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Photos of Rock Stars & Other Luminaries

Christina Applegate At The Limelight 1987

Christina Applegate & Ed Roman
Backstage at a Chesterfield Kings Show at The Limelight In NYC
Christina Caught With No Makeup
Papparazzi Dino Fregosi 1988

Can You Read Ed's Button

Andy Babiuk

Andy is a a talented musician, author, engineer, vocalist, songwriter, guitar expert, rock historian, guitar salesman, father of 6 kids & all around good guy.

My old buddy Richie Scarlet first introduced Andy to me at the Limelight in NYC about 30 years ago. Andy's band the multitalented extremely versatile, Chesterfield Kings were going through a punk stage. I really am a fan of The Kings because they play so many different types of music. I especially liked their surf music era. Being an old fart myself I could really appreciate that Mosrite Ventures, Beachboys, & the Jan & Dean sound.

These guys also do a great British Invasion show which I was lucky enough to catch the last time they were in Vegas.

I think they have about 20 albums out, I personally only have about nine of them but I will eventually get them all.

Andy is currently working on a Rolling Stones book which is a follow up to his highly successful Beatles book.

When Andy speaks Ed Roman listens... He suggested that I pick up the Zemaitis and Duesenberg lines so I did.   Duesenberg has proved to be an awesome guitar and I have a hard time keeping them in stock.

Andy sold me over 200 Kramer's & 100 or more really rare Ibanez 80's guitars.  I bought every last one of them he had. They have proven to be great investments. They were all buried in the basement at "The HOG !!!"

Andy is no longer employed by the House of Guitars. What a loss for them !!!!

Andy is sure to turn up somewhere and probably fairly soon. He has enough contacts in this business to basically write his own deal with any major company in the USA.

Ed Roman & my whole staff salute Andy Babiuk, we wish him well wherever he lands. I have been trying to get him to move to Vegas for several years now.

If anyone is having trouble reaching Andy, I will be glad to get a message through to him.

Ed Roman 02/11/06

Onie Logan (Lynch Mob)

Approx 1987

I'm straining not to put my thumbs up!! You know how all those Rockstar pictures look when everyone sticks up their thumbs. It's incredibly Corny, Lame, Tired, and just plain stupid looking.

The next time you are getting photographed with a celebrity, Stick your thumbs up your butt, or give the finger or stick out your tongue and make a stupid face.... Just don't stand there like some star struck moron on crack and stick your thumbs up.     You'll thank me when you get the picture back...




Al Goldstein
Screw Magazine

Leslie West  Quicksilver Guitars 
The sky behind Leslie is kind of gray
Because the Twin Towers were burning In the background
I shot this picture on 9/12/01, overlooking the Hudson River in New Jersey
If I had taken 6 steps to the left you could see the rising smoke from the World Trade Center.


Hughie Thomasson  (RIP)  (The Outlaws & Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Holding his Ed Roman Pearlcaster
I will truly miss Hughie, He played with such tremendous feeling !!!

Michael Angelo Batio
Shredmaster Extraordinaire


Ted Nugent With His Ed Roman Custom Made Quicksilver

Jack Bruce  "The Chance" Poughkeepsie 1999
The First Time I Ever Met Ginger Baker Was That Night
My Favorite All Time Drummer,