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Hamer has had a lot of cool models especially during the 80's


Hamer display at Ed Roman Guitars



Extremely Nice Hamer Artist
They rarely come out looking as good as this one.

Sold To Joe Barbieri 1993 prox

Hamer Model Confusion

Hamer models are pretty confusing. Over the years they have been known to produce a double cutaway guitar that looks a lot like the Abstract double cut or DC-1.

The problem is nomenclature. They have called this guitar (shown left) by various names. Originally it was "The Sunburst" which made no sense because it came in several other colors. Then they called it "The Studio," which made the guitar sound like a beginners guitar, then they called it "The Artist," but that got confusing simply because they had numerous different models.

The Hamer guitar is for the most part an excellent guitar. I personally don't hold with the 22 fret model being the only one you can buy. I also am not a fan of set neck guitars.
So I recommend looking at an Abstract Neck Thru Body model.


36 Frets, Very Rare Model, Ed Roman usually has one available

 No Longer Being Built  High Quality Replica's Available From Abstract Guitars
The Abstract Replicas Are Only Available On Discontinued Hamer Models
We Have Done Our Best To Recreate These Guitars With As Many Improvements as Possible.

Abstract Prodigy
There Is Still Some Body Carving To Do On The Above Model

Neck Thru Body, Gold Adamantium Frets, Graphite Nut.
Two Pickups Instead Of One, Macassar Ebony, Neck & Fingerboard
Upgraded Electronics, Also Available In Doubleneck, Baritone Or Bass


Hamer Produced About 100 Different Models in the 80's

We are always looking to buy them so if you have a used one please call Ed Roman personally at the Las Vegas Store. Steve Stevens models, Scepter's, Jeff Watson, Scarabs, Blitz models, Daytonas, Doublenecks, Maestro's, Virtuosos, even Chaparrals'. In my Custom Shop I have created many copies of those old discontinued models.

Original Californian Discontinued)

The Hamer Californian is my personal all time favorite Bolt on neck, All out Rock n Roll Guitar,
In my personal collection of 40 instruments the Californian is my "Floyd Rose Ass kicker"  This is a guitar that is particularly well suited to rock in a heavy, metallic sort of way. But it's versatile enough to handle delicate, melodic passages, too. The body is resonant, straight grained mahogany with scallops in the cutaways for fret access and a back scallop for comfort. It's got a three piece stressed maple neck with a beautiful Ebony fingerboard and cool mother of pearl boomerang inlays. The pickups are Duncan Trembuckers and Tremstacks.

On mine I substituted the Seymour Black Back Pickups and I am quite happy with the sound I have achieved.


HAMER Artist Models

Available models include:

Artist (Shown)
Tried and true double-cutaway body configuration. Finely tuned sound chamber, "f hole" port and vintage Duncan Seth Lover pickups. The Artist delivers on both ends of the sonic spectrum, giving you an instrument that's equally suited to jazz, rock, blues and alternative music. Colors: 59 Burst, Red Transparent, Vintage Natural, Honey.

Artist Custom
Tried and true double-cutaway body configuration. Finely-tuned sound chamber, crown inlays, "f hole' port and vintage Duncan Seth Lover pickups. Colors: 59 Burst, Red Transparent, Vintage Natural, Honey.

Artist Mahogany
Honduras Mahogany neck and body, book-matched archtop with f-hole. MOP Dot inlays, Rosewood fingerboard, Seymour Duncan P-90 single coils. Colors: Black and Cherry Transparent.

Mahogany HB
Honduras Mahogany neck and body, book-matched archtop with f-hole. MOP Dot inlays, Rosewood fingerboard, Seymour Duncan '59 Humbuckers. Colors: Cherry Transparent.

Artist Korina
Fine Chevron Korina, semi-hollow body and neck, book-matched archtop with f-hole. Mother-of-Pearl Dot inlays, Rosewood fingerboard. Seymour Duncan P-90 single coils. Colors: Jazzburst and Vintage Korina.

Korina HB
Fine Chevron Korina, semi-hollow body and neck, book-matched archtop with f-hole. Mother-of-Pearl Dot inlays, Rosewood fingerboard. Seymour Duncan '59 Humbuckers. Colors: Jazzburst and Vintage Korina.

Artist Ultimate
Handmade by the industry's finest luthiers. Dual humbuckers are hand wound using oxygen-free Monster Cable wire and signed by Seymour Duncan. Fully bound body, neck and headstock. Over 250 pieces of hand-inlayed Mother-of-Pearl. All Monster Cable internal wiring. Colors: Cognac.

