Hamer Vector Guitar

Hamer Vector Guitar

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Hamer Made Some Of The Cooler Vee Shaped Guitars in the 80's & 90's
Compare This to a Gibson to See Why Hamer Is The King Of The 22 Fret Set Neck Guitars.

Now That Fender Owns Hamer, I Don't think there will be any more V's manufactured.
Fenders legal people don't want to have any lawsuits with Gibson
What a shame, I wish Gibson would just go away forever !!!!!
Contact Ed Roman if you are looking for any stylized Vee Guitar.

Tom Dumont

Hamer Vector

Hamer Vector Flame Maple Top


 Small Sampling Of Some Of The Many Vee Shaped Guitars Available At Ed Roman's Custom Shop
Most of them are 24 Fret & all of them are Neck Thru The Body.
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