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1975 Alex Axe Belonged To Mark Hitt Ratrace Choir

Custom Made 1 of a kind

 Low Cost Available Again

Custom Bass Made In 2005

Alan Holdsworth's Custom Doubleneck
Available For Sale

 Custom Made Van Halen Style Doublenecks

Custom Made In Ed Roman's Custom Shop 1996


Steve Vai's, Ibanez Jem Tripleneck

 German Made Hoyer Doubleneck
A Distant Cousin to Framus & Warwick

German Made Hofner Doubleneck
I don't think you could design an uglier looking guitar if you tried

Very Rare BC Rich Model with factory simplified electronics

This one went for a huge amount of money due to rarity of color !!!  

Gibson Doubleneck

This guitar should get a prize for worst designed doubleneck ever !!
Heavy & cumbersome, look where the neck joins the body

Custom Built In Ed Roman's Custom Shop for Jimmy Nieves

Rare Warlock Doubleneck


Wild Design

Custom Graphics

Custom Made By Tokai For Ian Hunter

Ibanez Doubleneck Gibson Copy

BC Rich Seagull BC Rich Eagle

In Stock in Several Colors

Bass on Top, Guitar on Bottom!

Four Pages of Doubleneck Guitars