Abstract Roman-Baker Guitar

Abstract "Roman-Baker" Guitar

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Current waiting time on a new Roman Baker will be approximately 4 months, Based on current orders we will still not be selling to dealers until we can fill all the orders we already have.  The Handmade made one appears to be a success already.  Currently The Blue Demo Below Is In Stock !!!!



Flame Maple Top, New Headstock with Roman Logo

Roman-Baker Details Page

Close Up On Flametop During Production



When Ed Roman purchased the Baker brand name at bankruptcy back in 2003 there was much gnashing of teeth, whining,  moaning & crying. Because of all the hoodoo,  Ed made the conscious decision not to put his name on the guitar.
There were numerous things Ed didn't like about the original Gene Baker model.  In fact Gene had been making Ed a totally private & exclusive costlier model for several years before the bankruptcy. 
This model was known as the Bushwacker, it featured many of the things that Ed Roman's economy priced Baker guitars feature now.

Almost 5 years later, more than 7000 guitars later
Ed Roman finally offers the guitar with his logo on the headstock !!

Ed has finally come to grips with all the improvements & price cuts.

Ed does not usually believe in set neck guitars,  The Baker was a set neck guitar and therefore the glue in the neck joint interfered with the resonance & tonality that the neck was affording the guitar. Ed could never understand why companies like PRS would charge $1,000.00 or more for a solid rosewood tonewood neck and then defeat it entirely by gluing it in. The new 2008 USA Roman Baker will only come in a "Neck Thru Body" version or a deep set neck tenon like the Centurion Guitar. 

Ed never liked the original Baker headstock, he thought it was just a little too big and looked out of place. 

Historical  Information

Ed was on a camping trip in the Rocky Mountains 200 miles from anywhere when he bought the Baker brand name & trademarks. Camped out on the side of a high mountaintop the elevation allowed his cell phone to work. So being the workaholic that he is he bid on the company without ever even showing up at the auction.  Ed bid extremely low because he had seen nothing so he was surprised when he outbid Ernie Ball Musicman (who was at the auction).  Sterling Ball has exhibited to Ed Roman that he was very displeased about being outbid.

The other bidders were upset that Ed never even showed up to bid.  I guess they resigned themselves to the fact that Ed would have outbid them. In any case there was much gnashing of teeth that evening in Santa Maria because Sterling Ball wanted to buy the company and Ed prevailed. 


Besides the oversize slightly bulky headstock, Ed didn't like the weight and overall balance of the guitar he set out to fix that immediately!!!  He also stopped offering the antiquated 22 fret model and cut the cost to less than half of what the guitars were selling for.

Ed thought the guitar was way too expensive for a CNC made guitar so Ed decided to cut the price tremendously. This caused an unexpected backlash from people who had already paid several thousand dollars more for their Baker guitars. These people were quite upset, Ed had effectively ruined their overpriced investment. These people badmouthed the new product.  (See Flamers Page)

 99% of these morons, never even saw one of the new ones.

Their mouths started to run like several dozen full flushing toilets !!!

Ed didn't like the yellow urine colored rectangular offset inlays so he went to the white block inlays.

Now 5 years later Ed has finally decided to offer the guitar in a hand made model.  If you want one of the hand made models Ed will build it under the Ed Roman brand if you want. Remember the hand made model is constructed like a Centurion  or a  Jackson   neck through body guitar.   There is absolutely no glue in the neck joint to dampen or squash the resonance, sustain & overtones.

See the below  the proposed improvements on the new Romanbaker


Gene Baker built a fine guitar, Ed Roman is definitely building a better one!!!!
Ed will be personally involved in the construction of the 100% handmade 2010 models
Ed fully guarantees the playability, sound and cosmetics to surpass the original guitars. 
See the table below to view the proposed refinements & improvements.

Furthermore Ed Roman Guarantees the quality to be noticeably better than the original ones.
This is really not new news, because Ed always guaranteed the low cost CNC made ones to be better also.   

Proposed Improvements on USA Handmade Models over the Original Gene Baker Built Ones.

