Pearlcaster Performer Series

 Available With 8 Different Headstock Designs

Pearlcaster Performer Bass, Ed Roman Guitars

When Fender Introduced This Bass it Was Probably The Easiest Bass To Play I Had Ever Seen

New For 2011 The Ed Roman Pearlcaster Performer Bass

The Original 1985 Fender was a great bass but It was Japanese and the bridge & pickups left something to be desired. When I decided this design should be reintroduced to the world I decided that I would do everything in my power to try and surpass the original model.
Fender builds great products and if you stay away from the custom shop stuff they are pretty reasonably and fairly priced.
This Bass is


  Made In Japan  (Great Quality) Made 100% in the USA  (Great Quality Master Built)
Frets 24 Nickel Silver 24 Nickel Silver, Stainless or Gold Adamantium
Fretboard Rosewood  Only Ebony, Maple Rosewood, Morado, Wenge etc
Body Alder Choice of 50 different exotic woods
Pickups Fender Japanese Made (Good Pickups) Bartolini. EMG, MEC, Duncan, Lollar etc
Bridge Fender Stamped Individual Independent Resonance Bridge Saddles
Hardware Chrome Chrome, Gold, Black Or Anodized In Colors
Headstock Original Is like the one in the above picture Choice of 10 different styles or design your own
Pickguard White Plastic Choice of 50 different materials
Lefthanded  Not Available Available At Extra Cost
Neck Thru Not Available Available at Extra Cost
Custom Body Contours Not Available Available (Free)
  Knob Placement Not Available Available (Free)
  Scale Available only on Neck Thru Model  (Free)


Pearcaster Performer Bass, Walnut Top

Pearlcaster Performer with Highly Figured Walnut Top


Model Color Pickups Hardware Bridge Board Wood Frets Price
Student Natural Alder EMG Chrome Fender RW Alder 24 Silver 1,795.00
Angel  White Bartolini Gold Independent Maple Alder 24 Gold 2,950.00
Studio  Sunburst EMG Chrome Fender RW Alder 24 Silver 2,195.00
MM Natural Ash EMG Black Independent Maple Ash 24 Silver 2,395.00
MM 1 Burnished Ash EMG Chrome Independent Ebony Ash 24 Silver 2,795.00
Supreme Stain Bartolini Gold Independent Ebony Maple Top 24 Gold 3,495.00
Standard Mahogany Duncan Black Independent RW Mahogany 24 Silver 1,995.00
Exotic Natural Choice Gold Independent Wenge Bubinga Zebrano 24 Gold 3,495.00
Supreme Dlx Stain Gloss Choice Gold Independent Ebony Choice 24 Gold POR


Six Bolt Neck Construction

Six Bolt Neck Construction

  Kit Pricing $1,099.00
Higher Quality Components Than Fender

Body, Alder    
Neck, Maple & Rosewood Slimline     
24 Fret Nickel silver Frets    
Pickups EMG  PJ Style  Active Pickups    
Independent Bridges    
Gotoh High Quality Tuners    
Parts Kit     
Cavity Cover Plate    
Neck Screws & Grommets    
Strap Pins