Hamer KK Downing Guitar

Hamer KK Downing Guitar


This one of a Kind Hamer Now Available From Abstract Guitars
Right Down To The Rhinestones


KK Downing used all kinds of Vee's.  Hamer made him numerous one of a kind models.

Several years ago I had one of KK's signature model personally owned Vee's by Hamer and I must say it was exactly like any other one I had seen.


Usually the guitar that belongs to the rock star is generally a much better made guitar than you can buy. Usually it may look the same but they generally play much better and sound much better.

For example Slash supposedly plays Gibsons "NOT"  most of his guitars are Ghostbuilt by small L.A. Luthiers like Kris Derrig & Max Baranella. Yes they may look like Gibsons but the difference is huge.

Not so in the case of Hamer guitars that I have owned that Rock Stars have owned. I have owned one of Slash's personal Hamer's and I can testify that it is the same thing that you could buy in the stores during the 80's & 90's.