Just how "Ultimate" is Hamer's Artist? Upon review, Guitar Player Magazine awarded the Artist Korina and Artist Mahogany HB (formerly known as the Hamer 25th Anniversary) models with the magazine's coveted Editor's Pick Award.
 Call for Ed Roman's Best Price






USA Duo Tone

DuoTone Custom (Shown)
The beauty of the Hamer DuoTone is anything but skin deep. This hybrid stereo acoustic/electric beauty lets you play acoustic like a choir of angels one second, then flip into electric overdrive and wail like the wrath of God the next.

You can even combine acoustic and electric sounds at the same time...leaving the audience to wonder if there is a second player hiding behind your rig.

Body Type: Ivoroid Bound Semi-Hollow Mahogany
Top: Arched Single F-hole
Tuners: Schaller
Electronics: 1 Vol, 1 Tone, 1 Acoustic Vol, 3 Band Active EQ, 3-Way Toggle, 3-Way Mini Toggle
Bridge: Carved Rosewood Bridge
Inlays: Crown
Cap: Spruce
Neck Joint: Set Neck
Scale Length: 24 3/4
Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan
Bridge Pickup: Duncan '59, Bridge mounted Kynar Cable Pickup

Colors: Jazzburst, Red Transparent, Vintage Natural


USA Standard Custom

Available Models Include:

Standard Custom Custom (Shown)
Rick Nielsen, Cheap Trick's innovative and influential guitarist, made the Standard famous with his one-of-a-kind checkerboard version.

One-piece Honduras Mahogany bound body, 3-piece stressed Mahogany bound neck, oversized dovetail joint, Mother-Of-Pearl crown inlays, gorgeous flamed maple top.

Body Type: Ivoroid Bound Mahogany
Top: Flat
Tuners: Schaller
Electronics: 2 Vol, 1 Tone, 3-Way Toggle
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic Stop Tailpiece
Inlays: Crown
Cap: Flamed Maple
Neck Joint: Set Neck
Scale Length: 24 3/4
Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan '59
Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan '59

Colors: '59 Burst. 


Hamer Archtop Artist (1995 - date) -semi-solid design with f-hole. 

Hamer Blitz Bass


Blitz Guitar (1st version) (1982 - 1984) - Explorer style body, 3-a-side peghead, dot inlays and 22 frets on a 24.75 inch scale length. Fitted with two humbuckers (Hamer Slammers) and a choice of Sustain Block tremolo or Sustain Block fixed bridge. Later guitars (late 1983 onwards) often have locking Kahler Flat Mount trem..

Blitz Guitar (2nd version) (1984 - 1990) - Details as above but with original steeply angled six-on-a-side peghead and usually fitted with Floyd Rose trem.. Guitars 1986 onwards have 24-frets.


Hamer Cruise Bass


Daytona (1993 - 1997) - contoured ash body with offset double cutaways, bolt-on maple neck with skunk stripe, maple board with black dots (optional rosewood fingerboard), 22 frets on a 25.5 inch scale. Three single coil pickups mounted on scratch plate, Wilkinson VSV trem. system. Daytona SV has EMG pickups.

Duo-Tone (1993 - date) - Hybrid acoustic/electric. Semi-hollow mahogany twin cutaway body with bound spruce top. Glued-in neck with rosewood fingerboard and three-a-side peghead. Fitted with two Seymour Duncan humbuckers (P90's available from 1995) and bridge mounted Piezo acoustic pickup with 3-band EQ.

Eclipse (1994 - date) - original asymmetrical double cutaway body with glued neck, all mahogany construction with three-a-side peghead, rosewood board and dot-inlays (24.75 inch scale). Fitted with Seymour Duncan mini-humbuckers and Wilkinson Hardtail Wrap Around Bridge. Also there is a 12-string Eclipse.

Maestro (1990) - Seven string guitar with offsetdouble-cutaway body and custom built seven-string trem. with graphtech saddles. Bolt on maple neck. Three custom wound Seymour Duncan rail pickups.

Miller Genuine Draft Guitar - (1987) - Rhomboid body shape with "Miller Genuine Draft" graphic on the front of the body and silver inlay border on the body. Also very rare 12-string version.

Miller Music Guitar (1985 - 1986) - Unusual body shape (Miller Beer logo shape) with "Miller Music" Graphic on the body. Glued in neck with 3-a-side peghead. Two humbuckers and fixed sustain block bridge. The front of the body is cherry transparent and the rest of the instrument is gold.

Mirage (1994 - 1997) - Double cutaway body with carved flame koa wood arched top, otherwise all mahogany with a 22 fret neck (25.5 inch scale), rosewood fingerboard/dot inlays and three-a-side peghead. Fitted with a Wilkinson VSV trem. and three Seymour Duncan single-coil size rail humbuckers (Hot Rails at the bridge and two Vintage Rails). Two humbucker version introduced in 1995.

Mirage Maple Top (1996 - Date) - As above but with carved flame maple arched top and two humbuckers.