Ed Roman's Photo Album

Photos of Rock Stars & Other Luminaries

Ed With Les Dudek
Boz Scaggs, The Allman Bros,  Steve Miller,  Cher, Stevie Nicks,


Adrian Vandenburg * Ed Roman 2010
Adrian Must Be Almost 7 Feet tall when he stand up straight
Adrian Introduces a new guitar for 2010



Leslie West & Ed Roman 1983

Ed & Pete Levin 1990

Pete  is one of those rare people who can play  any instrument & play it well !!

I played with Pete's brother  "Tony Levin" at a church dance In 1968
 He was incredible even then !!!!

Ed & REB Beach in 1990
  Reb, put that thumb down.!!!

 Vivian Campbell & Ed Roman
Photo taken at SIR in NYC

Ed & One of Eddies original 5150 Kramer Guitars


Ed with Mary Kaye  "RIP"
About a month  before she passed away.


Mary was diabetic, she was heavily involved in the Diabetes Association.
I met her because we were putting together a Diabetes Fundraiser in 2004.

This guitar is currently in my own collection. It is a limited edition Fender Mary Kaye model
The true story of the original Mary Kaye white Stratocaster is very interesting.
She was asked to do an Ad for Fender in the mid to late 50's
They gave her a white Strat with gold hardware to pose with.
White guitars always photograph well.
She never even owned a white Strat until many years later.
People who saw the advertisement  were asking the dealers  for the "Mary Kaye Strat"
Hence the name stuck and they are highly collectable today.

White guitars with gold hardware are the epitome of class.