Ed Roman's Photo Album

Photos of Rock Stars & Other Luminaries

Leslie West, Buck Dharma & JJ French
Photo taken at Ed's House Mid 80's
The Original Asteroids game in the background is for sale,  Call Ed Roman

Ed Roman. Timi Keenan & Bob Petriel
The Zebra Lounge 1977

2 Acoustic 360's & An Ampeg SVT

Yeah You Could Hear The Bass

Ed Roman Delivering An Ed Roman RVC Blues Deluxe To Chuck Berry
Chuck liked the clarity & clear tones the guitar produced
Remember these are real wood & The 335's are plywood

See The Blues Deluxe


Recently Donny & Marie's Producer, brought A couple of us to see their new show in Vegas. I must confess I was not expecting to be bowled over.

They are at the Flamingo Hilton for a 2 year stint !!

Well I've made a couple of mistakes before  ha ha, 
The show was awesome, the band was great, The vocals & harmonies were great. You can plainly see the full onslaught of raw professionalism the Osmonds bring to the stage.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show and I would recommend it to even the most hard core rockers !!! 

It was pure entertainment Vegas style.

I always kinda thought Donny was cool especially after I heard him stand toe to toe with Howard Stern and tell Howard off. 

I like Howard but just like some other people I know (ha ha) Howard can be a buttplug sometimes.

And I have had occasion to see some of his solo shows. Ok but not anywhere near the caliber of this Donny & Marie show

Put him and his sister together and believe me you will enjoy the show !!!!                                                                                              

Yeah, She's still really hot !!!!
But not just another pretty face !!  There's real substance there!!  Up close I was very impressed with both Donny & Marie You get the feeling she knows every song ever written !!! She has the figure of a teenager and she has 8 kids, (Wow)

Donny Osmond & Ed Roman

Hangin' around Donny O. is actually pretty cool !!!
 There are so many women literally beating the doors down to be next to him for 30 seconds.
You could troll for about 5 minutes & score something !!!
Even if you were Pee Wee Herman !!!

Vinnie Howley & Ed 2006, Probably my oldest living friend !!
Vinnie taught me how to play guitar & we went to Woodstock together on my bike.
Nuff said !!!!

Ed & Charles Smith Las Vegas 2003
Charles was a founding member of Kool &The Gang
He Wrote All Their Hits

Eddie Kramer took this picture back in The 60's

Ted Nugent was recording "Journey To The Center Of The Mind"

Eddie Kramer has an incredible collection of photographs

For any of you who didn't know,  Eddie Kramer was Jimi Hendrix's engineer & studio manager

He probably mixed every single Hendrix recording of note.

He has mixed everyone from Kiss To Led Zeppelin, The Animals
The Stones, Santana, Jeff Beck, Vanilla Fudge, & Many Many Many Many Many More.

His photos can be purchased and the prices are great.
see  kramerarchives.com

Eddie Kramer A True Rock N Roll Icon !!!!!


Ed Roman With Eddie Kramer  1985

Eddie Kramer was Jimi Hendrix's Engineer, Led Zeppelin, Kiss,
Ted Nugent & Hundreds more
He is probably the most prolific engineer in the world!!!!
He was a huge customer for 2" Ampex tape throughout the 80's & 90's


Abstract USA made Pagan Archtop Guitar
I just thought I would throw this in as a little commercial for myself

The First Guitar I ever Designed 1990
For Steinberger   "The Mega Axe"

In The Studio With Richie Scarlet  2000

In The Studio 2000


Ted is smiling because!!!

The gun Ted is holding has 2 separate Laser systems, Infra Red & Visible, ITT Nightvision, Aim point Red Dot Scope, 100 round Beta C Mag, Harris Bipod, GGG Quick Release
Systems, Retractable Stock & Bayonet. Just in case !!!

Ed is sporting a 2006 StarWars 223 Calibre Blast-o-matic  with 100 round Beta C mag.

Ted Loves Guns Almost As Much As Ed Does!!

Protect the second amendment because it protects the constitution & all the other amendments.

Ted Nugent For President!!!!!
Vote for him or we'll both come looking for you!!!


People Say, It's Unpatriotic To Question Your Government !!!

Ed Roman Says, If We Didn't Question Our Government
We Would All Be English Today !!!!

Ted is telling the Fabulous Inimitable Sally Steele of Vegas Rock's magazine to take Ed's picture.

"After All, Ed is the Guitar Builder to the Stars"


Here's a photo of our next president kissing some babies.

Seriously, Uncle Ted loves kids !!!!
He's really a kid at heart himself !!!!!
Ted Nugent For President !!!!!