anaheim,  Tom Pilecki of Pear Guitars released the Vinnie Vincent Guitar !!!

Prices are starting at $9,000.00  Which is $5,000,00 higher than "The Ed Roman V Twin" starts at.

The guitar actually looked pretty good from 8 feet away. It did not measure up to the level of quality that we are doing on our V Twin Model. In fact it doesn't measure up to the Jackson model that was discontinued 10 years ago. I am a bit surprised, I know Tom Pilecki & I know he is capable of better quality. I suppose cost issues & royalties to Vinnie Vincent may play a part in this.

If you want to buy one do it quickly because, Ed Roman predicts that they won't be doing it for long. In my past experiences with Vinnie I am aware of certain issues that will likely trainwreck this instrument. If you want details contact the Jackson Custom Shop, they will tell you why they discontinued the original model.

I sold Vinnie Vincent a guitar back in the 70's when he was playing with Felix Cavaliere from The Rascals. Vinnie is a excellent musician who penned some of my favorite Kiss Tunes he also plays great guitar.

Vinnie had a great stage presence, he had a great all around look, It's too bad that the ego crashes between Gene Simmons & Vinnie caused the breakup. Even though Ace is an old old friend of mine & I love him dearly. My favorite Kiss lineup on stage was with Vinnie.

In the case of many multitalented individuals there are certain eccentricities that cause them to become their own worst enemies. I am and always will be a fan of Vinnie's work but working with Vinnie was very unproductive for us.

Ed Roman


Formerly The 3DV Since 1994


This Abstract Custom Guitar was custom designed back in the day for a good customer of ours. It features a 3 dimensional body and solid quilted maple wings. This is a short scale guitar with a 5 piece laminated neck through body.

This guitar features our Hellion can opener style headstock and a Pink Ivory Fingerboard.  This Guitar comes with any headstock shape that you like !!!!!

This Abstract V Twin model guitar will be finished in pink. At Ed Roman Guitars we pride ourselves in the fact that we can & will build just about anything that you can come up with.

This instrument also features 28 nickel silver frets. Contact Ed Roman for a custom quote on a special guitar.

Product: Ed Roman Lylyth  3DV
Submitted 02/24/2007 at 03:46pm by Ricky Ray

Features  : 10

My Axe has a Translucent Hot Fuchsia-Pink Stain finish. Beautiful!
Body is the Roman/Abstract 3DV, 7/8 Size.
Pearlcaster Tremolo that is fantastic!
Sperzel locking Tuners.
22-1/8" Scale.
Grundorf Custom Flight Case.
28 Frets, Scalloped all 28.
Quilted Maple Body and Birdseye Maple Neck-thru-Body, with Pink-Ivory fretboard.
Single Volume with Seymour Duncan LW-HMET Active-Pickup.

Sound  : 10

This Axe sounds Great!!!! It's Dark and Evocative, and is set up for Goth, Techno, and Metal Sounds.
I use a very Custom Emery-Sound Amp in Class-A, the Lylyth, so it's a Mate to this Custom Axe.
I LOVE my Ed Roman/Abstract Axe. It's my finest Axe ever and my last was a one-of-a-kind Custom Hamer Virtuoso that was amazing but is literally crap next to this Axe in every way!
Sonically, through my Amp, is utterly Awesome!

Action, Fit, & Finish  : 10
My Axe was set up and made by the Guys and Gals at Ed Roman Guitars in Las Vegas. Everything was set up to my Order and it's Amazing how it sounds, feels, and looks. Love at first sight and feel.
Top and Back of my Axe are perfectly Book matched Quilted Maple. The Finish is Astonishing.
I drop-tune a whole Fifth to "A" and it was perfectly set up and the Harmonics were perfect. I am incredibly Happy and Joyous over this Axe.

Reliability/Durability  : 10
My Axe is built like a Tank and yet it's Beautiful and detailed.
The Hardware is Gold and very Fine stuff. The Finish was/is second to none. Ed' place does the Best Finishes in America.   I live with my Axe 24/7.

Customer Support  : 10
Great Customer Support with the Head Luthier in the Custom Dept. Great Customer Support with Jason in Sales. Lifetime Warranty. I'm looking at Axe #2 to be built for me by them in the near future. Great Guys and Gals with Ed Roman Guitars!

