Ed Roman's Photo Album

Photos of Rock Stars & Other Luminaries

Ed Roman & Jack Blades From Night-Ranger


Bobby Rondinelli, Buck Dharma, Alan Lanier, Lindsey Star Roman, Danny Miranda & Eric Bloom
Ed Roman says....
" You must see this band before you die"!!!!!!!!
Or You Have Not Lived !!!

Ace Frehley Ed Roman & Richie Scarlet

Richie Ed & Ace 15 Years Later
Hey if that hat I'm wearing looks so stupid look at Billy Gibbons below

Billy Gibbons. Ed Roman

Billy F. Gibbons & Me 1990
You Can Tell This Is Old BIlly Isn't Wearing His Trademark Hat
Billy Has A Nice Smile, I Look Like I'm Sitting On A Broomstick
Eliminator Tour

Ed Roman & Billy F Gibbons 2004
"Been There Done That"


Brian May, Ed Roman, Paul Crook, Ed Roman Guitars 2004

Paul Crook, Ed Roman & Brian May 2005
Paul Crook is currently producing my third album

I have built Brian Several Guitars
"Including A Red Special & A Single Cutaway RVC


Ed With Zakk's Original Gibson 
Photo Approximately 1985
Zakk Is Surprised To See Ed With a Gibson!!!!
Frankly So Is Ed!!!
By The Way Folks, I Am Not A Runt !!!
Zakk is Standing On A Riser & I Am In Rock Star Pose #23

Zakk Wylde is a fabulous guitar player, He plays with a lot of feeling and raw grit. I thoroughly enjoy listening to him whether he is playing with Ozzy or doing an Outlaws Tune.

when I first met Zakk way back in the 80's we were surprised to learn that he is a huge fan of Southern Rock. 

That's probably why he uses the Les Paul's more than his Dean's or Jacksons.



Brad Gillis & Me 1982
It may even have been the 70's look at those shirts were wearing, 
Look at that faggy 70's gold chain with a Hologram in it I'm wearing.
look it's that lame 70's thumb's up pose...

I built Brad a Pearlcaster Guitar in early 2005

Brad & Ozzie when Brad replaced Randy Rhoads

Tommy Shaw & Rob

George Lynch & Ed Roman Back In The Day !!!!

Eddie Ojeda & Myself in 1988.
Is there no end to the stupid hats I wear to cover my bald spot.

Eddie playing a Quicksilver in my shop in Vegas 2005

Eddie with my buddy Darren Lee "Elvis" in American Superstars 

Darren won the Memphis Elvis contest several years ago,
 there are 500 or more contestants.
Darren may perform as Elvis but at heart he is a
 "Head Banging Metal Freak". He's also a huge KISS Fan !!!