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Why is Abstract different ?

Choice  & Personalization  No company anywhere offers as many choices. Abstract is a True Custom Guitar.
 Ed Roman defies any other company to match Abstract in customization possibilities.

Many of those so called "Custom Shops"  say they will build you a "custom guitar"
As long as you stay within their limits.

Ed Roman Doesn't Call That A "Custom Guitar."
Ed Roman Says
 There Are No Limits !!!

Caligula Model  With Devil Girl Graphic

Neck Thru Body Construction
The most stable & strongest way to build a guitar.
Sustain from Hell, & tone to the bone. As only a neck through or deep set neck tenon will do.
Full reach to highest frets (effortless)
Choice of any scale, No Extra Charge.
Choice of over 12 different fingerboard woods.
Choice of any inlay from our extensive catalog or your own design.
Choice of over 50 headstock designs or design your own.
Choice of 22 Fret, 24, Fret, 27 fret 33 and 36 fret models available.
Choice of headstock angle & tilt.

Design your own headstock or body shape
Choice of width of nut.   Choice of fret size.  Choice of fret material.    


Pharaoh Model With Scarab Inlays & Blue Bevels


All Solid Body Construction
The widest choice of bodies available from any company anywhere.

Choice of over 45 different kind of woods (No other company comes close)
Chambered Bodies Available

Abstract Pagan Gothic Model 
Red Reverse Chevron Flame Top

Countless electronic layouts available, Most of them no extra charge
Any pickups & electronics are available 

Choice of knob location
Choice of any preamp system, Bullet, Ultra Tone,  EMG, 
Choice of Multiple electronic Options such as Sustainers, Stutter switches, Tone circuits, Spring Loaded or Hard mounted Pickups.

Abstract Star Model
With Speedloader System

Abstract is different, Abstract offers more bridges & tailpieces than anyone in the industry.
Floyd Rose, Kahler, Bigsby, Sustainer Hardtail, Tone Pros Hardtail, Sustain Rails, String Thru,
Quadmatic !!!!


Wanderer Model from the 90's

More reasons why Abstract Guitars Are Different

Most Models Available in 7 String Models.
Most Models Available in 8 String Bob Conti Models.
Most Models Available in Archtop or Flat Top Models.
Most Models Available in any string combination you can think of.
Most Models Available in a Petite Travel Guitar Model.
Most Models Available in Headless Versions  ( All LSR Shapes Available)
Most Models Available as Basses
Most Models Available as Doublenecks
Most Models Available in Lefthanded   (Free)
Most Models Available in Baritone Models
Most Models Available in 12 String Mandolin 18.5 scale

Abstract Offers Multitudes of incredible finishes, Pearls, Metallics, Metalflakes, Translucents, Graphics, Holoflash, Mirrors, Metal Tops, Portraits, Leather, Snakeskin, Marbleizers, Psychedelics & Oil Finishes

Buzz Feiten Tuning System Available
You can create & design your own model & receive design royalties on sales. Abstract offers a prototype service for any young company that needs to hand build their first model.

Custom Made Airline Transit Approved Cases at great prices.



Ed Roman has been building Abstract Guitars for more than 20 years, There have been over 225 different body shapes made. Some of these were one of a kind creations custom designed by customers. Some of them were really cool, The basic concept of Abstract guitars is to give the customer exactly what he or she wants.

Models like the Rockingbird, CaligulaMaximus have been extremely successful and have been selling very well. Some models like the the Mysterion have been less than what we had hoped for. It's been a lot of fun coming up with new ideas, and copying old models that have been discontinued. The object has always been to build the absolutely best highest quality guitars that we could.




Abstract Pagan Gothic Models
Beautiful Quilt Tops,  Hard Mounted Pickups,  Archtop Guitars

One Of A Kind Abstract Neck Thru Guitar


Typical Abstract Back Construction Neck Thru Body   JD Model


Abstract Claw Bass