Hamer Californian Guitar

Hamer Californian Guitar

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Most Hamer Models That No Longer Exist Can Be Bought As An Abstract Neck Thru Body model.

This Guitar was part of my personal collection for 14 years!!
It Really Was A Hard Decision To Finally sell It ...
I switched over to a Caligula (Check It Out)
I really like the Caligula better for most applications
 but the Californian was mine for 14 years & I grew to love it.


Low Cost Imported Californian, 
Excellent Quality But Only A Shadow Of The Real One !!!



Back In The day before Ovation owned Hamer you could get just about anything on your guitar.

Hamer was the closest thing to a real custom shop that existed.
Understand that A real custom shop puts no limits on you. Most supposed custom shops, Gibson, ESP, Fender, BC Rich & even Jackson are not really custom shops at all. They just offer a bunch of options that lull the consumer into thinking they are actually getting a custom guitar built.   

      NOT !!!

Californian (1987to1997) - R.I.P. Downsized contour body with scalloped offset dbl cutaways, bolt-on maple neck (25.5 inch scale length) angled peghead, 27 frets on a dot-inlay rosewood fingerboard. Fitted with one humbucker and one single coil pickup and Floyd Rose trem.. The Elite version has upgraded pickups (OBL, EMG or Seymour Duncan), ebony fingerboard, boomerang inlays, optional high figure maple body. The Custom version is as the Elite but has a glued-in neck with a sculpted neck/body joint.

 There are also 12-String and double-neck (6 + 12) versions.