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 Headless Abstract Guitars

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Most Abstract Guitars Are Available Headless !!!!
Most Abstract Body Shapes Are Available On LSR Or Quicksilver Guitars

Abstract Preacher

Neck Thru Body Guitar

PB-1 Neck Through Body
Also Available As A One Piece

Custom Inlays Available
Lefthanded No Extra Charge

 Solid Neck Through Body PB1 Bass
Maple Neck With Mahogany Wings  Also Available As One Solid Piece Of Wood


Paul Crook Playing one of his headless Abstract with Meatloaf
This guitar is actually Headless !!!
The headstock is there for purely decorative phallic purposes.

See LSR Headless Guitars

Ed Roman first got the idea to offer Abstract as a headless model with the birth of the Floyd Rose Speedloader. In fact the first headless Abstract was a solid one piece neck through small travel guitar. Loosely based on the Steinberger GL or paddle model.

This awesome guitar was requested by one of the most important  influential guitarists of the 20th century. I cannot mention names because he is always under contract with some major company who control what he plays publicly. In any case he was adamant that the guitar be made from one solid piece of Korina wood, The guitar had to have an oil finish, No paint to choke any of the tone.

He requested a Steinberger Trans Tremolo with 2 solidly mounted pickups that we had spent several years developing with one of his sound technicians.  I am pretty confident that if we did this guitar for him today he would probably request a Speedloader instead of a Trans Trem but back in 1999 the Trans Trem was the only high quality game in town.

Some models don't look good as headless,  Either aesthetically or because the body is too big.  We are toying with the idea right now of a screw on headstock that could be replaced by other shapes.

Headless Guitars offer amazing portability & stability. The fact that the neck is shorter adds to the strength characteristics of the guitar, I have never seen a headless guitar break a neck. This also is a good thing for a travel guitar. There are probably 25 companies out there that have offered a headless instrument. We pride ourselves in carrying all of the ones that are worth carrying today.


Bolero  Available In Headless Neck Thru or Bolt On


Steinberger Original LSR Original Klein Original Hohner Original


Bolt On LSR Versions Below Available in 20 plus different shapes

Today's Answer For Quality USA Made Headless Guitars.
If You Are A Steinberger Fan ?
 Ed Roman the Worlds Largest Headless Guitar Dealer

Notice the Hippie Sandwich Construction
Bubinga Back, Wenge Center, Quilted Maple Top. 
This guitar sounds & plays better than an original
 and It costs less !!!

LSR went on to build and design a number of original designs and a number of one of a kind familiar shapes. Some of these familiar shapes happened simply because a customer might request a "Custom guitar with a body loosely resembling a Rickenbacker or a "Custom headless guitar shaped like a Kramer.  LSR not being much more than a fairly large custom shop was able to get away with doing things that a larger company would have been sued for. 

After about 600 guitars were built several competing companies had their attorneys send cease & desist letters requesting that LSR no longer offer these certain offending models.  Leslie West, & Buck Dharma are two of the original LSR artists. Leslie even wanted to produce the guitars under his own name which only lasted a short time due to LSR's limitations to be able to mass produce. To this day all LSR Guitars are hand made and there are almost 70 different designs available as of 2010.
It is relatively common for a player of Leslie's status to use a small company to build their guitars and then go to a company with mass production capabilities to manufacture the corporate signature models.