AAAAAAA Grade Quilted Tops 16" Deep-set Neck Tenon 
AAAAAAA Grade Flame Tops Lower Prices Than the 1990's
Solid Macassar Ebony Necks Duncan Black/back Pickups Standard
Much Lighter Weight  Neck Through Body Version
5 New F Hole Designs Unlimited New Inlay Choices
Full Direct Coupling Buzz Feiten Retrofit Only
New Slightly Smaller Headstock New Speed Knobs
Choice of 24 or 22 frets Abalone Purfling Available
Choice of 3 Scales Korina Bodies Available`
Choice of 44 Woods Wooden Binding Available
Macassar Ebony Necks, Solid Rosewood Necks,
Tremolos Available Including Floyd & Kahler  
Choice of Roman or Baker Logo or Both Active Electronics Available


Hello Stephan
Just a short note to tell you how much I love this Baker,  I was really worried about the quality because the price was exactly $2,455.00 cheaper than my friend Danny Pingle paid for his "Original" Gene Baker from Wild Wild West Guitars. about 3 years ago.
I'm certainly not a pro and I didn't want to spend 4 grand on a guitar. I am a competent player, but I'm married and well you know he rest. 
Imagine my surprise when even my friend Danny  agreed that mine even played better than his. Like I said I'm not a pro but those Duncan pickups you talked me into literally killed the pickups in his Baker.
Even the figuring of the wood was at least twice as nice as his. I actually felt bad for him.
Well I'd like to promise you that I will buy all my guitars from you.  But I'm 44 years old and I don't expect to ever need another guitar in this lifetime.

Thanks again.
BW  Shaker

Dear Scott

Many thanks for the great deal on the Baker, I must say I was quite surprised at my treatment. I had been told that you guys were hard to deal with. (couldn't be further from the truth)  Tommy, Steven, Bob, Joanne & you were all so nice to me.  Currently I have two of Gene Baker's old guitars. I must say, I don't know why they are so much money.  They are heavy, clunky, and the top and finish is about 2/3rds as nice as the one I bought from you for $2,300.00 cheaper than I paid from those flaming gay cowboys in LA who ripped me off.
I spoke to Ed on the phone before I came in, He told me that a lot of competing dealers tell people that you guys are out of business and you closed your store. Well from what I was told my some schmuck at Wild West Guitars that you guys were pricks and sold all kinds of phony guitars.  Obviously he had some type of agenda that he wasn't sharing with me.  From now on I am not going to listen to anyone else. I am going to make up my own mind about who gives me good or bad service.  I don't know his name but he struck me as a meat sword swallowing butt pirate.
A real rump ranger if you get my meaning.
LOL heh heh

Normally We don't print a letter from someone who doesn't sign their name
But it was so funny we could not resist.

So that means I am sinking to the same level as all the other flamers out there   Oh Well, I'm Sorry

It looks to me like I will be buying all my guitars from you guys.  I am coming out there in June and I want to go out to the custom shop and check out how you make the guitars. I want to meet Ed also. I want a Quicksilver for sure and possibly a Rockingbird

Thanks again for the great deal !!

Denver Co,

Dear Ed & Crew

I went to Las Vegas last week just to get my hands on four different guitars in your store (all three of which you can't find anywhere else) - Quicksilver, JET, Baker, and the Maximus. I loved all of them, but the Baker was the one that fit my hands the best so I went for it. It arrived today, and I haven't been able to put it down. Your guys took great care of me when I was in the store, even though I had a sinus infection and was pretty loopy at the time. Anyway, I am recommending a trip to Vegas for anyone who wants to purchase a quality guitar. It was well worth the time and money to try out and choose the right one.

The only thing that could have gone better was the pickups. I ordered a set of "zebras" and then called in later that day to request black. The Baker arrived today with the zebras but it's not a big deal -- they sound great!

Thanks for all you do for guitar players.

Rich Romano
Austin, Texas


Thanks to all the people who have purchased an Ed Roman, Baker Guitar, Thanks to all the people who wrote us to tell us how much they like their guitar. e mailed us congratulatory notes on our acquisition!!

Thanks to all the people who helped us acquire the company, Thanks to everyone who has pre ordered one of the new models and thanks in advance to anyone who wants to get one of our new 2009 handmade neck through body models.


We won't let you down !!!!!