Ed Roman's Photo Album

Photos of Rock Stars & Other Luminaries

George Lynch & Ed Roman
Presenting A Guitar to the Hard Rock Cafe in 1989

Exclusively From Ed Roman The Original Skull N Bones

Meatloaf caught on film with his
Ed Roman Pearlcaster
Live at the Palms Casino 2002


Tommy Elliot With The  Extenda Vee

San Francisco's Premier Luthier & Repair Guy
Gary Brawer
Holding an Original Floyd Rose Enterprize Guitar
Available Today In An Updated Version

Gary is Authorized To Warranty All Ed Roman Guitars

4 Very Famous People Who Shaped Rock & Roll

  "Cousin Brucie"  Legendary  DJ  turned me & a generation on to Rock Music in the 60's.
   "Felix Cavaliere" Young Rascals Kbds, Lead Vocal, Good Friend & Danbury CT Homeboy.
 Denny Laine" Moody Blues Founder & Wings Fabulous Musician, Vocalist & Personal Friend.
"Sid Bernstein" Originally brought "The Beatles" to USA, & many other major acts.
The last time I had spoken to him he called me to do sound at Woodstock 20th Anniv. in 1989
Before I Was Doing Ed Roman Guitars, I owned "Eastcoast Sound"
Ed Roman

Lindsey Star , Toby Keith & Ed  2006

Ed Roman is a 100% Bona Fide Toby Keith Fan
I'm a little bit Country & I'm a little bit Rock N' Roll!!!
Except for a couple of slow whiny tunes, Toby Keith Rocks like a Madman
If he took off the cowboy hat, It would be a bona fide Rock Show.

Buck Dharma playing  
 Ed Roman Quicksilver Guitar 1999

Rick Derringer with his
 Ed Roman Pearlcaster

Johnny Ramone signing the first two Johnny Ramone models To Ed Roman 2001
This model has been discontinued.
Currently I have several left in stock in white,
 if anyone has one they wish to sell please contact Ed Roman
There are about 15 of them he autographed I will of course pay more for them.
I know all the serial numbers he signed so I can tell the authenticity.


Ed Roman & JJ French 2006 With JJ's Original Pink Prototype Guitar

Skid Row Auditioning Richie Scarlet in My Livingroom 1994
They Rehearsed in My Livingroom Before I Moved To Vegas !!!

Richie Scarlet & Band 1993
Standing At My Door

Richie Posing On My Bike

We Used To Call The Company Limo "The Plushnabob"

Brian May & Steve Lukather
 Backstage At "Queen" Hollywood Bowl 2006
There were 150 Celebrities Backstage


Paul Crook

Las Vegas cast of "We Will Rock You" 2005

Paul Crook

Paul is currently working on a project with Glenn Hughes, & Pat Thrall
He is also going on tour with Tony Iommi this fall before he starts the next Meatloaf tour.

Paul & His Ed Roman Quicksilver

Ed Roman
A Man Outstanding In His Field
Photo by Penny Peirce
Penny Peirce Last Known Address Reno Nevada
Last Known Job Harrah's Casino Reno
Penny, call me in Vegas wherever you are !!! 

8 years after I posted her she googled herself and found this so she called
Hooray For the internet !!!