Ed Roman's Photo Album

Photos of Rock Stars & Other Luminaries

Kip Winger & Ed Roman 1990

Still Another Photo Of Ace & Myself
Over the years people send me photos so I keep posting them.

Dawn, Billy The Biker, Steve Luongo (Ratrace Choir)& John Entwistle RIP 

Dawn's Back, Now that's a Dragon!!!
I wonder if PRS will try to sue her for tattooing a dragon on her back


My Good Buddy Billy The Biker
"Dawn's Old Man"
Sometimes Billy handles bad debt collections for me... Uh Oh

Hughie Thomasson with his Ed Roman  Pearlcaster
Hughie Thomasson ( RIP) Original Guitarist in The Outlaws
When the photo was taken Hughie was playing with Skynyrd.
 Luckily he reformed the Outlaws for several years before He died.

Miscellaneous & Oddball Guitars For Sale

Clapton Sound-check At the Oakdale In Connecticut 1969
Ginger Baker Behind Him Facing Away

Ed & Alan Holdsworth's Custom Doubleneck
November 2009   Replications Are Available

Aspen, Brian May & Paul Crook "We Will Rock You" Vegas 2005

I took this picture of Nuno & Motley in 1982 !!
Nuno was still an unknown at the time
Motley worked at the store for 25 years on and off !!

Buckethead & Bootsy Collins
What a couple of characters!!!!
Talking to these guys is a laugh a minute!!!


Criss Angel & Billy Gibbons, 
Billy Checks Out A Couple Of Our Fab Fakes

Ed Roman & Some Of The Crew From 1983 Aboard The Queen Mary
Look closely way in the back Richie Scarlet with the sunglasses on
Richie used to manage the guitar dept at the shop
This Of Course Is Before He Was A Rockstar Legend !!!!

Back In 1983 I Would Take The Whole Crew On Vacation For A Week
We Would Just Shut Down The Store & Go To Aruba Or Mexico

Morpheus & Lindsey



Eddie Kramer, Morgan & Robin Trower 1986

Ed Roman, Ian Hunter 2004
On The Right The Famous International Celebrity DJ
Who jetted in from Monte Carlo for this engagement.
My Good Friend Scott Chapin

Sean & Slash
That's a great shot of Slash, Sean has looked better
I sold Slash a super low serial # Mockingbird back in 1993

This is Ted Nugent's PRS Guitar
Ted Nugent For President


Ed Roman & World Famous Session Man
 (Heavy Metal Country Picker) Doug Bess
Doug has purchased hundreds of guitars from me !!
Right now we are building him a Quicksilver Guitar
with an Assortment of Las Vegas Poker Chips on it.

When Doug isn't in the studio with the likes of Van Halen, Jeff Beck,
Toby Keith or Michael Jackson...
He donates some of his spare time as a psychiatrist in a Women's Prison.
What a guy!!!!

Vinnie Martell (The Vanilla Fudge) 1997
Dial 1-900-the fudge
Private Joke
Mark Stein & Vinnie are back on the road and they sound even better today than they did in the 60's.
Mark Stein is an amazing vocalist,
He never got the credit he deserved when the band was popular.


As The Dice Man Would Say

"I  F&@$?D Her"
Who Hasn't
Seriously, I don't care what anyone says this woman is HOT



  John Rocker
With One Of Our Fender Hendrix Fab Fake Guitars
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 Ed Roman Guitar Builder To The Stars
The Amazing Jonathan &  Magician David Copperfield 2008