Pearlcaster Magic Twanger Model

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Magic Twanger Video

Magic Twanger #249

The "Magic Twanger" is a bolt on single cutaway traditional shape guitar.  I am offering this guitar in any type of pickup configuration imaginable. You can buy a hollow body or solid version. There are over 43 types of wood available for the body.  You can order virtually any shape pickguard. Tremolos are available, MIDI,
B Benders,  Piezoelectric systems.

The Pearlcaster offers even more options.

This Magic Twanger offers a beautiful Black Korina Body.  Awesome Birdseye Maple neck.

Specially made to order many years ago this guitar was covered with inlays front and back.

The boxy, traditional shape, by nature of it's square design, simply does not lend itself to gracefulness. Yet somehow these guitars still seem to exude a natural beauty that is unexplainable!!!

Contact Ed Roman if you would like something like this built to your exact specifications.


This guitar semi qualifies as a Magic Twanger It's actually more of a Wolfgang style. This guitar came out no less than spectacular.!!!

Like most of our guitars this one was completely custom built from the ground up.

It features the Pink Floyd Logo Inlaid (Not Painted) on the face of the guitar. The neck is beautifully flamed birdseye maple with purple stars inlaid on the fretmarkers.

The guitar is midi capable and also features a Black Saddle piezo electric system for acoustic tones. The standard pickups are Gold covered Black/Backs with coil splitters & phase switches.

The guitar came in at 4.7 lbs (very light) and it balances extremely well.

We used our magnetic cavity covers on the back for ease of getting to all the complicated internal electronics.

Naturally We offer this In a Bass, 12 String, Doubleneck & Baritone



Custom Shop
(702) 597-0147

Custom Made Quilted Body. Custom Engraved Tailpiece.
 Beautiful Figured Ash Back. Seymour Duncan Pickups.
Gold Hardware. Maple Neck, Individual Machined Saddles, Schaller Locking Tuners,
Plays & Sounds Great, Completely Hand Built in The USA by Ed Roman

Pickup Configurations Available

2 Humbuckers 1 Bridge Mounted Single Coil 1 Soapbar
1 Humbucker 1 Single Coil 1 Bridge Mounted Humbucker 2 Soapbar
1 Humbucker 2 Single Coil 3 Humbuckers 3 Soapbar
 3 Single Coils 1 Humbucker 1 Soapbar

If you can think of it Ed Roman can supply it

EMG, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, Fralin, PRS, Kent Armstrong, Fender, Van Zant, Tom Holmes

B Bender System
Installed & Ready to go

Magic Twanger Flametop With F Hole


Magic Twanger (Mutt) Quilt Top
 Pearlcaster meets J Frog

Magic Twanger in Pearl White 

Magic Twanger Plain & Simple

This is a low cost Masterbuilt model that sells for about the same as a Fender American Std


All Koa Magic Twanger For Bob Lehman
Multi Bound Hollow Body, Piezo System On Board
Plays Like A Dream And Sounds Like Heaven


Magic Twanger Stealth Model

Black Hardware, Ebony Fingerboard, EMG Pickups
  Available with Carbon Fiber Neck

Magic Twanger in Spectacular Green Quilt


Available Schallers, Sperzels, or Locking Grovers

Koa Magic Twanger

Magic Twanger

"The Toad"

The Toad Magic Twanger was custom built for Ryan Dunn of California.
It  incorporates some of the most beautiful aged French Claro Walnut we have seen.


The body is bound with a 1/4 inch maple strip. The neck will also be bound to match In this photo the neck is still in preparation. This makes it quite a challenge to do a graceful all access neck and heel joint as shown on the left above. As you can see Ed Roman has met the challenge by hand carving the neck heel, The Magic Twanger guitar sits lower and better facilitates playing ease.


The Magic Twanger Guitar


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