Abstract Rockingbird Guitars


Somewhat styled after another popular bird guitar, this model is an extreme version on steroids


Rockingbird Serial # 1 Built in 2002

Sold To Chad Bolton
Marbleized Green & Silver, Hand-Made In the USA

Guitar was ordered with a simple volume knob only.


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 Guss Linemann  Playing One of His Three Abstract Guitars

The Netherlands

All Abstract guitars are available with almost any custom modification you could think of. You can choose the wood you want, We carry 44 different types of wood on the premises. You can choose whatever pickups you like, We carry all the major brand names and many boutique brands like Tom Holmes. You can order most models with any headstock on our list or design something yourself. You can choose the hardware and you can design the electronics.  Most models are available in Basses, Doublenecks, Neck Through Body, Bolt On, Headless like a Steinberger, Baritones, Left Handed or whatever your heart desires. 


Abstract Guitars are only slightly more money than production made guitars from other companies, Abstract Guitars are thousands of dollars less than what other companies choose to call custom shop guitars. We Offer the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, Direct Coupling

All Abstract guitars are built in the USA and carefully & lovingly set up just before we sell them. All Abstract guitars come with a super stable very fast neck & neck heel.  

Ed Roman

Sold To Ira Dutton
White With Black Bevels

Ebony Fretboard, Duncan Pickups, Real Floyd Rose,
Neck Through Body, Spider Inlays, 24 Frets, Push Pull Pots

The Rockingbird has become Synonymous with Paul Crook
Even though he has about 10 other Abstract models
Recently a guitarist with a well known Rock Diva purchased a Rockingbird.
He asked for the Paul Crook model by name.
He brought it on stage and the crowd cheered so much when he played it
He was told he had to switch to something more bland.
It seems The guitar was upstaging the Lead Vocalist.

"And The Beat Goes On"

Part of Paul Crooks Guitar Arsenal!!!


Photo by Aaron Briese


Rockingbird With A Bound Body
Sold To Shon Hodgkinson

Do The Comparison !!!!
Ed Roman Guitars Carries Both In Stock !!!

BC Rich Mockingbird Abstract Rockingbird
Great Greater

The Winner Is In Red

Hand Made Master Built Guitar. Hand Made USA Master Built Guitar.
Neck Through Body. Neck Through Body.
24 Fret. 24 Fret.
Absolutely No Heel. Absolutely No Heel.
Spring Loaded Pickups. Hard Mounted Pickups.
Dimarzio Pickups. Duncan Pickups.
Imported Grover Tuners. USA Made Sperzel Locking Tuners.
About 5 Choices of Woods. Your Choice of 42 Different Woods.
Imported Quadmatic Wraparound Bridge. Locking Tone Pros Tune-O-Matic Bridge.
Floyd or Kahler. Floyd Rose or Kahler Or Any Tremolo.
Not Available. Strings Through Body.
Not Available. Ferrari Rails.
No Choice. Choice Of Knob Location & Layout.
Mahogany Neck or Maple Neck. Choice of 7 Different Neck Woods.
One Piece Necks Only. Choice of One Piece or Multi Laminate Necks.
Fingerboard Ebony Or Rosewood. Fingerboard Ebony, Maple &  Exotics.
Body Binding Optional.. Body Binding Optional.
Neck Binding Optional. Neck Binding Optional.
Headstock Binding Optional. Headstock Binding Optional.
Abalone Inlays Few Choices. Abalone Inlays Multiple Choices.
Limited Color Options. Unlimited Color Options.
1 Size Frets. Your Choice Any Size Frets.
Not Available Gold Adamantium Frets
1 Size Neck. Any Size Neck.
1 Scale "Gibson". Gibson, Fender, PRS, Any Scale At All 
10 to 14 Months Delivery. 2 to 5 Months Delivery.
Pricing for loaded models over $5,000.00. Pricing for much more loaded models over $4,000.00.

The Rockingbird is a USA custom made guitar  it's closest competitor is the BC Rich  Mockingbird.