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#1 Johnny Ramone Guitar presented to Ed Roman by Johnny in 1999
Ed Is The Only Dealer Who Has Mosrite Mark II's Like The One Above In Stock !!!!


Vinnie Moore & Ed in The 80's

Ed & Sinbad Feb 2010
Sinbad Stopped By & Bought A Real Nice Quicksilver

I want to give a shout out here to a couple of long time Vegas performers who's Show you should make a point to definitely see when you are in town.
Most comedians are pretty crazy people, I enjoy being around them because they are usually tuned into things that are current and topical.

Lately I have been reading a lot about laughter being the best medicine etc etc.  Supposedly it's a scientific fact that laughter causes the body to create more white blood cells. I have heard stories of people who say that laughter helped them cure their cancer. I am not agreeing with that theory, but I am not disagreeing with it either. It seems to me that anything entertaining that makes me laugh usually makes me feel better.

Vegas is all about making people feel good, It's a great place to live because the entertainment here is the best in the world. Anybody who is anybody plays here whether it be theatrical, music or comedy. Vegas get's the creme de la creme of the performers.

I never much cared for Carrot Top until I got to see his show when I first moved to Vegas, I have seen his show at least 30 times and I'm not the least but tired of it.

People like Carrot top & Johnathan don't play this town steady for 15 years without having anything to offer. Their shows are stellar. 

I have seen Johnathan's show at least 6 times in 2009, My daughter saw him several years ago and told me I would enjoy his show. The show I have seen is the same but different. It seems like the same jokes get even funnier. I especially love Johnathan's facial expressions!! He says a lot with just a look.
We both have a deep love affair with old cars except that I have been selling off my 18 car collection over the past 4 or 5 years, Johnathan just acquired an awesome Pierce Arrow Limousine which I can't wait to see.
At my age I am now content to simply buy the hood ornaments, I don't have the desire to get involved in any more projects. Introducing one or two new guitar models a month keeps me really busy. Plus the hood ornament takes up no room and I don't have to feed my mechanic's family to keep it running. 
Johnathan has a 67 Pontiac GTO convertible that was making my juices flow. We went for a little drive in it and I was feeling like a teenager!!!!

Carrot top I have been going to see for 7 years ever since I have been in Vegas. He works with props he has a tractor trailer full of them. He's one of those comedians that hits you with joke after joke so fast you don't have time to finish laughing at the last one.  Carrot Top in my opinion got some bad reviews when he was doing those silly AT&T commercials.  Other comedians sometimes diss him a little because he uses props. I think It's probably simple jealousy. 

When you are way out in front, Everybody is right behind you smiling to your face. As soon as you aren't looking they pull out their knife and stick it in your back. Being an innovator & being out on the cutting edge in both the Motorcycle Industry and The Guitar Industry,  I am no stranger to that scenario.

The first show I saw was totally unexpected for me. I laughed so hard it hurt, He also does this musical parody thing at the end of the show that is downright awesome.

Here we are heading out to the desert hunting gophers with machine guns

Brent, Bob, Paul & Mike
In Las Vegas we take our firearms very seriously!!!!

Actually these guys are a bunch of creampuffs.
 Not a one of them would or could kill a fly!!!

Paul Crook (Meatloaf - Anthrax) posing with the gun is one of those people who will open the door and shoo a fly out before he will kill it. He won't eat meat or any animal by products.
The other 3 Jibroney's all work in the custom shop as guitar builders.  I'm taking the photo.



Protect our right to bear arms !!   Protect the second amendment !!!
It protects our constitution and the rest of the amendments.
No One Can Or Will Ever Conquer or Invade Us From Without Or Within As Long As We Are Armed !!!!

Wayne Newton (Mr. Las Vegas) & Ed Roman (Guitar King)

Wayne is incredibly multi-talented
A true Las Vegas legend and owns over 100 guitars.
If you get to Vegas make sure you catch his show at the Flamingo Hilton.
Believe me I'm not going soft in my old age,
I still love 60's & 80's Hard Rock but Wayne will surprise you.
You don't play Vegas for 30 or 40 years unless you've got something!!

 Keith Urban With His Early Model Quicksilver Guitar
Keith Told Me He Wasn't A Big Fan Of All The Fancy Shmancy Woods.
He Wanted Something Understated & Minimalist
He Picked An Original Classic Shape Quicksilver With An F Hole
Plugged it in & played a bit (Great Player Lots Of Feel)
Said He Would Take It,  I Wish All My Sales Went This Easy.
He Had 40 To Choose From & He Took The First One He Played..
Meeting & Selling Guitars To People Like Keith Is What Makes This Job A Pleasure !!!
Ed Roman  April 2010


Godfrey Townsend, Steve Luongo & Ed Roman
The China Club NYC 2001

Only minutes after this picture was taken,
I handed the bass off to John Entwistle, Who made me look like a hack. Oh Well!!
"John Entwistle RIP"

Godfrey is currently playing with Alan Parson's, Denny Laine & Eric Burdon.

