Guitar Inlay Gallery

We are fortunate to have on staff some of the best inlay artists in the entire world.
This is a bold statement but we think you will agree after you see some of our samples.

Abalaminate Made From Real Abalone
This material has reduced cost of custom inlay considerably
Inlays that used to cost $3,500.00 today cost $1,500.00

Ebony Fretboard with Custom Koa Vine Inlay

Custom Koa Vine Inlay on Ebony Fretboard

Abalone DNA Spirals on Assorted Fretboards

Maple Leaf

Star Clusters, Comet & Moons

Doves in Flight
This is what bird inlays should look like  

Your Initials or Crest




Star Cluster

Star Cluster

Banjo Inlay

Dancing Bears

Hammerhead Sharks


 Knights with Castle in Distance


Gothic Crosses


Pink Flamingos

Here are some Moonscape inlays on a Quicksilver neck notice differences in colors and materials.

 Size and position is not a problem if you want something changed.
Give us a ring and we can talk about how you want your inlays done.