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Pearlcaster Stealth - Owned by James Robertson

Dear Sir:
A short time ago I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to purchase the Pearlcaster Stealth pictured in your Pearlcaster Gallery� which was custom made for David Joseph, of Allen, Texas. It is quite simply a remarkable instrument! As the now proud owner of this fine instrument I would be greatly honoured if you would consider adding to the item description �presently owned by James Robertson�. This is purely for the sake of �bragging rights� and should you decline this request it is perfectly understood. In either case, �thank you� for the unparalleled workmanship which went into creating this fine instrument!
Yours truly,
James H. Robertson

The Crew at Ed Roman Guitars Thanks Mr. Robertson for the Thumbs Up!

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Peachfuzz Finish with a Solid Macassar Ebony Neck.

Natural Quilt Top
Pearlcasters Are Available With Over 12 Different Headstock Designs!

5 String Scepter Model

Greetings Ed,

First off I would like to say that I have purchased two Pearlcaster's from you in the past months....  One from John and the other from Scott.  Both had Buzz Feiten setups and Duncan Vintage Rails, both sound and play just absolutely amazing!  The second purchase I made was for a good friend of mine, Jerry Jennings, who has been playing for 35 years. He is extremely picky and often disappointed with the guitars he checks out.  Recently he was giving serious consideration to an Anderson guitar he checked out.  However, when he played my Pearlcaster he fell in love with it, much more so than the Anderson.  Subsequently, I purchased one for him and he is loving it!  Thank you for your tenaciousness and your drive to make a great guitar.  The industry giants may not like you, but there are plenty of us out here in the real world who are playing and loving your guitars.  Thanks again.

Now, onto the question of the day....

I have a PRS Custom 24 with a 5 position rotary switch that I am considering sending to your shop for some modifications.  The modifications I am considering are as follows:

Buzz Feiten Set Up

Swap out for Seymour Duncan Black Backs that you are using in your Quicksilver's

Swap out for Push/Pull Pots and the 3 way toggle that you are using in your Quicksilver's

I guess I should ask this question first; Is it possible to change out the 5 way rotary for the 3 way toggle with the way the holes are drilled and the contour of the body?  Depending on the cost, maybe I should just trade it in for one of your Quicksilver's??  The PRS is basically a never played guitar, so I don't know what it would be worth to you?

Your thoughts and recommendations are sincerely appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Mark A. Koher, Controller

Midstate Specialties, Inc.

Roman Pearlcaster Scepter Custom Shop Electric Guitar

Custom Built Ed Roman Pearlcaster Scepter Custom Shop Electric Guitar 

Lefty Black Korina Conversion for Coleman Morrissey

Customer supplied the neck and we built the rest!
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Magic Twanger Stealth

Custom Scorpion Guitar built for Bill Corillian
Just thought we would sneak this one in here to show our 24 fret version

The Black Pearl


Custom Made With Macassar Ebony Neck

Pearlcaster Velvet Blue Quilt

Pearlcaster White Pearl

Pearlcaster Scepter  in New Zealand Blueburst Quilt

Pearlcaster Amber Quilt Top

Thank you so much for guiding me to the Pearlcaster I purchased. While I was caught up in the 50th anniversary hype of the Stratocaster, I was convinced that if I purchased one, it must be a better version. And thanks to you, I now own one. Please also pass along my thanks and appreciation to the young luthier that crafted this phenomenal instrument. He's really gifted and has truly crafted a masterpiece. I'm stilled amazed by the Titan neck and am so glad Ed Roman Guitars is promoting the value that this luthiery represents. I am also proud to say that thanks to Ed Roman Guitars, I now own several masterpieces, and that while I feel they're worth every penny, my Pearlcaster and Quicksilver are at the top of my list in the value for money category.