Steve Luongo is playing with everyone who is anyone on the East Coast

Ed Roman is sitting in his office trying to sell yet one more guitar before he goes home!!!

Kerry King, Ed Roman & Michael Angelo Batio 2004

Doc McGee 2006

Kiss Manager Among Many Others

Eric & Me & Jim 1996 (Upstairs at Stephen's  Talkhouse)


Me & Hilton Valentine The original lead guitarist with "The Animals"  2008
Hilton is responsible for the amazing chord arpeggios on "House Of The Rising Sun"
He also named Jimi Hendrix's Band "The Experience"
One of my first guitar heroes even before I heard of Clapton, Beck or Page
House of the Rising Sun was the first song I ever learned on guitar
 along with 700 million other people

A young Hip Eric Burdon 1968, An older even Hipper Eric Burdon with Richie Scarlet

Richie Scarlet is Known by his close friends as
"The Emperor of Rock & Roll"

I had met Richie Scarlet several times, In fact Richie did a TV Commercial for my store in 1980 or so. I first became very close with Richie at an Animals Reunion Tour Concert in 1983. We discovered we had a common musical bond, Eric Burdon & The Animals. We would discuss his music for hours & hours. We used to actually watch old reruns of Shindig & Ed Sullivan. Not for the Beatles though. We watched Eric Burdon The Dave Clark 5, The Searchers, The Zombies, The Electric Prunes, The Standells, Paul Revere, The Kinks and last but definitely not least the Yardbirds & Sean Bonniwell's Music Machine. We would argue about what a song was about or what the correct words were. We would pick them apart piece by piece until we knew every single nuance of every single track.

Richie worked with me in my shop for 6 years, then he went on to play with Ace Frehley, Sebastian Bach & Leslie West. He helped me develop my vocalizations & I learned a lot of guitar licks from him, once we Jammed with Ace Frehley in his garage Richie on drums, Ace on Guitar and I was playing Bass. He also produced my first CD "World Class Rock N' Roll" between 1992 & 2002 it took us 10 years to finish it. We were not in any hurry & Richie was on the road a lot.

One evening in the studio we were recording "It's My Life" or "When I was Young," I can't remember which one, and as usual we were talking about Eric Burdon. Richie was telling me that he had been in some club in upstate New York, where he wangled his way backstage somehow. He actually got to meet Eric. Luck was with him because, I remember him telling me all about the conversation, that he was alone with Eric in the dressing room for almost an hour.

He was giving me some of the highlights of the conversation and I remember Richie looking up from the board, he had a very serious look on his face and saying something to the effect that "Eric Burdon Was Definitely The Coolest Fu*k#ng Person In The World". Of course I immediately blindly agreed with him. That conversation with Richie & the highlights of his conversation with Eric, stuck with me for many many years.

In November of 2004 Eric & The Boys were playing here in Vegas, I was backstage delivering a guitar to Dean Restum (Eric's Guitarist for 15 years or so). I had been backstage with Eric at least 35 times but there were always lots of people around taking pictures, geekin' and a gawkin'. This time I got lucky. We were there just the two of us with my daughter Lindsey Star.

Eric got a little talkative, Both Lindsey & myself are huge Morrison fans. Eric started telling us all these amazing Morrison stories, and then he started in with the Hendrix stories. I have been an Eric Burdon fan for 41 years. I am definitely in awe of him. I commented to Eric about how once 40 years ago I remember seeing Ed Sullivan playfully tousle Eric's hair on TV. Well that really got him going, it seems that he had embarrassed Eric a little. Eric was not very fond of Mr. Sullivan to say the least. He told us what really transpired with Jim Morrison & Ed Sullivan & the real reasons that Ed Sullivan tried to blackball Jim Morrison & The Doors. He told us all about Morrison's father & his role in the Vietnam war & why Jim disowned his family etc. (Not The Book or Movie Version)  I am usually not star struck but with Eric it's hard for me not to be. I finally had gotten to meet the real legend. That night while I was driving home, I was thinking about Richie. His words that night 15 years earlier. Richie was 100% right when he said that "Eric Burdon Was Definitely The Coolest Fu*k#ng Person In The World".

Ed Roman   Dec 2005


Alan Price, Eric Burdon,  Chas Chandler  (Back Row)
Hilton Valentine, 
John Steele 

The Animals

BTW This was considered long hair back in 1964

Chas Chandler discovered Jimi Hendrix and Chas managed him his whole career.
Eric & Jimi Jammed Together the night Jimi died.

Eric Burdon is the best white blues vocalist in the world!!!!

So Sayeth Ed Roman
Don't argue this fact with me!!!!
 Or I'll come over to your house & play old Animals records till you lose your mind.

Eric On the Ed Sullivan Show 1964


Richie & Joanne Scarlet