Koa Wood

Koa Guitars, Tacoma GuitarsMany People mistake Koa for Korina...  They are definitely not the same !  Koa comes from Hawaii and Korina comes from Africa.  Koa has a little more red in it than Korina,  Korina wood is usually a little lighter in weight.

Tonally, most people would agree that Korina wins on an electric guitar & Koa wins on an acoustic. The problem with that theory is, there are so few Korina Acoustic Guitars that this writer thinks it would be hard to make that judgment. By Jan of 2008, I plan to build several Korina Acoustic guitars, simply to see what the difference really is. In my entire career I don't think I have ever encountered a Korina acoustic guitar of any kind.

So if any brave souls wish to get involved in my little Korina Acoustic discovery project, Please let  me know.  Theoretically, Korina should sound great!  I have some moving and restructuring plans for 2006 & 2007 so I am putting off this project for a little while. As I said above if any one wants to get involved by ordering one of the prototypes, I will of course give the guitar to them at a greatly reduced price.

Ed Roman

May 2006








Have a Custom Body Made to Retrofit your PRS, Gibson, Fender or Ibanez Guitar !!!
 These bodies can also be set up with a Tune-o-Matic bridge.
Ed Roman can build you a spectacular body for your Guitar
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 The Quicksilver body is also a perfect fit for a PRS (Click Here) They come in 42 different types of wood

  Flamed Koa From Hell
This Guitar Is In Stock, It has a few issues but the price is super low
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Koa Wood
Koa is a gorgeous wood with well defined curly and flamed grain patterns as found in instrument quality Maple. It falls in the middle of the tonal spectrum, giving the instrument a brightness of tone without sacrificing warmth. It is slightly less round in tone than the rosewoods. We have been building custom Koa guitars for close to 20 years.

Stratocaster Koa Wood

Fender Stratocaster Koa Wood Conversion.
Back in the 90's I used to do hundreds of these conversions.
Today I seem to be selling Pearlcasters instead.

Koa BC Rich Custom

Custom BC Rich Guitars

Koa BC Rich Bich
Original Factory Made Koa BC Rich Bich

Steinberger Koa Wood Conversion This one has an LSR Birds-eye Maple neck

Raw Koa Wood
Unflamed Just Striped

 Raw Chunk of Non Flame Koa Wood
Unsliced price in Hawaii
This piece will make 3 guitar bodies

Here is the same chunk of Koa getting ready to be sawed into 3 guitar Blanks

Striped Koa Custom Bass Made in Ed Roman's Custom Shop 1995

This Pearlcaster body is a magnificent piece of Solid Hawaiian Flame Koa 
In this photo there is only one coat of clear applied