Hamer Virtuoso Guitar

Hamer Virtuoso Guitar

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Most Hamer Models That No Longer Exist Can Be Bought As An Abstract Neck Thru Body model.

The Hamer Virtuoso was a short lived high quality 36 fret Guitar. The guitar was correctly named because it sported a scalloped 36 fret maple neck.  You had to know what you were doing to handle this baby !!!

During the1980's Hamer made a lot of short run models that earned them their reputation. Today the have gotten rather bland & corporate. Nowhere near as bad as Gibson and the quality is still there but the designs today are boring for a forward thinker like myself.

Hamer discontinued this guitar more than 20 years ago and they are quite collectable although not incredibly valuable. The guitar is aimed at the player not the collector.  I would guess it's failure was due to nit making it for the collector market.
Thank Zappa for collectors otherwise the guitar business would be really boring !!!!!

I have replicated the Virtuoso right down to the awesome Hamer Sustainer Bridge. The headstock was a little too mild for this guitar so I modified the headstock a little. I have made several other improvements like better pickups and different choices of types of pickups.    See The Abstract Prodigy.


Ed Roman's Answer To The Now Defunct Virtuoso


Abstract Prodigy Guitar

When Hamer was a small privately owned company they manufactured many cool guitars that they discontinued in the 90's, when they went corporate. We took the basic cosmetics of this guitar and left them alone. We decided that we would stick with the exact scale of the Virtuoso but that's where we stopped.


Some of Ed Roman's Improvements include

1   Now available neck thru body Instead of set neck. This adds tremendous stability and much more tone quality & improves sustain.   (This is especially good on a super long neck like this guitar has)

2   We still offer the scalloped neck that was standard on the Virtuoso but we give you the option to only scallop part of the neck or not too scallop it at all  

3   Naturally we offer a full complement of pickup choices, bridge choices, fingerboard & body-wood choices unlike Hamer ever did.

4   The headstock shape on the original wasn't very complementary to the rest of the guitar. You can see our headstock page and choose any headstock you like absolutely free !!!  Or design your own.

5   We also offer this guitar in 10 other body shapes !!!!   Again you may design your own.

6   Magnetic Cavity Covers