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If You Own A Fender It Is Recommended That You Read This Completely

Fender has always made great guitars. excepting maybe during the mid 80's & 90's. Today they are made much better and we strongly recommend them to people who don't have a lot of money to spend on something totally custom.
One of the things that all mega corporations lack is their inability to offer options, unlimited colors and special features.

However Ed Roman has taken up the challenge of hot rodding, souping up and/or modding out the everyday ordinary fender guitar.


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Upgrade 1:  Direct Couple Bolt System For Neck.
This relatively easy to do mod will really add stability to your neck joint and help with that all important tone transference between the neck & the body. There should be a marked increase in sustain also if this mod is done correctly.      PICTURE COMING
This Option Is Std No Charge on all Ed Roman Guitars where it is applicable.  Click Here

These kits come complete with hardened steel bolts and brass inserts.  Once installed correctly the tone & sustain of your guitar should increase noticeably.

Works really well on Fender Guitars, PRS Guitars or Tom Anderson, John Suhr, Original Charvel's, Wolfgang's, Ernie's Balls  etc etc


Upgrade 2:  The 1500 G Neck Mod.
We have been doing this mod to Fender's & PRS guitars for close to 20 years. This is where we remove the finish from the neck and in some cases we will reshape it to the customers liking. We do various things to the neck from immersing it in hot oil to sanding & buffing the neck to a high frictionless polish. (Click Here)
This Option Is Standard No Charge on all Ed Roman Guitars where it is applicable.


Upgrade 3:  Upgrading Your Stock Stamped Steel Tremolo.
Ok, let's face the facts the Fender Tremolo has never been anything to write home about. It is a very inexpensive piece of stamped soft metal that does nothing to help you stay in tune. It probably costs less than $2.00 to make it from scratch. There are at least a hundred companies who have built something better.
Ed Roman has researched tremolos in depth for many years!! Naturally we will install any system that you might want to use but we can advise you on the pros & cons involved. The best ones we have seen are the Floyd Rose German made original model and the Pearlcaster cast unit. Upgrading your tremolo will help your guitar stay in tune, and in a few cases not harm the tonality or adversely effect the sustain of your guitar.


Upgrade 4: Upgrading your Tuners.
 The stock imported tuners simply don't work for a professional. They are inadequate for the gigging working musicians. While these are fine for the weekend warrior a full time pro requires something much better.  Ed Roman offers Schallers, Planet Waves, LSR's, Grovers and the high end Gotoh's. We no longer recommend the Sperzel tuners, We have found the company unresponsive to the many problems we have had in the past 3 years. Anyone who bought the Sperzel tuners from us in the past we will replace them free of charge if they are experiencing problems.


Upgrade 5:  Improving Pickup Tone.
We are proud to carry Seymour Duncan, EMG, Bartolini, Tom Holmes, Jason Lollar, & Mosrite Pickups. We can replace the stock pickups in your guitar to a much better sounding one.


Upgrade 6:  Hard Mounting Pickups.
Rarely if ever done by other companies, This great feature adds more sustain & overtones to your guitar.  This feature increases sustain dramatically by stabilizing the pickup tightly to the guitar (Direct coupling) The fact that the tone is greatly enhanced is a great bonus.


Upgrade 7:  Replacing The Nut With Delrin.
The Delrin nut is an oil impregnated graphic compound that greatly reduces any string sticking at the headstock.  The guitar holds tune better and sounds better also.


Upgrade 8: Titanium Bridge Saddles.
We have offered this costly option for almost 10 years, There are those that use this as a major selling point on their guitars. Personally we prefer the polytrinite or delrin saddles but we offer this due to popular demand.


Upgrade 9: All Access Neck (The Original Reason For The Pearlcaster)
We are very proud of this innovation. In fact this feature by itself leaves all the competition out of the running. Granted there may be other Fenderesque guitars out there that have similar quality to the Pearlcaster/Scepter but nothing comes close


Upgrade 10: Ed Roman offers Plastic Conductive Pots & USA made toggle switches.

The Pearlcaster family of guitars Scepters & Majic Twanger's are the only company we have seen to offer these ultra high quality Bournes made pots as an option. Naturally we make these available on any guitar that you would like us to install them in.


Upgrade 11:  Custom Preamps (Ed Roman has developed a new custom Preamp)
Now available installed in your guitar, the Ultratone Preamp from Ed Roman features it's own separate tone control and a 5 position Vari-switch.  This Unit is another example of why the Pearlcaster the World Finest traditional guitar in it's class.


Upgrade 12: Custom Neck Inlays


Upgrade 13: Custom Pickguards


Upgrade 14: Custom Paint


Upgrade 15: Oil Finishes


Upgrade 16: On Board Midi


Upgrade 17: Piezoelectric Systems


Upgrade 18: Custom Tonewood Bodies


Upgrade 19: Custom Tonewood Necks


Upgrade 20: Gold Titanium (Adamantium Frets)