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Glenn Is Holding A Hamer Model That Was Made For Him
In Fact We Think Hamer Made Them For Him Only !!!!
These Great Guitars Are No Longer Available From Hamer For Over 20 Years


Custom built for Kevin Pittsey of "Just Like Priest"
We Were First Approached By A Customer In The 90's To Make One For Him
We Made Our First Copy Using A BC Rich Style Neck Thru Body Construct
This Effectively Was Far Better Than An Original Hamer Because Hamer Only Did Set Necks
This Guitar Is What Gave Us The Idea To Produce Our Line Of 350 Different Fab Fakes

As in All Abstract Guitars You Can Simply Just Buy The Body Core & Build It Yourself

The logo on the body has been blurred & obscured in the photo
If you purchase one the logo will be exact.
This is to try and prevent cheapo copies !!!!


Notice The Upper & Lower Back Bouts Are Actually Flat-Ended
 (See Body-Core Above)
The white paint makes them appear to be sharply pointed
Hamer made only several of these for Glenn
Abstract now has made available this extremely elusive guitar for a very low cost.


Many of these so called "Custom Shops"  say they will build you a custom guitar as long as you stay within their limits.
Ed Roman Does Not Choose To Call That A Custom Guitar.


Neck Thru Body Construction
The most stable & strongest way to build a guitar.
Sustain from Hell, & tone to the bone. As only a neck through or deep set neck tenon will do.
Full reach to highest frets (effortless)
Choice of any scale, No Extra Charge.
Compound Radius No Extra Charge, Custom Radius Available

Choice of over 12 different fingerboard woods.
Choice of any inlay from our extensive catalog or your own design.

Choice of over 50 headstock designs or design your own (usually no charge)
Choice of 22 Fret, 24, Fret, 27 fret 33 and 36 fret models available.
Choice of headstock angle & tilt.
Choice of width of nut.
Choice of fret size.
Choice of fret material.  Nickel Silver,  Stainless Steel,   Gold Tone Adamantium


All Solid Body Construction
The widest choice of bodies available from any company anywhere.

Choice of over 45 different kind of woods (No other company comes close)
Chambered Bodies Available

Countless electronic layouts available, Most of them no extra charge
Any pickups & electronics are available 

Choice of knob location
Choice of any preamp system, Bullet, Ultra Tone,  EMG, 
Choice of Multiple electronic Options such as Sustainers, Stutter switches, Tone circuits,