In closing, it's reassuring that this luthiery talent continues to develop and that Ed Roman recognizes this and helps it flourish. I can occasionally be swayed by a pretty website picture, but when I try to dig deeper and understand what makes the guitar better, I come up empty. Ed Roman makes it very tough on the competition because you've lifted the veil. I owe you a great deal of thanks and appreciate Ed Roman's commitment to offer facts and details that educates the buyer and helps us discriminate the wheat from the chaff.

Mike Meisinger

Ivory W/ White Pickguard Sold to Parker Harrison


I love my new Pearlcaster Serial #05358 master crafted by your shop!  It's everything I was hoping for and looking for in a "Strat" guitar... and then some.

And thanks for working with me on the price. There are some questions I have though?

Firstly, there was no warranty info or description included with product. I was hoping to read up about the tech specs of the neck. I can't remember that fellow's name you mentioned either who was offered money by Leo Fender for the patent rights, etc.)

Also, I can't even remember the name of the wood on this beauty(!).  So, I was hoping you could send me the description and Photo you had on your computer of my guitar, Ed? Also, do you have instructions on the Sperzel locking tuners? I've never owned a guitar with these before and want to insure I work them properly. Last question? What weight and brand of strings do you guys use...? I like the strings that are on this thing. Are they 10's? Again, I really appreciate the help your sales guy, Jason, showed me and his patience.

Buying a guitar at Ed Roman's is exactly the kind of experience that every player/perspective guitar buyer should experience firsthand.

And too think? I might have settled for a Fender. I'm glad you were available yesterday. Best regards,

Marc Feingold
Feingold Music & Media Solutions

Velvet Blue Swamp Ash  Pearlcaster

Hand Rubbed Solid Brazilian Rosewood

Tortoise Shell Pickguard
Seymour Duncan Pickups, Original Logo Model,
Logo inlaid in Flame Maple

Since 1983
The Ed Roman
All Access Neck Joint TM
No other company offers this exclusive trademarked innovation on  this style guitar.
The only way to make a bolt on better than this is (Click Here)

  Hawaiian Koa Bodied Pearlcaster


I thought it would be easier to send this to you rather than call. Hope that's OK. Check #2813 for $200.00 as a deposit on the Pearlcaster #05434 will go in the mail tomorrow.

 I am trying to show some discipline here. I'm selling my Strat to a band member & will put the JS1000 on eBay  tomorrow. I will call you in about a week to settle up for the rest.

I enjoyed talking to you today and I am looking forward to the guitar.

Bill Grove

PS - Despite some bad press, I have found you (and your company) to be a pleasure to do business with.

Ed's Response

Hello Bill
Thanks for your business I appreciate it.... I am sure you will like the Pearlcaster as much as you like your Quicksilver.

If your Stratocaster sale or JS 1000 deal fall through, I am only to happy to give you a decent trade in on them. I am always looking for used guitars. I usually buy 4 to 5 used guitars a day. You might get a little more on FEEbay and then you might not. But as of late FEEbay is worse than it ever was. So after you pay their stupid fees and Paypal's ripoff fees you might find yourself in not as good as a position as you anticipated.

Bad Press really doesn't count when it's anonymously posted which 99% percent of it is. Much of it is other dealers who are upset with the fact that we are Dealers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Importers & Exporters.

Other dealers cannot buy at the prices we do because they don t have the money or courage to place big orders and get the big discounts. They get upset with us because we undersell them regularly and so they badmouth us. Guitar Center & Sam Ash have the money but they don't have the know how to buy good stuff. They tend to stick with the usual white bread bland crap that you see everywhere... just more of it !!!