Overall Rating  : 10
I have been playing guitar for 33 years.
This Axe took shape as it was built and came out beyond my wildest dreams.
No, I do not work for Ed Roman. I'm being Real on how it was for me, dealing with Ed Roman Guitars in Las Vegas.  Awesome. Their specialty axes are where to go if you want one and are willing to have one happen, and they are worth more than you pay. Straight Up.
Sometimes People criticize Ed Roman because he keeps it real in the industry on axes. So what? Be real equals the Real Deal.
I can't compare my Lylyth 3DV with any Axe, really. It was/is One in a million made just for me with its 7/8 size and short scale. I LOVE my new Axe and I'm eternally grateful for my Signature Axe they did for me. I'm way picky about Axes and because I am a Lefty, I have had to have Custom Axes since the 70's. So I go for the Best I can get, since I'm going to pay a fortune to get a Southpaw Axe, anyway. I keep things simple. It's just one Pickup and a single volume knob, because tone capacitors suck the tone out of pickups bad. If you want your Axe to be pure and raw, get it without those crappy tone-knobs.

Ricky Ray  2007

Ed Roman "RVC R5S Model"
Multiple Binding, Ebony Board, Abalone Inlays, Gold Hardware,
Click Here For More Info

V Twin - Three Dimensional Vee

This is my all time favorite Vee shaped Guitar, It's totally 3 dimensional and plays like a dream.  We are currently making a few modifications to the V Twin model; we will offer this model with any headstock on future models.   

Ed Roman


Vinnie Vincent In The News

MURFREESBORO — A former KISS guitarist is accused of beating his wife so badly she had to be hospitalized this past weekend, and when officers went to the guitarist’s home to make an arrest they found four sealed containers with dead dogs inside, according to a sheriff's incident report.


A booking officer at the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center confirmed Vinnie Vincent, whose real name is Vincent John Cusano, was charged with one count of aggravated assault on Saturday. Cusano was lead guitarist for the rock band KISS between 1982 and 1984 and replaced original band member Ace Frehley.

An incident report on file at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office details the incident that led to that arrest.

Diane Cusano, Vincent Cusano’s wife, showed up at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office Saturday covered in blood and reportedly intoxicated, according to the RCSO incident report. Authorities immediately called an ambulance to transport Cusano to Middle Tennessee Medical Center here in Murfreesboro.

Cusano explained she had been in an argument with her husband over a woman he had been talking to, the report reads.

During the argument Cusano said her husband told her to “get the fuck out of the house” and then got physically violent, smacking her in the face, grabbing her by the hair and throwing her on the ground, according to the report. She claims her husband then dragged her through a pile of glass from a broken plate that was on the floor before the argument started.

When deputies went to Vincent Cusano’s 101 Woodland Trail home in Smyrna to speak with him about the incident they were unable to make contact immediately, which resulted in the Rutherford County Felony Arrest Search Tactical (FAST) team being called to the home. FAST team members found Cusano and arrested him without incident.

Deputies who went to the house reported finding four sealed containers that had deceased dogs inside them. Rutherford County animal welfare officers were called to the house in response to that finding, according to police. An investigation is pending in that matter.


“PAWS spoke with Diane about the deceased animals and was advised that the animals were killed by one of their aggressive dogs,” the report reads.

A Woodland Trail neighbor of Cusano told investigators that he heard the Cusano’s arguing Saturday, according to the report. Paul Sachtjen told police he heard “a male voice” saying “get the (expletive) out of my house.”

When police later tried to interview Vincent Cusano about the incident, he would not make any statements, according to the report.

Booking records from the detention center show Cusano was booked into the jail at 11:33 p.m. Saturday. He was released at 11:27 a.m. Sunday after posting $10,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court June 23 2011.

The incident report detailed Diane Cusano's injuries, which included small cuts on her forehead, a hematoma on her forehead, a swollen and bruised nose, bruised and swollen right eye, a bruise on her left clavicle, lacerations on her forearm, bruises on her right elbow, bruised and swollen right thumb, laceration to right foot, bruised inner right knee, bruises and what appeared to be puncture wounds to her right calf and left buttocks.

She has since been released from the hospital, according to an MTMC spokeswoman.

— Mark Bell,