Ed Roman's Photo Album

Photos of Rock Stars & Other Luminaries

 Lita Ford & Myself
Backstage At The Vegas Rock Awards 2010

Lita Is The Sweetest Woman In The World
I call her The Girl Next Door Who Became A Rockstar !!!
I'd bring her home to meet my parents anytime  LOL
Photo By The One & Only Fabulous Sally Steele Of "Vegas Rocks Magazine"

OK Now For Some Bike Pictures

Ace Frehley On My Bike in 1990
I rarely if ever loaned this bike to anyone!!!

I still have this bike, I have had it for 39 years.

This picture was taken in front of the Briarpatch in Carmel, NY.
I used to drive this bike into the club, down a couple of stairs, onto the dance floor
with Dino Fregosi standing on the back seat to open one of his wild shows.
I remember doing donuts in the Mosh Pit & spinning around like a wildman.
 Just thinking about those days makes me feel younger!!! 


  My 1950 Panhead in 1969

Would ya' just look at this picture of me.   I still had a full head of hair and hadn't gotten fat yet.

I sure thought I was Joe Cool, I was 19 in this picture (1969).
I was workin' in a band, riding hogs, womanizing & partying like an animal.

I quit the band, got married started building Custom Choppers for a living. Soon I became the workaholic that I am today. 

In the 70's, I quit the bike business to open up a little music store.
It was called Eastcoast Sound eventually we got so big we had to call it a Mall, Eastcoast Music Mall

My old bike business is still alive & well. It was called SMC Choppers Today it's called V Twin Cycles & It's located in Newburgh NY.
The next thing I knew I was building guitars  working 14 hours a day!!!

Where did I go wrong ???

Ed Roman  
1950 Panhead Driven 1968 to 1978  then it was stolen by shithead Frank Barry from Norwalk


1970 Shovel Head (38 years)
Built In 1974 By Ed Roman Driven Hard For many years 
Now I can barely start it !!!  LOL

Photo 1999


Ed Roman, Jimi Heslin & Larry Corrow
The Evil Triumvirate
My 1980's management team...
Better Known As The 3 Stooges 
Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk It's Moe, Larry & Curly
Would you buy a guitar from one of these guys???
This picture was taken in the Bermuda Triangle. We were on a cruise ship.
Look at that lame guitar pin on my lapel, Jimi has one on his tie.
Jimi also has a blue light shining on him !!!
Rare picture of Larry without a phone stuck in his ear.


Kerry King & Lindsey Star Roman 2010

Alexi Leiho, Lindsey & Members of Machinehead

Rick Derringer With His Ed Roman Pearlcaster

Billy Sheehan & Richie Scarlet

Eddie & Ed's Ex "Chrystal Ball" 1983
All My Ex's Live In Texas
That's why I hang my hat in Tennessee

Ed Roman Scorpion

Ed Roman Pearlcaster

Ed Roman Abstract Kingpin
Now we are using gold frets on these guitars.

Buck Dharma playing The very first LSR EXP model ever built



Leslie West With Eddie Van Halen's Personal EB-1 Guitar

Ace Frehley With My Daughter Lindsey Star,
(KISS Backstage @ the Meadows) 2000

Ace had been on tour steady for over a year when this photo was taken

I had some great Ted Nugent & Skid Row photos that night
The A-hole developing company lost the film..
From now on Digital only!!!!!!!

Ed With Rick Neilson's Guitar 1985
Rick Actually Took This Picture

Tie Dye Quicksilver By Ed Roman 2004

Vinnie Zummo, (Joe Jackson) Ed Roman (Guitar Builder to the Stars) Eric Bloom (Blue Oyster Cult)
JJ French (Twisted Sister) Leslie West (Mountain) Roger Glover (Deep Purple) Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult) Elliott Easton (Cars) Ron Riddle (Jan Hammer) Unknown, Rich Briere. 1984

Leslie West (Mountain) Roger Glover (Deep Purple) Ed Roman (guitar builder to the stars)
Elliott Easton (Cars) Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult) Vinnie Zummo (Joe Jackson)

Photo taken 1984 on Ed's Back porch
About 30 seconds after this photo was taken
Leslie threw the Steinberger off the back deck down the hill
it flew over 150 feet and landed hard,  it stayed perfectly in tune.

Photo Taken 1985 by Chrystal Ball
Eddie's Signature 1998

Lindsey Star & Arlo Guthrie @ Woodstock 1999, the 30th Anniversary



 Dennis Berardi President Kramer Guitars, Floyd Rose
 Ed Roman, Hyman Peller Sales Manager Kramer Guitars
Photo Taken 1989 Ed Roman Guitars