Ed Roman's Photo Album

Photos of Rock Stars & Other Luminaries

  Jim Peterik & Ed Roman
Jim is a multitalented singer songwriter who is a founding member of
The Ides Of March  ( VEHICLE  Recorded by Ed Roman)
He is also responsible for writing all of 38 Special's hits.

Felix Cavaliere & Ed Roman 1983
Felix was The Kbd Player Lead Vocalist In "The Rascals"

 Felix Was Originally With Joey Dee & The Starlighters
 They had a little hit that went like this..

Hey Boppa Shuppa
I gotta new dance and it goes like this
Abop Shuppa A Boppa Boppa Shuppa
The name of the dance is the Peppermint Twist
Abop Shuppa A Boppa Boppa Shuppa


Ted Nugent, Craveman, Ed Roman Guitar Builder

Ted Nugent, Rick Derringer & Ed Roman Approximately 1993
If Ted Nugent Ran For President,
 Ed Roman would definitely vote for him
I've even got my thumb up, Just like some star struck geek.


Tony Ginese, Richie Scarlet, Mark Hitt, Ed Roman, Eddie Solan
Abe's In Danbury CT 1995


  Nuno Bettencourt & Ed Roman  2006
Backstage Queen At The Hollywood Bowl
I first had the pleasure of meeting Nuno back in the mid 80's
This was before Extreme was a known band.
He did some awesome clinics for me in my store back then.

Paul Reed Smith With Good Buddy Ed Roman

Paul Reed Smith & Ed Roman 1990
Refinished PRS SIgnature
Seems Like A Long Long Time Ago..
In 1990 PRS Guitars were the best guitars money could buy
    Paul Gave Me This Pink PRS Signature Guitar in 1990
I used this guitar for 5 years then I refinished it because it got dinged up.

1992 Ed Roman & Bruce Kulick

Kerry Livgren , Ed Roman & Jeffery Earle T. 
JET Guitars
Jeff T. is one of the best & most talented luthiers on the planet today.
To date Ed has built Kerry several custom guitars

 Nathan East & Ed Roman 

Ed Roman, With Cheap Trick Guitar,  Rick Nielsen

Ed Roman With Rick Neilsen's Hamer Guitar
Photo By Rick Nielsen




1985 Hollywood

KISS.  Ace Frehley with Guitar Builder Designer  Ed Roman

1982 Ed & Ace
Look Ace even has his thumb up....
No That's not a Sieg Heil

Vivian Campbell & Ed Roman 1989

SIR Studios NYC, The night Vivian released "The Nightswan"

Ned Steinberger in the early 80's With Luthier Ed Roman

Ned Steinberger & Ed Roman 1983