Some of the bad press is true... For example I have no patience for idiotic procrastinating morons who have to get their wives permission to fart. After one of these guys calls me 3 or 4 times and wastes a bunch of my time. I tend to ignore them and hope they will go away. Some of them get upset and call me names. Oh Well you cannot be all things to all people !!!!
Ed Roman
P: (702) 597-0147 Custom Shop 9:00 AM to 9:00PM


Shoreline Gold
Pearlcaster Ball Bearing Tremolo


Pearlcaster 1999

Silver Metalflake Pearlcaster
Special Order


Blue Metalflake Pearlcaster
Special Order

Strawberry Shortcake Pearlcaster 

Todd Rundgren/Utopia fans know Kasim Sulton for his bass, guitar, piano, and singing skills on albums from "Ra" through "Redux '92: Live In Japan." He has been very busy since those days. Somewhat overlapping the latter Utopia years and continuing into the present,

 Kasim has played on albums and/or toured with Todd Rundgren, Cheap Trick, The Indigo Girls, Patti Smith, and Hall & Oates, as well as extensive work with Joan Jett and Meat Loaf.

Recently, Kasim was the bass player on Todd Rundgren's power trio tour in support of Todd's album "One Long Year."

Kasim is an accomplished singer performer and all around musician in his own right.  We were very pleased and honored that he came to us to have a Pearlcaster made.

We also felt very honored because Kasim could very easily have gotten 2 or 3 free Fenders just by calling and asking for them.



For 35 years singer / songwriter Kasim Sulton has worked with artists as diverse as Todd Rundgren, The New Cars, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Utopia, Celine Dion, Bon Jovi and Hall & Oates, plus he played a series of appearances in the musical Movin' Out on Broadway as well as having his own solo career.
In 2006 Kasim toured as part of The New Cars on The Road Rage Tour.

3 years ago he toured the US and Europe with Meat Loaf to promote his latest album Bat Out Of Hell III from February until the tour was cut short in October due to Meat Loaf developing a cyst on a vocal chord.

Kasim's own CD, Quid Pro Quo, was released in 2002 on Sphere Sound Records and won the 2003 2003 People's Choice Award. To the delight of his fans, Kasim released a compilation solo album called All Sides in March'07! Kasim played 3 solo gigs last summer plus he played more in March this year.

Kasim has just completed touring the both Japan and US as part of Todd Rundgren's following successful tours of the West Coast in September and the East Coast in December. In the early summer Kasim will be with Meat Loaf in Europe. Kasim has booked a solo gig in Woodstock, NY on 17th May and another in Boston on 27th May.

Kasim Sulton another satisfied Ed Roman Guitars customer !!!.


Natural Quilt Pearlcaster

Stealth Model Pearlcaster

Signed by Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Jason Bonham, Sebastian Bach & Evan Seinfeld
VH-1 Supergroup Guitar

Ash Body Pearlcaster

Personalized Pearlcaster

Claydes Charles Smith  September 6th 1948 June 20 2006 was best known as co-founder and lead Guitar of the group Kool & The Gang.   Born in Jersey City he was introduced to jazz guitar by his father in the early 1960s.

I always knew him as simply Charles Smith who loved to come into the store and buy guitars all the time.  I must have sold him at least 25 guitars over a 4 or 5 year period.

Later in that decade he was in a group of New Jersey jazz musicians, including Ronald Bell (later Khalis Bayyan), Robert "Kool" Bell. George Brown, Dennis Thomas and Robert "Spike" Mickens, who became Kool & the Gang. Other members would include lead singer James JT Taylor.

Kool & the Gang grew from jazz roots in the 1960s to become one of the major groups of the 1970s, blending  Jazz Funk Rhythm & Blues & Pop. Despite their popularity waning briefly, the group enjoyed a return to stardom during the 1980s.

Illness forced Smith to stop touring with the group in January 2006. He died later that year. We will miss him.  Charles bought a number of guitars from me & also sent us many of his friends who also bought guitars.  I considered Charles more than a just a customer. He was a good friend

Smith, who was known professionally as Charles Smith, wrote the hits "Joanna" and "Take My Heart," and was a co-writer of others, including "Celebration," "Hollywood Swinger," and "Jungle Boogie.


Green Metalflake Pearlcaster

Turquoise Quilted Pearlcaster


Brad Gillis With His Custom Ed Roman Pearlcaster


Sunburst Quilt
Ebony Fingerboard, Gold Hardware, All Access Neck Joint, Sperzel Locking Tuners.