Pearlcaster Guitar Colors

Pearlcaster Guitar Colors

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Pearlcasters Come In Any Color You Want

Jett Black

Pearl White Gold Bullion

Hot Red

3 Tone Sunburst  60's Sea Foam  Green   

Shoreline Gold

Arctic White Violet Blue

Steel Blue

2 Tone Sunburst 50's Mint Green

Custom Colors

Ed Roman can do almost any color: most of the time all the shop needs is an example.
Prices on experimental or custom colors like Peachfuzz and Strawberry Shortcake
(shown below) run higher due to the limited quantity made.

Experimental Custom Color "Peachfuzz"

This is a Pink Metalflake Scepter, We made this some years ago. This color was a bitch to spray. It's impossible to get an accurate photo.

This is truly one that has to be seen close up to appreciate.  It makes a lot of sense financially to purchase the standard colors.

The prices are extremely low due to the fact that I have them painted in large groups. This cuts cost without affecting the integrity of the guitars.

Many of my esteemed competitors, Fender, Tom Anderson, etc. are using the exact same building techniques as I use for my lower cost models. I guarantee that even the lowest cost entry level Pearlcaster will stand toe to toe with any Tom Anderson, DiTemple, Suhr, Melancon or Custom Shop Fender.

Ed Roman

Experimental Custom Color "Frosted Red" or Strawberry Shortcake

This is an example of a 2 stage metallic blue over a silver base coat.

It is interesting to note that the original Pearlcaster was intended to be a fully professional low cost high performance guitar that would sell for less than a stock USA Standard Fender. The originals were all White Pearl with different color pearloid pickguards. Hence we coined the name " Pearlcaster". 
However our esteemed customers weren't interested in such a simple low cost guitar. Most of them wanted custom colors, gold hardware, ebony fingerboards and all the other usual Ed Roman amenities.
Be aware we can still offer a high performance guitar with real Duncan premium pickups a high quality cast bridge, Sperzel Tuners etc for less money than a USA Strat.

There are currently 7 different Tremolo systems available.
There are virtually limitless pickup combinations.
The 1500 G Neck Modification is standard even on the lowest cost models.
They are available with full MIDI electronics onboard
They are also available with the absolute best most up to date Piezo systems.

Custom Colors
Translucent Amber  Frosted Red
  Translucent Red Peach Fuzz
 Translucent Black  Kiwi Burst
 Translucent Natural Frosted Grape
 Translucent Turquoise Watermelon
  Translucent Orange Razzberry Burst
Translucent Blue Root Beer
Translucent Green Cherry Coke
Translucent 2 tone Sunburst Mocha
Translucent 3 Tone Sunburst    Translucent Purple
Translucent Teal

Translucent Teal

Nice Example Of One Of Our Custom Made Scorpion Guitars
Trans Royal Blue Over  Quilt

More Custom Colors
Metallic Blue Natural Koa
Metallic Green Natural Cocobolo
Metallic Fire Engine Red Natural Bubinga
Sunshine Yellow Natural Schedua
Metallic Orange Natural Quilted Maple
Metallic Gold Natural Buckeye Burl
Orange Marble Natural Pterocarpus
Black Marble Natural Spalted Maple
Purple Marble Natural Madrone
Red Marble Natural Sapele
Blue Marble  Natural Redwood
Green Marble Natural Korina
Fire Glow Natural Mahogany
Azure Glow Natural Macassar Ebony
Silver Metal Flake Natural Brazilian Rosewood
Gold Metal Flake Natural Zebrawood
Multicolor Metal Flake Natural Ash
Red Metal Flake Natural Walnut
Blue Metal Flake Goncalva Alves
Green Metal Flake
Teal Metal Flake
Pink Metal Flake
Purple Metal Flake